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 These creatures looked like humans but wore white clothes and had pale faces. Their gazes were quite gloomy and they floated in the surroundings.

Now that he could see these formless ghosts, dealing with them naturally became much easier. Zhao Fu no longer feared them and walked forwards. The formless ghosts came close and he absorbed them into his right eye.

The Seeking Yin Beast in the spirit pet ring became quite excited and Zhao Fu let it out because it had most likely discovered something good in the surroundings.

After being let out, the Seeking Yin Beast immediately started to run; because it was 1,000 meters long, it attracted all of the nearby formless ghosts, so Zhao Fu and the others stood on its head.

The vortex in Zhao Fu's right eye socket quickly spun and gave off a powerful attractive force, sucking all of the nearby formless ghosts in.

What resulted was a shocking scene. An enormous beast quickly advanced, and there was an intense attractive force coming from its head that absorbed the surrounding formless ghosts. This caused Zhao Fu's right eye's power to become stronger and stronger.

A while later, the Seeking Yin Beast stopped and swatted a Yin Beast that was dozens of meters long to death with a single paw. Next to it was a ten meter tall tree.

On the tree were many fruits the size of lychees. They were a gray-white color and looked quite smooth. There were many terrifying ghost faces on them as well, making this tree seem like a very evil tree.

Seeing this, Hei Xiaojie cried out in delight, "These are Ghost Face Fruits, which are very rare fruits. They can quickly raise Death Race people's cultivation. It only takes ten to cause a Stage 9 person to break through to the Saint Realm."

The other women also smiled as these fruits were quite important to them. Zhao Fu could understand why Hei Xiaojie was so excited because she and Bai Xiaoxi had Stage 9 Cultivation, and with ten of these fruits, they could break through to the Saint Realm.

Zhao Fu smiled as he said, "You can go and pick some fruits; I'll take this Ghost Face Tree with us later."

The women smiled and went to pick Ghost Face Fruits while Shang Long remained on the spot. He was already a Divine Realm expert and Ghost Face Fruits had very little effect on him.

The Seeking Yin Beast looked at the Ghost Face Fruits with longing. It had World Realm Cultivation, so the Ghost Face Fruits would not have much of an effect on it. However, with its nature, it wanted to hoard a few.

Zhao Fu laughed and gave it a few fruits, as it had discovered this.

After a while, Zhao Fu dug up the tree and planned to re-plant it back in Great Qin, and the Seeking Yin Beast continued to search for treasures.

Two hours later, the Seeking Yin Beast bit a gray-scaled python to death and tossed its corpse to the side.

A snow-white flower appeared in front of everyone. This flower looked like a daffodil and had snow-white petals and a black stem. It had four petals and was 30 centimeters tall, and there seemed to be a goddess-like figure on the stem.

Shang Long stepped up and explained, "This is a Ghost God Flower. It is very useful for Ghost Gods and can greatly increase their power.'

Hearing this, Gui Ji looked at Zhao Fu with excitement. Zhao Fu was not stingy and allowed her to take the flower and refine it.

Gui Ji fused the Ghost God Flower into her body and a powerful aura exploded out. Gui Ji originally only had Stage 3 Cultivation, but she immediately broke through to Stage 8, which was a jump of a whole five Stages. Zhao Fu did not know if it was because the Ghost God Flower's effects were incredibly good or because Gui Ji had once been a Half-Step Celestial.

Now, Hei Xiaojie and Bai Xiaoxi were sitting on the Seeking Yin Beast with their eyes closed as they cultivated. Soon, they would most likely break through to the Saint Realm.

A while later, the Seeking Yin Beast brought everyone to a large mountain. It did not attack and instead roared at the mountain.


The enormous mountain trembled as boulders rolled and dust was sent into the sky. A dragon made of rocks giving off a heavy aura appeared in front of everyone.

The rock dragon was 10,000 meters long and its power surpassed the World Realm. The Seeking Yin Beast knew that it could not defeat it, so it only roared to lure it out so that Zhao Fu and Shang Long could kill it.

After the rock dragon appeared, it roared at Zhao Fu's group. The dragon roar was incredibly loud and made their ears hurt, and it created a large wind.

Shang Long flew up and waved his banner, causing countless traces of Yin Qi to flow out, forming an enormous ghost dragon. Shang Long fused into the ghost dragon and charged at the rock dragon.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The two massive dragons started to fight, using their horns, claws, and tails to ferociously attack each other. Explosions continuously sounded out, and wild gales blew.

The rock dragon had a big advantage, as its defense and power were both quite strong. The ghost dragon was slightly weaker, and every time it was hit by the rock dragon, some of its ghostly qi would disappear.

The ghost dragon opened its mouth and countless traces of Yin Qi madly gathered, forming an enormous gray orb of light. A destructive aura spread out, and the ghost dragon tilted its head back as it shot out the gray orb of light.

The rock dragon also opened its mouth and countless traces of pale-white light gathered, illuminating the surroundings. A terrifying power spread out as the rock dragon shot out a pale-white beam of light.


The massive gray orb of light and pale-white beam of light collided, resulting in a shocking explosion. A shockwave of energy blasted out with unstoppable momentum, and the ghost dragon and rock dragon were both blasted back.

The ghostly qi from the ghost dragon dissipated, revealing Shang Long's body. There was a trace of blood leaking from his lips, and the rock dragon's body was also covered with many scars.

Clang, clang, clang...

Zhao Fu acted and stretched out his hand. The six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun and a powerful aura flowed out. Gray chains shot out from the side, binding the rock dragon.

Shang Long waved his banner, and a massive wave of Yin Qi gathered, forming a few large hands that pressed down on the rock dragon's body.

Zhao Fu then took out the Emperor Killing Sword, came before the rock dragon's body, and lightly yelled, "Ghost Master!"

A massive wave of ghostly qi spread out from the Emperor Killing Sword like a tsunami, and a ghostly head appeared, wrapping around the hand that Zhao Fu held the sword with.


Zhao Fu slashed out and an enormous gray sword light flashed out, causing the heavens and earth to become cold and eerie. The sword light slashed into the rock dragon's neck, cutting it off.

The rock dragon's body turned into rocks and collapsed, and a fist-sized rock pearl appeared. Zhao Fu grabbed at it with his hand, and it came into his grasp. He found that it was quite heavy and crudely made, and it had some runes.

Zhao Fu looked at the item's information and found that this pearl was called a Ghost Bloodline Pearl and had the ability to gather ghostly qi. Ghost Bloodlines and Devil Bloodlines were quite similar and were quite rare, but Zhao Fu did not plan to use it now. Perhaps in the future it would be quite useful.