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 After entering the fourth level, the flower fragrance rushed at Zhao Fu, seeming to have a life of its own as it came around him. Zhao Fu was not careless and unleashed his defensive barrier before walking forwards.

As Zhao Fu walked further in, the fragrance became denser and denser to the point that it formed a blue fog that covered Zhao Fu's surroundings. It tried to enter Zhao Fu's body, but with Zhao Fu's Saint Realm Domain, it was unable to enter at all.

A while later, the fog became even denser and it completely surrounded Zhao Fu's defensive barrier, starting to gradually corrode it.

As Zhao Fu continued to walk, more and more fog gathered and the Saint Realm Domain started to become thinner under the corrosion from the fog. It seemed that it would be destroyed soon.

Even though Zhao Fu had slightly underestimated this place, he still had a few things up his sleeve. A massive wave of Yin Qi flowed out, forming the Six Paths Defensive Barrier around him. A massive wave of violet Devil Qi also flowed out, forming a violet dragon-inscription barrier. Finally, Zhao Fu once again unleashed his Saint Realm Domain.

With these three layers of defenses, Zhao Fu did not have to worry anymore. The blue fog seemed quite startled and madly rushed towards Zhao Fu.

The three layers of powerful defenses made it so that the fog's corrosion was completely useless. Now, the vines started to move and tried to wrap around Zhao Fu.

There were vines all over the ground, and there was no way for Zhao Fu to avoid all of them. In the end, Zhao Fu was wrapped up by the vines, and the vines were not simple - not only could they devour all sorts of power, but they could also devour Zhao Fu's lifeforce.

However, because of the three layers of defenses, the vines could only devour the defensive barriers' power and could not devour Zhao Fu's power or lifeforce.

As more and more vines gathered, Zhao Fu frowned and took out the Sadistic Killing Sword. He slashed out, and a blood-red sword light cut apart the vines around the barriers. However, the vines grew incredibly quickly and once again rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Facing these vines, Zhao Fu took out the Royal Wood Sword next, planning to devour the lifeforce of these vines. However, he found that these vines were extremely strange, and the Royal Wood Sword was unable to absorb their lifeforce.

Zhao Fu could only continuously swing his sword and cut the incoming vines. He later used the Heaven-Sealing Sword, and he found that it was quite effective.

After the Heaven-Sealing Sword cut apart vines, a sealing power would cover the ground and the vines would lose their power and powerlessly flop on the ground like ordinary vines.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Massive roars sounded out from within the blue fog, and large figures started to walk towards Zhao Fu, giving off enormous sounds.

Zhao Fu looked over and saw a group of creatures that looked like Flower Devils walk over. They were humanoid but were plants, and they had hands and feet. However, what distinguished them from Flower Devils was that they did not have flowers on their heads, and they instead had vines.

These monsters were dozens of meters tall and gave off powerful auras. However, to Zhao Fu, they were not much, so he took the initiative to rush up. The Heaven-Sealing Sword gave off a sharp sword light and killed the incoming monsters.

After killing these monsters, Zhao Fu obtained a transparent pearl that was as big as an eggplant. It was called a Passion Desire Pearl and Zhao Fu was not sure what it could be used for.

Zhao Fu put away the Passion Desire Pearl and continued onwards.

"Hehehe..." Within the blue fog ahead, a woman's enchanting laughter could be heard as a beautiful woman with a graceful figure and snow-white skin wearing a white palace dress walked out.

Zhao Fu looked quite serious, as he could feel that this woman was quite dangerous. She was not an ordinary Underworld creature, and she was most likely a Flower Ghost - a flower that had become a ghost.

The Flower Ghost said flirtatiously, "Sir, you look so handsome and have such an enchanting aura. I've been here for many years and don't know much about men and women. Sir, can you teach me and show me pleasure?"

Zhao Fu looked at the Flower Ghost and immediately knew her aim. He could not help but lightly laugh as he said, "I naturally have no problem with it, as long as you don't regret it."

The Flower Ghost was quite surprised and did not think that Zhao Fu would agree so readily. She gave a beautiful laugh and said, "Sir is so forthright and direct, how could I regret it? Please be gentle with me."

The Flower Ghost flirtatiously smiled as she looked at Zhao Fu, walked over, and took off her clothes.

Zhao Fu pulled her into his embrace, and the two of them started to go about it intensely.

Soon, the Flower Ghost, which had been planning on devouring Zhao Fu's lifeforce, became incredibly red, and she pleaded with a weak aura, "Sir, I was wrong. Please spare me this time."

She was not devouring Zhao Fu's lifeforce; instead, Zhao Fu was devouring her lifeforce. Zhao Fu's Six Desire Demonic Art was not something to be trifled with, as it could directly suppress the Flower Ghost. That was why she had only lasted for a short while.

That was the reason why she was completely red and her aura was becoming weaker and weaker. If this went on, she would be sucked dry by Zhao Fu. Even though she liked this feeling, in the face of death, she could only plead for mercy.

Zhao Fu showed no intention of listening to her, and he continued to ravage her. The Flower Ghost wanted to push him away, but she instead hugged him tightly.

Just as the Flower Ghost felt that she was going to die, Zhao Fu returned her lifeforce to her, causing her pale face to become rosy again.

The Flower Ghost was incredibly grateful and continued doing it with Zhao Fu, not holding back and seeming quite crazed.

An hour later, the Flower Ghost collapsed to the ground, her face completely red, and she said powerlessly, "Thank you sir for not killing me."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "You actually tried to devour my lifeforce; do you acknowledge your mistake?"

The Flower Ghost had a flirtatious look as she said, "Of course I do. Also, please take me as your servant; I want to be able to serve sir every day."

Zhao Fu squatted down and raised her chin as he said, "That'll have to depend on how you behave."

The Flower Ghost smiled as she softly replied, "I understand. Sir, there are six other Flower Ghosts here; I will help you bring them here so you can enjoy them."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, and he was not in a hurry for her to do this. He asked, "What is at the center? Also, what is the core of these vines?"

The Flower Ghost looked quite worried as she said, "At the center is the Passion Desire Flower's main body, the core of the vines. She is as beautiful as a goddess and has the ability to charm all people. Sir, you can't forget me just because of her."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, "Don't worry, I'm not that kind of person. As long as you become my woman, I'll treat you well."

A happy smile appeared on the Flower Ghost's face, and she kissed Zhao Fu as she said, "I'm willing to believe sir."