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 This book looked quite ordinary and had a gray cover. The title was Yin Soul Book, and it was made out of ordinary paper and was not very special. However, it contained a very powerful Yin energy that made people feel that it was not simple and that it was an evil item.

Zhao Fu felt quite expectant because the first level had given him a scroll that could summon one billion ghosts, so the reward from the second level definitely wouldn't be lacking. After looking at the book's information, Zhao Fu was greatly delighted.

This was because the book recorded a method for developing Yin Soul Beasts, as well as a method for fusing Yin Soul Beasts and controlling Yin Soul Beasts

Yin Soul Beasts had around Stage 1 strength, but if they were fused into Stage 1 soldiers' bodies, the Stage 1 soldiers would have Stage 2 power and would have Yin Soul Beast abilities.

If Zhao Fu used this method, he would be able to create a large number of Stage 2 soldiers, allowing him to rival Royal Kingdoms in the outer regions of the Ancient Stem Domain.

However, there were limitations to this, which was that they had to nurture their own Yin Soul Beasts. The more Yin Soul Beasts they could nurture, the more of them they could fuse into soldiers. The second limitation was that the soldiers had to have died and become Ghost Soldiers.

This was because only this type of pure Ghost Soldiers could fuse with Yin Soul Beasts; ordinary ghost soldiers from the Underworld did not count as they had their own lives and were not converted after dying.

Great Qin currently had 1.2 billion Ghost Soldiers. If they produced a large number of Yin Soul Beasts, Great Qin would be able to instantly produce 1.2 billion Stage 2 soldiers. If they wanted more Ghost Soldiers, they would need more Underworld Royal Seals to convert them.

However, because the City Lord Seals' power had disappeared, the power of Cities was also slightly reduced, and the number of Ghost Soldiers that could be converted had been reduced.

Regardless, this was still quite an amazing treasure and Zhao Fu happily put it away. He then led his group, pushed open the silver doors, and went to the next level.

This level was completely different to the previous two levels. It was a bright-colored world of five colors. The sky and ground were various colors and there were countless flowers, grasses, and trees of different colors. They looked quite beautiful but also very surreal.

Zhao Fu and his group looked around in shock when a golden sword of light shot over with a sharp aura. Shang Long stretched out his hand and grabbed it.

The golden sword of light continuously struggled and gave off a sharp sword qi but was unable to break free because Shang Long was a Divine Realm Cultivator.

Zhao Fu looked the others and asked, "What is this? It feels like a sword spirit yet not like a sword spirit."

Shang Long looked at the golden sword and the others also looked at it in curiosity, not knowing what it was.

Hei Xiaojie thought for a moment before saying, "Husband, this is a type of pseudo-sword spirit. It is something created using special means and has abilities similar to a sword spirit but is not a true sword spirit, and it has relatively low intelligence."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded. He then thought of something. He took the golden sword spirit and took out an ordinary iron sword and fused the golden sword spirit into it, which went quite smoothly.

After fusing with the golden sword spirit, the iron sword gave off a golden sword qi and gave off greater power than before. It seemed to have a life of its own, and the iron sword's grade went up greatly.

Zhao Fu was delighted; these pseudo-sword spirits were a very good treasure too. Moreover, this region was filled with pseudo-spirits, and apart from sword spirits, there were saber spirits, hammer spirits, spear spirits, and axe spirits.

There seemed to be tens of millions of pseudo-spirits, and if he could take them all back to Great Qin, it would be a great help to Great Qin.

Following this, Zhao Fu ordered his group to start capturing these pseudo-spirits.

Shang Long waved his banner and countless traces of Yin Qi flowed out, turning into countless ghosts that sprang towards the pseudo-spirits and captured them. The pseudo-spirits were not weak, and they could kill the summoned ghosts.

The Black and White Impermanences summoned a large black and white taichi formation that exploded out with a black vortex and a white vortex, sucking countless pseudo-spirits into it.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised at Han Lengli and the other women. They created a magic formation that sucked in pseudo-spirits before sealing them and tossing them into spatial rings.

Zhao Fu pressed on the ground and the golden pupil in his left eye quickly spun as black magic formation appeared. Chains containing immense power shot towards the countless pseudo-spirits and dragged them into the sealed space.

As the group unrestrainedly caught pseudo-spirits, more and more pseudo-spirits gathered and a banner spirit that was hundreds of meters tall charged over leading hundreds of thousands of pseudo-spirits.

Shang Long was not worried and was instead quite pleased, as his banner did not have a suitable weapon spirit. The banner spirit was undoubtedly incredibly suitable, and the power that it gave off was far stronger than that of ordinary pseudo-spirits.

"Roar!!" Shang Long waved his banner and countless traces of Yin Qi flowed out, turning into a terrifying ghost dragon that gave off a ferocious aura as it charged towards the pseudo-spirits.

The ghost dragon bit onto the banner spirit and used its tail and claws to attack other pseudo-spirits. The other pseudo-spirits did not dare to get close to the ghost dragon because after being hit by its tail or claws, their bodies would collapse into motes of light and disappear.

Elsewhere, there were a few massive staff spirits that shot over with terrifying power, and Hei Xiaojie and the others looked quite delighted. The Wailing Staffs that they used did not have weapon spirits, and the staff spirits were quite suitable.

Following this, they subdued the staff spirits and fused them into their weapons. Han Lengli and the other women also found suitable pseudo-spirits as well.

Everyone had made great gains in the historical remnant, and they all grinned as they continued to capture pseudo-spirits.

A few days later, Zhao Fu's group tallied the number of pseudo-spirits that they had caught, which came to 13 million. This was an incredibly shocking number, and there was not much danger on this level either. They had cleared it easily and felt that it was a bit too simple.

They came to the entrance to the fourth level, and just like before, there was a stage on which were silver doors, and there was also a stone stage on which there was a rainbow sword.

There was naturally a guardian creature around the stage, and this guardian creature was a little girl who looked around five or six years old. She wore a princess dress and had white skin, looking quite cute.

Zhao Fu did not go near for now because there was a massive formation on the stage, which seemed to be a sealing formation.

"You all stay here for now; I'll go and take a look," Zhao Fu said to everyone else, and they obeyed.

Over at the stone stage, the little girls' large eyes looked at Zhao Fu curiously.