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 "The third thing is that I have another historical remnant in the Heaven Awaken World. There's a woman called Mo Qinyue there; she's also yours. After you obtain the legacy, the location will be in your mind."

Zhao Fu felt quite delighted; he had never thought that there would be another historical remnant. He would most likely be able to obtain many good things there as well. As for the woman called Mo Qinyue, he did not mind much as he already had many women.

These three things were all very beneficial for him, so he said gratefully, "Thank you, Senior! Junior will complete these three things and bring glory to the Nether Spirit Empire, and I won't disappoint Senior."

The elder gave a satisfied smile and said, "Later, someone will take you to the Ghost Pond which can change your constitution. Afterwards, you will marry Xuan'Er, and then you will receive my legacy."

Zhao Fu nodded but felt a bit curious - why could he only receive the legacy after marrying the woman?

Perhaps the elder did not completely trust him and was worried that he would not treat his daughter well. As such, he decided to have them marry first and see if Zhao Fu was suitable before giving him the legacy.

The elder who had brought them here said, "Sir, come with me!"

Zhao Fu had the others wait for him here and he followed the elder to a tall platform.

This platform was 30 or so meters tall and ten or so meters wide. There was a ten meter wide pond at the top, and the water was gray-colored. It gave off an intensely cold aura, causing the surroundings to become cold as well, and there were many savage ghosts carved around the pond.

Zhao Fu followed the elder's instructions and took off his clothes and entered the pond. Even though the water was incredibly cold, Zhao Fu could still bear it, as he had a Death Race Bloodline.

The cold water gradually nourished Zhao Fu's body and improved his constitution, and Zhao Fu's Yin energy quickly increased. He felt quite comfortable, as if he was lying in a pool during summer.

However, soon, Zhao Fu sensed that something was off. There was a mysterious power stealthily entering Zhao Fu's body.

The golden dragon also noticed this and warned him, saying, "Watch out! There's something wrong with this water."

Zhao Fu opened his eyes and looked at the elder waiting by the side. He stood there unmoving like a statue, but he was observing Zhao Fu with his peripheral vision.

Now, Zhao Fu understood something, and he slightly smiled as he closed his eyes and continued to absorb the Yin energy in the pond. However, he was now actively keeping out that mysterious power.

Even though that mysterious power was quite strong, it was still kept out by Zhao Fu.

This way, Zhao Fu continued to absorb the water's Yin energy while not absorbing the mysterious power. Soon, more than half of the Yin energy had been absorbed by Zhao Fu, and the bottom of the pond could almost be seen.

The elder smiled as he said, "Sir, that's enough; you can come up now!"

Zhao Fu opened his eyes and smiled, and this was not a fake smile but a real smile. This was because the water was a real treasure, and after absorbing large amounts of Yin energy, Zhao Fu's constitution had gone through some changes. Moreover, his cultivation had risen and was almost at the Earth Realm.

Of course, Zhao Fu did not absorb that mysterious power. Even though he was not sure what it was, he did not dare to absorb any of it.

Following this, the elder led Zhao Fu to a bedroom. Even though the elder had said he was marrying his daughter, there was no ceremony, and Zhao Fu had been directly led to the bedroom.

After opening the door, Zhao Fu saw the woman sitting on the bed, looking neither happy nor sad. After walking in, Zhao Fu kept thinking about the pond and those three things, so he did not do anything to the woman or say anything.

A while later, the woman looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes and asked calmly, "Why don't you touch me? Could it be that you're not interested in me? Or is there another reason?"

Zhao Fu was worried that the woman could tell what he was thinking, so he smiled and said, "That's not it; with how beautiful you are, no man would not be interested. To be with you, ordinary men would be willing to die. It's just that I feel that you don't like me."

A trace of contempt flashed in the depths of the woman's eyes, but it quickly disappeared. She stood up and smiled as she said, "That's how my personality is; please don't mind it too much, sir. I'll start serving husband now then."

Zhao Fu thought to himself but smiled and nodded.

The woman gave an enchanting smile, pulled Zhao Fu to the bed, and helped him take off his clothes, and they started to go about it.

As Zhao Fu went about it with the women, he felt a chill in his heart, as he found that the woman's body contained large amounts of that mysterious power, which was entering his body. There were also some ghostly runes entering his body.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change and continued to look intoxicated as he continued to do it with the woman. He ignored the mysterious power and the ghostly runes, as he kept them all at bay, while his Six Desires Demonic Qi entered the woman's body, causing her to seem to go crazy.

A few hours later, the woman collapsed onto the bed with a reddened face, and she gasped for breath as she lay within Zhao Fu's embrace. There was a complicated look in her eyes; she had never thought doing it with Zhao Fu would be so pleasurable, and she felt that he had conquered her in body and soul.

"What is it?" Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at the beautiful woman and asked.

The woman hesitated, and she shook her head.

At that moment, the elder who had brought Zhao Fu here spoke from outside the door, "Sir, have you finished? Master is waiting for you, and you can receive the legacy now."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and said to the woman, "Let's go, wife! Your father's calling me over to receive the legacy; I'll spend more time with you later."

Hearing Zhao Fu address her affectionately like this, the woman felt even more complicated. She wanted to speak but could not. After thinking about something, she did not say any more.

Zhao Fu got up, put on his clothes, and left with the elder, coming back to the palace.

The elder on the throne smiled as he said, "My good son-in-law, come and accept my legacy! From now on, you will be part of the Nether Spirit Empire and will become someone who countless people look up to, and you wield the greatest power in the world."

A magic formation appeared in the palace. This magic formation was green and was ten meters wide, and it had powerful soul energy. All of the Yin energy in the entire region gathered here and poured into the magic formation.

Zhao Fu walked into the magic formation and the elder looked incredibly excited. He no longer needed to hide anything, and he leapt towards Zhao Fu and tried to enter Zhao Fu's body.

"What's going on? Your body doesn't have any Nether Spirit energy and you haven't been controlled? How can you have five Fate Dragons? And how can you have Reincarnation Power? And your bloodline is a Divine Bloodline?"