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 "Who are you?" the cute little girl said in her childish voice seeing Zhao Fu walk towards her.

Zhao Fu was quite startled and had never expected this little girl to take the initiative to speak to him. After thinking about it, he replied, "I'm someone challenging this historical remnant; who are you?"

The little girl immediately replied, "I'm a Sealing Spirit responsible for sealing that sword on the stage. That sword has very terrifying power."

Zhao Fu was quite surprised because he had never thought that the little girl would an answer so easily without any wariness. Thinking about that, Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Then can you give that sword to me? I'll take you to leave this place and go to the outside world. How does that sound?"

The cute little girl shook her head. "I can't do that. My job is to stay here and seal the sword."

Zhao Fu gently smiled as he said, "You must have been here for a very long time and haven't left before. Don't you want to go to the outside world? Staying here forever must be very boring. The world outside is much more beautiful and interesting than you think."

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the little girl revealed a curious expression because she had been here for a long time and had always been responsible for sealing the sword. She had never left before and felt quite curious towards the outside world, which was why she spoke to Zhao Fu first.

Zhao Fu continued to speak enticingly, "Not only is the outside world very interesting, there are many little children like you who can become your friends and play with you."

The little girl hesitated as she said, "Even though I want to leave, my job is to seal this sword, and I can't leave."

Zhao Fu grinned as he said, "I'm a challenger of this historical remnant. If I undo this seal, then can't you leave? However, you can't stop me."

The little girl shook her head as she replied, "No, my job isn't only to seal the sword but to prevent others from unsealing it as well."

Zhao Fu was not angry nor was he in a hurry, and he said patiently, "As the challenger of this historical remnant, I will definitely obtain that sword. Your job is to seal it, while my job is to unseal it. This seal is bound to be opened.

"How about you stand there and don't do anything, so we can avoid fighting. Afterwards, I can take you away from here so you can see the outside world."

The little girl hesitated as she asked, "Is this really okay?"

Zhao Fu grinned as he replied, "Of course. In actuality, by standing there, you're already fulfilling your job. You're a very responsible Sealing Spirit, and you're very cute as well."

Hearing Zhao Fu's praises, the little girl gave a happy smile and said, "Alright then, I'll stand here and let you open the seal. However, you have to take me out and treat me well."

Zhao Fu gave a confident nod and the little girl became at ease and stood where she was.

Zhao Fu went up to break open the seal, but as he got closer to the seal, he felt that his own power was being sealed as well, causing his expression to become quite serious.

The little girl was not doing anything, and this sealing power came from the magic formation itself. It was incredibly powerful and Zhao Fu wondered just how powerful the sealed sword was.

Zhao Fu stood there and thought to himself. He left the range of the sealing formation before pressing a hand against the ground. The golden pupil in his left eye spun, and a black magic formation appeared on the ground. Chains flew out from the formation and shot towards the ground within the sealing formation.

Zhao Fu wanted to use his golden pupil's sealing power to absorb the sealing formation's power. Not only would he be able to undo the seal, but his golden pupil's strength would also increase.

Chains stabbed into the ground around the sealing formation and started to absorb the sealing formation's power. Even though this sealing formation was quite powerful, luckily the little girl was not controlling it, or things would become much more troublesome.

Large amounts of sealing power were absorbed by Zhao Fu's golden pupil through the chains, but Zhao Fu felt that this was quite slow. As such, Zhao Fu took out the Heaven-Sealing Sword.

The Heaven-Sealing Sword had absorbed a large amount of sealing power from the Outer World and had become ten or so times more powerful than before. Zhao Fu threw it out and had a few chains wrap around the hilt, and it stabbed into the ground within the sealing formation.


The magic formation reacted and light shined out as it exploded out with a shocking aura, and arcs of electricity appeared.

Standing within the sealing formation, the little girl looked slightly uncomfortable and was affected as well because she was linked to the magic formation.

Even though the magic formation reacted, it did not attack nor resist as the little girl did not do anything. The Heaven-Sealing Sword devoured the sealing power even faster than Zhao Fu did.


A cracking sound could be heard as a large crack appeared on the sealing formation, and a large amount of black and gray aura flowed out. The surrounding temperature plummeted as the aura was extremely cold and had a divine power to it.

Sensing this aura, Zhao Fu looked quite confused, as he was very familiar with this aura. This was Ghost God power, and it was exactly the same as the aura that Gui Ji gave off.

What was going on? Why did this sealed sword give off the same aura as Gui Ji?

Zhao Fu stopped in his tracks and called Gui Ji over. She flew over hugging her small cat and asked curiously, "What is it, husband?"

"Is that aura coming out from the crack related to you?" Zhao Fu asked as he pointed at the black and gray aura flowing out.

Gui Ji looked at the aura flowing out and her expression became quite complicated as she replied, "Husband, I feel that this aura is quite familiar, like it's my aura from before. However, why is it sealed here?"

Zhao Fu did not know how to answer this as he did not know either. He guessed that the sealed sword was somehow connected to Gui Ji, so he had Gui Ji wait by the side.

More and more cracks appeared on the sealing formation and more and more aura flowed out. Seeing that the magic formation was about to be destroyed, Zhao Fu stopped.

This was because if the sealing formation was destroyed, it would greatly affect the little girl. Zhao Fu said to her, "What's your name? Stay in that sword for now; that sword's attributes seem to be quite suitable for you."

Seeing that the magic formation was about to be destroyed, the little girl did not hesitate and replied, "I'm called Lu Luo."

After saying this, she flew into the Heaven-Sealing Sword.

Zhao Fu looked at Gui Ji, who looked quite serious, and said, "Because there's some sort of connection between you and that sword, when the seal is destroyed, something might happen; you have to be careful."

Gui Ji nodded earnestly and replied, "I understand."

Zhao Fu unleashed his full power and absorbed the remainder of the power from the sealing formation, ultimately destroying it.