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 Bai Xiaoxi looked at the White Impermanence with her beautiful eyes and said coquettishly, "Big bro, you didn't want us to come back?"

The handsome White Impermanence was Bai Xiaoxi's big brother Bai Wusheng. Hearing Bai Xiaoxi's words, Bai Wusheng hurriedly explained, "How could we not want you to come back? We're just a bit shocked how you could come back to the Underworld so quickly."

Hei Xiaojie looked at the Black Impermanence next to Bai Wusheng and said calmly, "Big brother."

The Black Impermanence was Hei Xiaojie's big brother and he was called Hei Wushen. He was the strongest out of the family's younger generation and was greatly favored by the family.

Hearing Hei Xiaojie call out, Bai Wushen expressionlessly nodded as his sharp eyes fell on Zhao Fu, as Bai Xiaoxi and Hei Xiaojie had been leaning against him, and he was surrounded by women.

Even though he could not see their appearances, from their figures, he could tell that they were definitely beauties.

"Who is he?" Bai Wushen looked at Zhao Fu as he coldly spoke and asked Hei Xiaojie.

Hei Xiaojie looked quite displeased. Her relationship with her big brother had always been quite cold and was not as close as normal siblings.

Hei Xiaojie was about to reply when Bai Xiaoxi shyly replied, "He's our husband."

"What?" Everyone was sent into an uproar - Hei Xiaojie and Bai Xiaoxi were two of the biggest beauties in the family, and hearing that they had a man, they felt quite bitter and looked at Zhao Fu with admiration and envy.

Hei Wushen seemed somewhat displeased, and he pointed at the women and asked, "Who are these women?"

Hei Xiaojie lightly harrumphed and said, "Of course they're all my husband's women."


A powerful aura exploded out from Hei Wushen's body, unleashing a wild gale. Everyone in the surroundings was quite shocked and backed away.

Hei Wushen looked at Zhao Fu coldly and said, "What despicable methods did you use to make my little sister and Xiao Xi fall for you? Such a licentious person is not fit to be my little sister's husband. This place does not welcome you and it's best that you leave; Xiaojie and Xiaoxi will stay here from now on."

Hei Xiaojie immediately called out angrily, "We can choose who we want for our husband; it's none of your business. We're willing to serve him with other women."

"You!" Hei Wushen looked furious and stretched out a hand, and a massive formless hand containing immense power grabbed Hei Xiaojie.


Zhao Fu waved a finger and a sharp sword light slashed out, destroying the massive formless hand, causing it to turn into wind and disperse.

"They're my women now. I don't care who you are, if you dare to touch them, don't blame me for not being courteous," Zhao Fu said coldly.

Bai Xiaoxi hurriedly stepped out and said, "Big brother Wushen and husband, don't be like this."

Bai Wusheng also came over and smiled as he tried to mediate, saying, "It's a good thing that Xiaoxi and Xiaojie are back; don't make things unpleasant over something like this. Since he's Xiaoxi and Xiaojie's husband, he's one of us; all of you come in."

Hei Wushen was silent and had a serious expression on his face, as he sensed that Zhao Fu's power and aura were quite strong, and he also felt that Zhao Fu was quite dangerous.

Zhao Fu did not say anything, and Bai Xiaoxi looked at Zhao Fu, seeming slightly uncomfortable as she said softly, "Husband, don't be angry."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly nodded. He had only been angry because Hei Wushen had tried to attack Hei Xiaojie.

However, from that attack, everyone felt that Zhao Fu's power was not any weaker than Hei Wushen's and that he was a very strong person.

Hei Xiaojie happily hugged Zhao Fu because he had just helped her and had suppressed her brother so domineeringly, making her feel quite pleased.

Following this, Zhao Fu and the others took off their cloaks. After all, as guests, wearing cloaks would be quite rude, and the Black and White Impermanences' family's status was not low at all.

This naturally caused a big ruckus - after all, Gui Ji and the few women were quite beautiful. Gui Ji had once been a Half-Step Celestial and was the Ghost God, and she gave off a unique and mysterious aura, while Han Lengli and the other women were Concubines who had been especially chosen.

There was also Zhao Fu's incredibly handsome face and his extraordinary aura.

Hei Wushen originally did not mind too much, but seeing the graceful and beautiful Gui Ji holding the small cat, he could not help but feel quite moved.

After entering the City, Zhao Fu and his group were given a courtyard to stay in. Hei Xiaojie and Bai Xiaoxi were called over by the seniors of the family as they took this matter quite seriously.

Zhao Fu told them to only reveal some general information and not to leak any secret or important information.

When they heard that Zhao Fu had already become the ruler of five worlds in just eight short years, they were incredibly dumbfounded. This was the first time they had seen such fast growth. Zhao Fu's potential was quite immense, and he was definitely a genius.

They did not know about all the things Zhao Fu had caused or that it was him who had enraged the Six Paths Demon Images.

If they had known this, the Black and White Impermanences family would not be so calm and would be incredibly shocked.

As for Hei Xiaojie and Bai Xiaoxi becoming the Concubines of a genius like Zhao Fu, their family fully supported it. After all, in the future, they would have a close connection with a Royal Kingdom.

Moreover, Zhao Fu's ability was extraordinary and had opened up a passageway to the Underworld, so they could even enter the Heaven Awaken World if they wanted to.

From various perspectives, Zhao Fu was very useful to them, so they quickly set up a banquet to properly welcome Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu naturally courteously participated, and he also observed their strength.

Even though Hei Xiaojie and Bai Xiaoxi's family was only one of the many Black and White Impermanence families, they were not weak at all and held territory equivalent to a world. They also had a large number of Stage 5 soldiers and had Emperor Heaven Realm experts.

From this, it could be seen that the Black and White Impermanence family was one of the top-tier factions in the Underworld.

However, even though the various ordinary Black and White Impermanence families could create their own policies and manage themselves, they still had to follow orders from the main Black and White Impermanence family.

The main family was the core of the branches and they held the most power in the Black and White Impermanence family. They also had the largest resources and were responsible for leading the countless sub-families. Rumors said that the main family had a Half-Step Celestial expert.

Zhao Fu wanted to work together with the Black and White Impermanence family. Not only were they a top-tier faction in the Underworld, but they were also one of the oldest factions and had an immense foundation. They would be of great help to Great Qin in the future.

The banquet was quite lively and countless important people expressed their goodwill to Zhao Fu and toasted him, and Zhao Fu courteously returned each toast. The interactions between the two sides was quite amicable.