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 After carefully examining Tuoba Qing, Zhang Baishu cupped his hands as he said respectfully, "Your Majesty, this isn't an illness but something caused by this young lady's special constitution?"

"Oh?" Zhao Fu said in surprise as he asked, "Can you tell what sort of constitution she has?"

Zhang Baishu shook his head and replied, "Your Majesty, this young lady's constitution is simply too special, and I'm unable to determine anything about it. However, I know the causes of some of her symptoms and some methods for handling them."

Zhao Fu was slightly disappointed, as he thought that Zhang Baishu would know what her strange constitution was. However, it was good enough that he knew what to do about it, so Zhao Fu asked him about what could be done.

Zhang Baishu explained, "This young lady is like this because she will go through a transformation every year, which requires sustenance from a large amount of Blood-Refining Spirit Medicine. Without Blood-Refining Spirit Medicines, this young lady will be wracked with pain and weakness, but if she has Blood-Refining Spirit Medicines to help her complete the transformation, there will be no problems."

After hearing Zhang Baishu's explanation, Zhao Fu understood. He asked what Blood-Refining Spirit Medicines were, and Zhang Baishu explained that they were blood-type spirit medicines, such as Blood Ginseng, Blood Reishi Mushroom, Blood Fleeceflower Root, etc. They could help transform one's blood and even refine one's blood.

Zhao Fu currently did not have any Blood-Refining Spirit Medicines, so he ordered his people to go to the main cities to buy some.

Lying on a bed, Tuoba Qing felt quite apologetic as she looked at Zhao Fu. She had not done anything for him, yet she had already brought him so much trouble. When she heard Zhang Baishu's explanation of Blood Refining Spirit Medicines, she felt that they were definitely more expensive than normal spirit medicines, which were already quite expensive. What's more, the amount that she needed was great, so it would be an astronomical sum.

Tuoba Qing didn't want to cause Zhao Fu so much trouble, nor did she want him to give her so much for nothing in return. Because she had no way of repaying him, she said weakly, "Your Majesty, it's fine; I'll be alright after enduring it, so there's no need to waste so much medicine on me!"

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and gave her a reassuring look.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu no longer wore his black cloak, reducing the feeling of mysteriousness and iciness that had been around him and making him seem more approachable and gentle.

Zhao Fu said, "Don't worry! To me, those Blood-Refining Spirit Medicine aren't much, and since you've joined me, I'll take responsibility for you."

Tuoba Qing felt quite moved. Even though she acted like she was mature, she was still a 17-year-old girl and weak inside. She had suffered a lot of coldness and cruelty since she was young, things that she should not have endured at such an age.

Hearing Zhao Fu's promise to her, she felt quite touched and decided to treat Zhao Fu sincerely from now on.

Seeing Tuoba Qing tear up, Zhao Fu couldn't help but pat her head. He somewhat saw himself in her - after his mother had passed away, he had survived in pain by himself.

Tuoba Qing blushed, feeling quite embarrassed. Zhao Fu realized that he had been a bit rude, and an awkward look appeared on his face as he withdrew his hand. After his people returned with the medicine, he ordered them to prepare the Blood-Refining Spirit Medicines in the way Zhang Baishu had instructed and to feed it to Tuoba Qing.

After drinking a bowl of the medicinal soup, Tuoba Qing's face became ruddier and did not look as pained. It seemed that Zhang Baishu's methods were quite effective, and seeing this, Zhao Fu told Tuoba Qing to lie down and rest.

Following this, Zhao Fu left the Apothecary Shop and went to the Black Forest Horse Den. Right now, Little Black and Little Grey were playing around while Little White was lazily lying on one side watching the other two play. When the three animals saw that Zhou Fu had arrived, they all looked incredibly delighted - recently, Zhao Fu hadn't spent much time with them.

Zhao Fu came over and rubbed their heads with his hand before taking out the Horse Jade Soul. He chose to use it, and it let out a brilliant jade light before flying out of his hand and turning into a majestic large horse. It loudly whinnied before leaping towards the horse statue floating above the Den and entering it.

At that moment, the Black Forest Horse Den started to change. No matter if it was the horse statue or the round stage on the ground, they both acquired a jade sheen and looked like they were made of pure jade.

At the same time, Zhao Fu found that the Black Forests Horses' strength, which was around Stage 0-3 to 0-5, had risen to Stage 0-5 to 0-7. This was quite a big change, and if Zhao Fu had more Jade Horse Souls, he would be able to raise the average Black Forest Horse's strength to Stage 1.

Stage 1 soldiers with Stage 1 warhorses wasn't as simple as just 1+1. They would be able to face off or even overpower a normal Stage 2 soldier and could suppress normal Cavalry.

Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with the Horse Jade Soul's effects, and he couldn't help but wonder how Leng Wu had obtained it. He decided to head to Red Plum Plains, and because of the matter with Tuoba Qing, he had delayed his original plans and had not yet bought properties at the other two main cities. As such, he started to take care of those matters.

At this moment, Bai Qi was leading 5,000 soldiers and 3,000 Skeletons to explore the region outside of the Great Qin Town. They were slowly advancing when some of the scouts had discovered an Advanced Village ahead.

Zhao Fu had handed military matters completely to Bai Qi, and because Bai Qi had the ability to take down Advanced Villages, Zhao Fu normally did not take part in such matters anymore. After all, it was Bai Qi who had taught Zhao Fu most of his military tactics.

After carefully advancing for a while, Bai Qi reached his destination. The Advanced Village was different than the ones they had found before - it was not a normal Human Village or an Outlander Village but an Ancient Fallen Clan Village.

The village and its villagers looked like a minority group, and they looked quite rough and wore colorful clothing. The style was quite different compared to the clothes that people normally expected ancient people to wear.

This was an Advanced Village of the Xianbei Clan!

The Xianbei Clan was a clan that had appeared quite early on, and it was subjugated by the Xiongnu people in the beginning. However, as the Xiongnu Clan fell, the Xianbei Clan started to rise in power, and it truly shined in the Wei, Jin, and the Southern and Northern Dynasties. They created many states but started to go into decline due to a dramatic integration policy. Instead of making the country easier to govern, it shattered its governing power, and the Xianbei Clan disappeared into history.