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 Hei Wushen was somewhat displeased because he did not like Zhao Fu. He had too many women, and his little sister and Bai Xiaoxi served him together; this made him feel quite uncomfortable.

Seeing how much his family welcomed Zhao Fu, even if he objected, it would be pointless. He also could not understand why his little sister and Bai Xiaoxi liked him so much.

He did not want to participate in the banquet, but looking at Gui Ji, who hugged the small cat and smiled as she ate, his heartrate sped up and a trace of gentleness appeared on his cold face. He sat next to Gui Ji and asked, "What is your name?"

Looking at Hei Wushen, who suddenly sat down next to her, Gui Ji smiled as she replied, "I'm called Gui Ji; it's a name given to me by my husband."

Hearing those words, Hei Wushen felt a stabbing pain in his heart; such a beautiful woman was that man's wife as well.

Hei Wushen had expected this, but his heart was unwilling to give up. This was the first time he had met a woman who had moved his heart like this, and he asked her about other things.

After hearing that Zhao Fu had forcefully taken her, Hei Wushen's anger towards Zhao Fu reached its peak. He felt that Zhao Fu was scum and a bastard. He had thought that those women had fallen for him, but he had taken them by force.

"Gui Ji, I can take you away and you won't have to fear that man anymore. I'll protect you," Hei Wushen said as he looked at Gui Ji.

Hearing this, Gui Ji looked quite startled before shaking her head, saying, "I don't want to leave."

Hei Wushen felt quite angry as he said, "That man is scum; why aren't you angry at how he treats you? And you're even willing to stay beside a beast like that."

Hearing Hei Wushen's insulting words, Gui Ji looked at him angrily and said, "Go away, I don't want to talk to someone like you."

Hei Wushen was angry and wanted to say more, so Gui Ji hugged her little cat and walked away, causing Hei Wushen's face to become ashen. He looked at Zhao Fu, who was drinking with others, and he felt even more hatred towards him.

After the banquet finished, Zhao Fu was slightly drunk as he came to Hei Xiaojie's room. It was completely dark inside, as it was quite late. Hei Xiaojie and Bai Xiaoxi were both asleep, but Zhao Fu uncourteously lay on them and started to go at it.

In the course of going about it, Bai Xiaoxi seemed to slightly struggle before cooperating with Zhao Fu and Zhao Fu did not take this to heart.

The next day, the gentle sunlight shot in from outside the window and Zhao Fu gradually awoke. He looked at Hei Xiaojie lying in his arms, but he was shocked to see a mature and beautiful woman instead of Bai Xiaoxi.

This beautiful woman looked somewhat like Hei Xiaojie but her figure was more mature than Hei Xiaojie's, and she seemed even more alluring. Zhao Fu did not know who this woman was or why she was in Hei Xiaojie's room.

He had not heard about Hei Xiaojie having a big sister, so it was possible that this woman was her mother. Zhao Fu did not know what to do.

The beautiful woman gradually woke up and seeing Zhao Fu look at her, she smiled and wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's neck as she said, "Good son-in-law, I didn't have enough last night; I want more now."

Zhao Fu was quite startled before starting to go about it with her, and soon Hei Xiaojie joined in.

Afterwards, the beautiful woman's face was quite red as she lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and smiled as she said, "What Xiaojie said was true; doing it with you actually feels so good. I feel like I've wasted my whole life."

Zhao Fu did not understand what was going on, and only after asking did he understand. It turned out that because Hei Xiaojie and her mother had not seen each other for many years and greatly missed each other, her mother came to her room to chat, wanting to know how she had been.

Hei Xiaojie had told her that she had been living quite well and had a decent status in Great Qin. She had also told her various things about Zhao Fu, making the beautiful woman feel quite shocked; it was the first time she heard of such a terrifying man.

However, when a slightly drunk man pressed down on her body and called out her daughter's name, she knew who this man was. She had wanted to resist but found that in his hands, she could not resist and her body became powerless. Following this, Zhao Fu had ravaged her, and she had passionately responded.

Hei Xiaojie said somewhat worriedly, "Mother, aren't you worried about big brother knowing? Even though father has been dead for so long, big brother definitely won't accept husband."

The woman looked quite serious before smiling and saying, "Don't worry, we won't tell anyone, so no one will know. It was also just this once and there won't be a next time. Who knows how long it will be before I see you again."

Hearing her mother's words, Hei Xiaojie felt a bit uncomfortable. It had been eight years since she had left, and she missed her mother greatly.

Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Now that the Underworld Gate has been opened, Xiaojie can come back whenever she wants. Also, how about you leave with us?"

The beautiful woman rolled her eyes as she said, "You bad boy, you want us mother and daughter to serve you together, right?"

Zhao Fu laughed and did not say anything else before leaving. The Black and White Impermanence family was holding an event today, and he wanted to take a look.

There was a simple and ancient black tower on a vast area of empty land. This tower was 30 or so meters tall and had nine levels, and it gave off a powerful aura. There were countless people standing around it, looking at this black tower.

This was the Black and White Impermanence family's Tower of Trials, and every Black and White Impermanence family had one to test their members. The Tower of Trials was connected to the Black and White Impermanence Treasury, and the better one performed, the more rewards one would receive.

In actuality, the sub-families only had Basic Towers of Trials; the truly terrifying one was the main family's Nine Level Ghost Tower. It was said that it was 10,000 meters tall and had countless terrifying ghosts sealed within it, and it gave off a massive intimidation power.

This Tower of Trials was only for testing the younger generation and some of the older people could no longer go in. Everyone only had three opportunities to go in and they had already used up their chances. However, because the rewards were all quite precious and rare, when the Tower of Trials opened, many people gathered, making it quite lively.

Moreover, outsiders could participate as well, which was what Zhao Fu cared about. If there weren't any benefits, Zhao Fu would not have come here.

Next to the black tower was a stone stele, on which were recorded the people how had performed the best. Hei Wushen and Bai Wusheng's names were both recorded there, and Hei Wushen's name was ranked first.

Seeing Zhao Fu come, Bai Wusheng gave a friendly smile. Since he was his little sister's husband, Bai Wusheng saw Zhao Fu as one of them.

On the other hand, Hei Wushen looked at Zhao Fu disdainfully and ignored him.