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 "Let's go together to the final level." Before returning to the third level, Zhao Fu had opened the doors on the fourth level, and because he found that there was a palace on the fifth level, he felt that it was most likely the last level.

"Oh, husband. You were around for just a while and you've taken in so many more women. Aren't you going to introduce them to us?" Hei Xiaojie protested coquettishly in Zhao Fu's embrace.

Even though the women Zhao Fu brought back were all rare beauties, the Black and White Impermanences, Han Lengli, and the other women were all top-tier beauties. However, in front of the green-clothed woman, they all paled in comparison. Perhaps the green-clothed woman's looks could not be rivaled even in dozens of worlds.

No wonder the second sister had warned Zhao Fu not to get too infatuated with her; with her beauty, she could charm all men. Moreover, now that she had been unsealed, she was even more charming and could cause anyone to go crazy, doing anything to obtain her.

Zhao Fu did not know their names, so he looked at them and they started to introduce themselves.

The green-clothed woman was called You Qinglan. For the Flower Ghosts, the oldest sister was called Hua Li, the second sister was called Hua You, the third sister was called Hua Mei, the fourth sister was called Hua Mai, the fifth sister was called Hua Lan, the sixth sister was called Hua Hua, and the seventh sister was called Hua Ye.

Zhao Fu committed their names to memory and thought of something. He took out the Passion Desire Pearl and asked, "What can this be used for?"

You Qinglan replied with a reddened face and hazy eyes, "That is a crystal created from Passion Desire Flower Devils, and it has intense aphrodisiac effects."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly laughed; he had no use for such a thing.

Finally, Zhao Fu and his group came to the fifth level, which had a towering palace.

The palace walls were black and had fine-looking lamps hanging from them. The sky above was black and there was no noise, creating a strange scene. The atmosphere also seemed quite oppressive, making one feel uncomfortable.

Zhao Fu could not help but become serious because the previous levels had not been easy to clear, and since this was the final level, it definitely would not be simple. He asked You Qinglan, "Do you know what there is in the final level?"

You Qinglan hugged Zhao Fu's arm and shook her head as she said, "I'm not sure what there is, but I feel that it's quite dangerous. Husband, make sure you're careful."

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated; she knew that it was dangerous, yet she was clinging on to him like this. After unsealing her, she seemed to have become a different person. She was slightly stronger than Zhao Fu and would most likely be quite useful.

After walking for a while, a group of soldiers dressed in black armor and giving off powerful auras walked over. Their gazes were quite eerie as they looked at Zhao Fu's group, but they did not do anything, and they instead split into two rows and lined up.

This made Zhao Fu's group feel quite curious, as they thought the soldiers were coming to attack them. Everyone had made preparations to fight, but they had never expected this to happen.

However, these soldiers were all quite powerful, and they had at least Saint Realm cultivation. If they started to fight, Zhao Fu and his group would not be able to deal with them easily.

They did not say anything and simply stood there, so Zhao Fu's group could only stop as well, considering whether or not to advance. If they continued ahead, they might not attack, or they would have already.

Now, everything felt quite uncertain. Perhaps things would go smoothly and perhaps they would not; regardless, Zhao Fu's group had to continue onwards.

At that moment, a white-haired elder whose face was covered with age spots walked out. He cupped his hands in greeting and said, "Everyone, our master has been waiting for you. Please come with this old man."

Zhao Fu felt quite shocked; could it be that the owner of this historical remnant was still alive? With how powerful this historical remnant was, the owner must be incredibly strong, and he had to have at least the cultivation of a higher-being. Things now seemed quite dangerous.

However, to treat Zhao Fu's group so courteously, it was likely that this person had no ill-will, so Zhao Fu nodded and his group followed the elder to the entrance of the palace.

After walking in, they saw a dignified-looking elder dressed in black dragon robes with a crown on his head sitting on a throne. His aura was incredibly powerful and was definitely on the level of a higher-being. However, his body seemed illusory and was not corporeal.

After Zhao Fu and his group walked in, they looked at the elder on the throne and bowed. This was showing respect to an expert, and since they could obtain many good things from here, it was better to be courteous.

Zhao Fu was not the type to disregard everyone and act arrogantly simply because he was the Emperor of Great Qin. He understood just how weak he was.

Seeing this, the elder gave a trace of a smile. "I remember that I gave these keys to seven little fellows, but they were obtained by you. However, it's very clear that you're much more outstanding than them, which I'm quite pleased with."

Zhao Fu knew who the seven little fellows the elder was referring to - they were the Legatees of the Corpse Pall World. This historical remnant had been meant for them, but their world had been conquered by Zhao Fu and Great Qin had taken the keys.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu directly asked, "Junior wonders what Senior called him here for."

The elder lightly laughed as he said, "You can tell that this is not my main body, and it is a trace of my mind that I left behind, which will disappear soon. I called you here for three main reason."

Zhao Fu looked a the elder and asked, "What are they, Senior? If there is anything Junior can help Senior with, Junior will do all he can."

The elder smiled as he replied, "These things are all beneficial to you, and they can be said to be too good for you. Before, out of those seven people, I picked out one person to be my legatee. However, since you've come and you're far more outstanding than them, the first thing is that you will become my legatee."

Zhao Fu grinned; this was giving him a legacy for free, so there was no reason to refuse. He cupped his hands and said, "Thank you, Senior!"

The elder smiled as he said, "The second thing is that you need to marry my daughter. After accepting my legacy, you will be the legatee of the Nether Spirit Empire. After marrying my daughter, your status will become even more official.

"My daughter is as beautiful as a goddess and you won't be disappointed. Xuan'Er, come out for a moment!" A tall and slim woman with beautiful looks, supple skin, and jet-black hair walked out in a silver palace dress. She had a noble and cold aura, and she was not inferior to You Qinglan in terms of beauty.

After walking out, she gave a slight bow to the elder and then looked at Zhao Fu with an indifferent expression.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised; not only did he obtain a legacy, but he would also gain such a beautiful woman as a wife. This was something ordinary people would never be able to dream of.