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 "How about it? Do you want to come with me?" Zhao Fu looked at the three-person group hug as he asked.

They thought about it, and because they didn't want to be separated, they all nodded. They then ran over to the fainted little beggar and woke him up.

The first thing the little beggar did when he woke up was scream in terror. He instinctively struggled and tried to run away - it was clear how afraid he was of Zhao Fu.

However, when he realized that his older siblings were gathered around him, he was able to gradually calm down.

Afterwards, they told him about submitting to Zhao Fu, and the little beggar nodded, expressing that he was willing to go with them. However, the little beggar's terror towards Zhao Fu did not decrease at all, and he did not dare to look up at the mysterious and terrifying black-cloaked figure.

Following this, Zhao Fu asked them a few questions and learned some more about them. They were not blood siblings. Instead, they were orphans who had relied on each other for survival.

The sickly girl was called Tuoba Qing, the boy twin was called Wu Ling, the girl twin was called Wu Qing, and the little beggar was called Yue Zhongchang.

Because they had submitted to Zhao Fu as their Lord, Zhao Fu could now look at their stats and grades.

What shocked Zhao Fu was that Tuoba Qing was SSS grade, while Wu Ling, Wu Qing, and Yue Zhongchang were A grade. He wasn't surprised that the three younger ones were A grade, but Tuoba Qing, the sickly girl, was actually SSS grade.

Apart from historical heroes like Bai Qi and Wang Jian, this was the first indigenous resident of the Heaven Awaken World that Zhao Fu had met who was SSS grade. Usually, such people were City Lords, which was why Zhao Fu was so dumbfounded.

The population size of main cities was massive, but there were very few people who were S grade or above. And yet, no one had discovered that Tuoba Qing was SSS grade - even someone who was S grade would be very important to the city, let alone someone who was SSS grade. If the government knew about her, they would have definitely taken her and nurtured her greatly.

What's more, when Origins spawned S grade people, there would be a sign, such as a flash of golden light. With her SSS grade, it should have been impossible for Tuoba Qing to be living in poverty.

"Could this be a trap? Or is there a bigger story behind all of this?" With Zhao Fu's wary nature, he couldn't help but consider this because it was simply too surprising that Tuoba Qing was in this situation while being SSS grade.

"Wait..." Zhao Fu realized that it was possible that Tuoba Qing had not been discovered to be SSS grade because she had not been spawned but born normally.

Even though the Heaven Awaken World had Origins and Dens that could spawn people and animals, the indigenous residents of the Heaven Awaken World could still give birth to children themselves, though players could not do so yet.

People who were born in the Heaven Awaken World didn't have any special signs when they were born, and they required a Lord to personally check their grade. It was unlikely for high-grade people to be born in such poor conditions, so the City Lord most likely didn't pay much attention to those areas.

Zhao Fu asked Tuoba Qing about this and confirmed that she was not spawned from an Origin. This allowed Zhao Fu to relax and he couldn't help but feel overjoyed.

Obtaining this SSS grade girl was purely out of sheer luck. However, Zhao Fu still couldn't work out why she was so powerful. The only clue was that there were a few question marks next to her race.

"Let's go!" Zhao Fu said as he looked at the four of them.

The four of them silently walked at Zhao Fu's side. Tuoba Qing no longer seemed as strong, and her face paled even more as she walked unsteadily. Wu Qing supported her as she walked, and seeing how sickly she looked, Zhao Fu couldn't imagine how she had unleashed so much power before.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu gave her a bottle of special healing pills and said, "Take them; they're good for your body."

Tuoba Qing accepted the bottle, and not just her, but the other three people's attitudes towards Zhao Fu also became more gentle.

Zhao Fu had bought these special healing pills at a high price from a main city, and they contained many precious medicinal ingredients. After taking one, Tuoba Qing's complexion immediately became somewhat ruddier.

Following this, Zhao Fu took the four of them to a clothes shop and said, "All of you, pick some clothes for yourselves."

Because the four of them were orphans, they survived each day with great difficulty. Eating until they were full was already a luxury, and because it was the first time they had come to such a place, they felt quite apprehensive.

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, their gazes were filled with delight, and they looked at the nice-looking clothes around them. However, their gazes all fell on Tuoba Qing - whenever they made a decision, it was always with Tuoba Qing as the leader.

Tuoba Qing nodded weakly, and only then did the three others happily run around and pick clothes. Seeing how happy her younger siblings seemed, a trace of a smile appeared on Tuoba Qing's face, and she turned to look at Zhao Fu and said weakly, "Thank you!"

Zhao Fu looked at her and replied calmly, "No need to thank me."

At this moment, Wu Qing brought a few clothes over and said excitedly, "Big sister Qing, I've picked out a few clothes for both of us. Let's go try them out!"

Tuoba Qing shook her head and lightly smiled, saying, "It's okay, just pick a few for me."

"Eh?" Wu Qing said unhappily, "Don't be like this; I've picked them out already, so let's just go and try them on!"

In the end, Tuoba Qing was unable to refuse Wu Qing, and she was dragged by Wu Qing into a changing room. After the two of them changed and appeared before Zhao Fu again, they looked like completely different people.

Tuoba Qing was wearing a white dress, and with her pale complexion and graceful demeanor, she looked like a young miss from a big family. She looked mild, sensible, and weak, making one want to protect her.

Wu Qing was wearing a light green dress that made her look more elegant. Her young face gave off a fresh and clean feeling, and Zhao Fu inadvertently glanced at her chest, making her blush.

After Zhao Fu paid for their clothes, they left the clothing store, and he was about to take them back to the Great Qin Town. Suddenly, Yue Zhongchang's stomach started growling, so Zhao Fu took them to a restaurant. After eating their fill, they finally returned to the Great Qin Town.

Only then did the four of them find out Zhao Fu's true identity, greatly shocking them. The first thing Zhao Fu did was tell Li Si to make arrangements for places for them to stay, while Zhao Fu took Tuoba Qing to Zhang Baishu, the Apothecary, to see what sort of illness she had.

The healing pills that Zhao Fu had given her could treat her injuries, but they could not rid her of her illness. She seemed to have a strange illness, and he learned that around this time every year, she would become incredibly weak and sometimes feel as if she was being burned by fire.

Of course, Zhao Fu did not know much about illnesses, so he took her to Zhang Baishu.