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 Zhao Fu and his group stood on a tall mountain and Zhao Fu took out seven keys, which gave off an intense light as seven massive auras spread out.

Immediately, the heavens and earth dimmed as the sky gave off different-colored lights. A massive silver door giving off an immense pressure gradually appeared in the sky.

The silver doors were 10,000 meters tall and there were all sorts of flowers, grass, and trees engraved on it, as well as countless mountains and rivers. It gave off a majestic aura and there were seven keyholes for keys at the center.

When the silver doors appeared, those in the surroundings sensed the ripples and flew over in curiosity.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and the seven keys turned into seven rays of light which shot into the sky and entered the seven keyholes.

Zhao Fu raised his hand, and a massive energy held onto those seven keys and twisted.


A shocking explosion sounded out as an enormous shockwave quickly spread out, causing the sky to tremble. The entire sky seemed to become illusory as traces of aura flowed out in all directions.

The shockwaves were enormous and affected an incredibly large area. Even the Black and White Impermanence family sensed those ripples and their expressions fell as they hurried over.

The surrounding large factions also looked quite serious as they sensed the ripples and quickly flew over, guessing that something big was going to happen.


The silver doors in the sky slowly opened and an enormous cold aura flowed out, causing people's hairs to stand on end. Silver light came out from within the silver doors, and it was not clear what was inside.

Zhao Fu looked at the people around him and said, "Come with me inside; the opening of this historical remnant has caused too great of a disturbance and many people will arrive soon."

Gui Ji and the others nodded and followed Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu led the group to fly into the historical remnants, and he then grabbed with his hand, pulling out the seven keys. After Zhao Fu and his group flew in, the silver doors closed with a clang.

Because Zhao Fu had the keys, he could open or close the doors at will. This historical remnant did not look simple, so he did not want to share it with anyone else and was going to monopolize it.

Moreover, this would avoid danger because not allowing anyone else in would avoid any prying or attacks.

A while later, various experts arrived. Looking at the massive silver doors in the sky, they slightly frowned. They could tell that this was a historical remnant, but the doors were closed, making it impossible to enter.

A balding old man giving off an Emperor Heaven Realm aura and holding a magic staff appeared. He vigorously swung it, and massive amounts of ghostly qi flowed out, turning into an enormous ghost head that smashed into the silver door.


An explosion sounded out and the ghost head turned into countless traces of ghostly qi and dissipated. However, the silver doors did not budge at all nor were they damaged in the slightest.

The old man looked quite startled and could not believe it. Just as he was about to attack again, a gloomy-looking young man in red said mockingly, "Don't waste your strength, Old Man Mu; even a higher-being could not blast open this historical remnant."

The old man referred to as Old Man Mu glared at the young man and did not continue to attack.

Someone most likely opened the historical remnant and then closed it, making it impossible for others to enter. Everyone guessed at what had happened and felt quite angry. They could only look but could not do anything, making them feel quite annoyed.

Now, they could only wait because this historical remnant was not simple. They also wanted to obtain something, and none of them wanted to go back empty-handed.

The Black and White Impermanence family soon arrived, and Hei Wushen and Bai Wusheng had also come. They did not know that the ones who had opened the historical remnant and then discourteously closed it were Zhao Fu and his group.

After entering the historical remnant, Zhao Fu and his group arrived on a mountain. The plants around them grew quite densely and there was no sound or any signs of activity. The sky was gray and foggy and seemed quite strange.

Zhao Fu looked around before leading the group forwards.

Suddenly, large numbers of formless creatures appeared around them and attacked them. Not only could they not see the formless creatures, but also no attacks seemed useful against them.

Shang Long and the Black and White Impermanences released defensive barriers, but the formless creatures could easily pass through and attack, causing them to be slightly injured.

Zhao Fu found that he could not use his Nation Armament here and those formless creatures were incredibly strange. Zhao Fu unleashed his Saint Realm Domain in time, blocking off those formless creatures, making it so that they could not attack the group.

However, it seemed that more and more formless creatures were gathering. They could not see those strange creatures, but they could sense more and more of them gathering. The bizarre aura around them became more and more intense, and even a Divine Realm expert like Shang Long could not help but feel nervous.

"What are these things?" Zhao Fu asked the others with a serious expression.

The others shook their heads, and after thinking about it, Hei Xiaojie said with a serious expression, "They're most likely ghosts."

This caused everyone else to feel quite surprised; weren't ghosts quite weak and able to be destroyed easily?

Hei Xiaojie explained, "Some of the ghosts from the early times of the Underworld had such abilities. They did not have any form and could ignore most attacks and defenses. They are incredibly bizarre; only high-tier powers have effects on them."

Now, only Zhao Fu's powers were useful, and none of the others could help at all.

Zhao Fu could not see those formless creatures, so he sent out a few sword lights wanting to scare them off, but soon more gathered.

Now, Zhao Fu did not know what to do. He could only continue to use what he had been using recently, which was the Reincarnation Eye. The six gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye quickly spun, and a gray vortex appeared in Zhao Fu's eye socket.

A massive suction force burst forth as everything that Zhao Fu's right eye saw was sucked in. The formless creatures were not an exception because the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power countered all ghosts, so they naturally could not avoid it.

After absorbing the surrounding formless ghosts, Zhao Fu felt some pain in his right eye, as if the formless ghosts were struggling within his eye.

Zhao Fu felt quite angry and sent a wave of Six Paths of Reincarnation Power into his right eye, refining all of the formless ghosts that he had absorbed. A wave of formless energy spread through Zhao Fu's right eye, and the pain gradually subsided.

What delighted Zhao Fu was that he could now see the formless creatures, and he could see what they truly were.