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 "Brother Zhao, are you interested in trying? Your cultivation is a bit high, so you have to suppress it to Stage 9 to go in," Bai Wusheng said as he smiled and reminded Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu nodded and felt quite interested as he looked at the tall black tower before walking in.

Everyone in the surroundings gathered over. Because of the banquet the previous night, many of the Black and White Impermanences recognized Zhao Fu and knew that he was an esteemed guest of the family who was valued by the higher-ups. As such, they were quite interested in Zhao Fu.

Seeing him enter the Tower of Trials, they felt quite curious and wanted to see how strong his power was and where he would rank if he suppressed his cultivation to Stage 9. Would he surpass the first-ranked Hei Wushen?

After walking into the black tower, a restrictive force landed on his body, making it so that he could only exert Stage 9 strength at most. His Nation Armament was also sealed, and his most powerful weapons were also unusable, making Zhao Fu feel quite surprised.

After walking into the first room, countless gray runes flashed and a massive wave of Yin Qi spread out. Ghosts appeared and looked at Zhao Fu savagely. They gave off roars as they flooded towards him.

Zhao Fu took out the Slaughtering Ghost Sword and casually slashed out a few times. The terrifying rays of sword light cut the ghosts into tiny pieces, but in the next moment, countless more ghosts appeared and madly sprang at Zhao Fu.

After killing another wave, Zhao Fu felt that it was quite troublesome. Thinking about how the Underworld creatures all feared the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, Zhao Fu grinned.

The six gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye quickly spun. This time, it was as if Zhao Fu's right eye disappeared, and a gray vortex appeared where his right eye had been, looking quite shocking.

Zhao Fu used that technique on his eye, and this was a type of eye technique. He looked at the ghosts, and facing Zhao Fu, who gave off traces of Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, they felt an instinctive fear and did not dare to get near Zhao Fu.


The gray vortex in Zhao Fu's right eye quickly spun and gave off an enormous attractive force, and the countless ghosts in the surroundings were sucked into Zhao Fu's right eye.

Even though these ghosts were not real, they contained large amounts of Yin Qi. After absorbing them all, Zhao Fu felt that his right eye had become stronger.

Following this, Zhao Fu absorbed the rest of the ghosts into his right eye and headed to the second level.

Seeing Zhao Fu rise to the second level so quickly, everyone outside looked incredibly shocked. They felt that Zhao Fu was incredibly powerful and only Hei Wushen could compete with him. However, what happened next caused everyone to become dumbfounded.

After Zhao Fu stepped onto the second level, he quickly went up to the third level, then the fourth, then the fifth, and then all the way to the ninth level.

This sort of speed was simply unimaginable and he seemed simply unstoppable. He had run up from the first level to the ninth level while barely even stopping and some people wondered if there was something wrong with the Tower of Trials. No one could do such a thing, not even Hei Wushen.

Some members of the younger generation quickly called some elders to investigate, but they found that there was nothing wrong with the tower. This sent everyone in the surroundings into an uproar - this meant that Zhao Fu had risen at that speed with his own power. This was simply too powerful.

The elders did not understand what was going on, but after hearing that Zhao Fu had entered the Tower of Trials and had reached the ninth level so quickly, they left with serious expressions to report this to the higher-ups.

Bai Wusheng was quite shocked that his little sister had found such a terrifying man. He marveled at how inferior he was; there was simply no way to compare himself to him.

This sort of speed could be called a miracle or a legend. It was unprecedented in the history of the family, and he could not help but wonder what sort of things Zhao Fu would do if he went to the main family's tower.

Hei Wushen's expression was quite unsightly. Before, he felt quite disdainful of Zhao Fu and hated how he took women as he pleased. He was a scum, a beast, and a pervert.

Now, Hei Wushen understood that there was no way to compare himself to Zhao Fu. Now, everyone knew that he was far weaker than Zhao Fu and was not a match for him at all.

Hei Wushen could not help but think about Gui Ji. It was now completely impossible for him to take her away from Zhao Fu's side, and thinking about that, Hei Wushen felt a trace of heartache.

On the ninth level of the Tower of Trials, there was a treasure box in front of Zhao Fu. This was most likely the reward for clearing the Tower of Trials. Zhao Fu did not have any interest in this Tower of Trials, as it was simply too trash and did not give him any pressure at all.

Now, it was time to look at the rewards. If the rewards were trash, this would have been a complete waste of his time.

Zhao Fu stretched his hand and opened the treasure box, and a massive wave of demonic qi spread out, causing the surroundings to become incredibly cold. A live heart that was still beating appeared in front of Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at the heart's information and found that this was a Sky Demon Primogenitor Heart, which was similar to the Demon Primogenitor Finger that he had obtained before.

After he had eaten that finger, Zhao Fu often reminisced about the taste; he wondered how this heart would taste.

Zhao Fu picked up the heart and took a bite, and he found that it was incredibly fresh and tender. It tasted even better than the Demon Primogenitor Finger, and this beating heart had quite a lot of vigor and was somewhat warm.

Zhao Fu continued to bite the heart and his body quickly absorbed the massive amount of demonic qi. Zhao Fu wiped the blood on his mouth and felt that he had not had enough. The heart was only as big as a fist and it was simply not enough. In the future, he hoped to find more.

After coming out from the Tower of Trials, he ignored the looks of admiration from everyone and calmly left.

After coming to find Zhao Fu after, the Black and White Impermanence family's higher-ups were even more courteous and gave him many spatial rings. These spatial rings contained all sorts of resources as well as some Yin treasures. Zhao Fu took a look and felt quite delighted, and he thanked the higher-ups.

The cooperation between the two sides was now formal. In the future, the Black and White Impermanence family would give many resources and Yin treasures to Great Qin, and after Great Qin became powerful, it would repay them.

The Black and White Impermanence family had now achieved its goal and the Black and White Impermanences were satisfied with seeing the family. It was time to leave and head to the historical remnant.

At night, Zhao Fu hugged the red-faced Hei Xiaomei and Hei Xiaojie's mother, and he smiled as he said, "If you want, you can leave with us. I don't want to leave you here."

Hei Xiaomei shyly nodded, and the next day Zhao Fu and his group left the Black and White Impermanence family. Hei Xiaomei did not openly leave with them, and she instead did so secretly in order to avoid Hei Wushen.

Hei Wushen was quite sad about Gui Ji leaving, so he did not notice that his mother was missing.

A few days, Zhao Fu and his group finally arrived at the historical remnant. Zhao Fu took out seven keys and opened the historical remnant.