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 The cold-looking woman looked at Zhao Fu and the others as if she was looking at dead people, and she coldly harrumphed before following the white-clothed man.

"Master, what should we do now?" Shang Long knew what would happen next, so he asked Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu frowned and said, "We'll pack our things and leave as soon as possible."

Following this, Zhao Fu's group left the City and planned to continue to head to the Yin Domain, but they were stopped by the white-clothed man.

The white-clothed man also called four helpers, three men and one woman. Two of the men were quite big, the other man looked quite vulgar, and the woman looked quite ugly. However, she was quite powerful and was at the Divine Realm.

The white-clothed man looked at Zhao Fu and coldly laughed as he said, "You brought this on yourself. If you gave me those three women, this wouldn't have happened. Now, those three women will still belong to me. I'll play with those three women in front of you and then sell them as prostitutes. Only then will I be able to quench my anger."

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he asked, "Do you really think you'll win?"

The white-clothed man wildly laughed as he said, "I know you're quite extraordinary, but you only have Saint Realm Cultivation while I have Heaven Realm Cultivation. Moreover, I have three World Realm experts and one Divine Realm expert; do you think I'd lose?"

"Is that so?" A trace of a cold smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he exploded out with his Nation Armament's power. A bronze aura flame appeared around Zhao Fu's body, and a terrifying power seemed to cause the heavens and earth to freeze.

The white-clothed man's expression fell; he had never thought that Zhao Fu would have such a powerful Nation Armament. However, he still did not think he would lose.

However, in the next moment, he became even more shocked. He saw six gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye spin, and a Six Paths of Reincarnation Power spread out from Zhao Fu's body.

It was not just the white-clothed - the other people's expressions fell as well; they had never thought that Zhao Fu would actually have the supreme power of the Underworld.

"Second Prince, I'm not taking this job anymore. You can take care of this yourself." The vulgar-looking man was terrified and called out. When it came to people with such supreme power, even Empires would not dare to offend them.

What's more, the power that Zhao Fu's Nation Armament gave off contained the power of five worlds. Their side was at an immense disadvantage.

He had been hired by the white-clothed man, and there was no need for him to give up his life for a small benefit. As such, he decisively retreated.

"Second Prince, you shouldn't have hidden such big information from us. You wanted to attack this person even knowing the power he has? Apologies, we don't dare to take such a job," the two big men said.

Seeing the others drop out, the ugly woman could only also drop out as well.

This caused the white-clothed man's face to become pale; he had never thought that the four people he hired would drop out after seeing Zhao Fu's power.

The white-clothed man had never thought that Zhao Fu would have the terrifying Six Paths of Reincarnation Power.

"Could it be that I will just die like this?" The white-clothed man thought to himself before calling out, "Don't think that he'll spare you just because you're dropping out. Now that you know he has the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, if you spread this information, it will shake the entire Underworld."

Hearing these words, the four people's expressions changed and they looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt quite startled; he had never thought that such a thing would happen. The Underworld's people seemed to fear the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power way too much.

In actuality, it was all because of the Six Paths Demon Images, because every time they were enraged or something happened, the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power would sweep across the Underworld. They had always lived in fear of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, so it was only natural that they reacted like this.

Zhao Fu understood the impact of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, and he considered whether or not he should kill them to conceal his information. However, he thought about it and asked, "Will you promise to keep my information a secret?"

The four people quickly nodded; they did not want to get involved and wanted to quickly leave. Even if they did not promise, they would not dare to reveal such information because many major figures would come to find them and they might end up dying.

Zhao Fu did not trust verbal promises, so he had them sign a Contract and they quickly agreed.

The white-clothed man's expression was quite unsightly and he immediately try to escape with his women.

Clang! Clang! Clang...

Chains containing terrifying power shot out, and with the power of Zhao Fu's Nation Armament, the chains were incredibly powerful. They easily bound up the white-clothed man and the women.

Following this, Zhao Fu and the four people signed Contracts and they turned into rays of light and left. They did not dare to stay here any longer because they could not afford to offend to that Second Prince. The Ghost Lord Kingdom would come looking for them, so they had to quickly leave this place.

Seeing them leave, Zhao Fu inwardly let out a sigh of relief. If they fought, the outcome would be uncertain; Zhao Fu did not actually have that big of an advantage.

Moreover, with his strength, he would not be able to prevent the Divine Realm woman from leaving. He could not afford to expose his identity either. As such, it was best to use a peaceful method to resolve this crisis.

After dealing with this, Zhao Fu coldly smiled as he looked at the bound white-clothed man and his Concubines.

The white-clothed man said in fear, "Sir, I apologize for my previous conduct; I'm willing to pay any price as long as you don't kill me. I'll also keep your identity a secret. Also, if you like my women, I'll give them to you and have them serve you well."

"Husband!" Hearing that the white-clothed man was willing to give them to Zhao Fu, the women cried, feeling quite wronged.

This was especially so for the cold-looking woman who looked at Zhao Fu in fear. Thinking about how she had mocked him before, he would probably torment her to death. If that was the case, it would be better to die first.

However, one of the women, the gentle and quiet woman, was quite tactful and called out flirtatiously, "Sir, the first time I saw you, I fell for you. Will you let me serve you?"

The white-clothed man silently cursed at the woman. He normally treated her quite well, yet she had now betrayed him. However, he still faked a smile and said, "Sir, if you like her, please take her!"

Thinking about what the white-clothed man had said about toying with his women in front of him, Zhao Fu gave an evil smile and walked over and released the five women.