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 Zhao Fu did not pay much mind to that Prince, as he was just passing by. Moreover, Zhao Fu had even humiliated an Imperial Prince before; how could he care about the Prince of a Royal Kingdom?

Zhao Fu and his group continued onwards, and after teleporting ten or so times and then travelling for another two days, they arrived at a large faction. After travelling for so long, Zhao Fu felt that it was time to stop and properly rest.

He found an inn and booked two rooms, one for Shang Long and one for him and the three women.

"Husband," The Black and White Impermanences came to the room and looked at Zhao Fu with a look of flirtatious and expectation as they hugged him.

Zhao Fu naturally understood what they wanted, so he hugged them and went to the bed. The Ghost God's face was red and could not help but think back to her first time; Zhao Fu had directly taken her.

Back then, she had not understood anything, but because she was afraid of Zhao Fu, she had slightly struggled. However, she soon started cooperating and had never thought that doing it with such an evil person like Zhao Fu would feel so good.

Looking at Zhao Fu and the Black and White Impermanences, the Ghost God put down the cat and walked over to the bed and joined in. She did not seem too embarrassed because she had been doing it with Zhao Fu over the past few days, and the three of them started to serve Zhao Fu together.

The cat watched by the side. With its level of intelligence, it did not understand what was going on. However, seeing that its owner seemed to be very happy, it also seemed quite delighted.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu hugged the red-faced women and asked Hei Xiaojie, "How long until we reach the historical remnant?"

It had been quite a long time since they had come to the Underworld, yet they still had not found the historical remnant. Zhao Fu could not help but feel quite rushed.

"Husband, now that we're in the Inner Domains, it should be much faster. The Inner Domains and the Yin Domain are connected closely and there are many large teleportation channels that can send us to the Yin Domain directly," Hei Xiaojie said.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu sighed in relief.

Bai Xiaoxi smiled as she said excitedly, "We'll pass by our home on the way. Husband, can we go and have look at our home?"

Zhao Fu nodded. The Black and White Impermanences had told Zhao Fu about their family. The Black and White Impermanences were a family split into two branches, the Black Impermanences and White Impermanences, and they were stronger than an Empire.

All Black and White Impermanences came from this family, and Hei Xiaojie and Bai Xiaoxi's position in this family was not too high or too low.

The red-faced Ghost God suddenly said, "Husband, can you give me a name? I still don't have a name and I don't like you calling me Ghost God."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Then you can be called Gui Ji."

Hearing this name, the Ghost God smiled and nodded. "I'll be called Gui Ji in the future then. Husband, Gui Ji wants more."

Zhao Fu smiled and pressed her under his body and started to go at it, and the Black and White Impermanences smiled as they joined in.

At night, Zhao Fu brought down the three radiant women and Shang Long to the dining hall and prepared to have some food.

It was the first time Zhao Fu was going to eat Underworld food, and he wondered what it would be like. Zhao Fu allowed Shang Long to sit with them, and looking at the radiant-looking women, he naturally knew what had just happened and felt great admiration.

This was because after doing it with Zhao Fu, their bodies had received a baptism of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, and their power and auras were continuously rising and becoming purer.

After staying with Zhao Fu for a few days, even Gui Ji, who did not have much strength, had progressed greatly. It was a pity that he was not a woman, or else he would have wanted the same treatment.

The food was brought up and Zhao Fu was surprised to find that it looked the same as food in the Heaven Awaken World. However, all of it was cold - Underworld creatures did not seem to like eating hot things and only liked to eat cold things.

"Husband, I'll feed you." Bai Xiaoxi leaned against Zhao Fu and picked up a piece of meat with her chopsticks.

Zhao Fu hugged Bai Xiaoxi and smiled as he prepared to open his mouth, when suddenly a wanton voice sounded out, "What beautiful Black and White Impermanences! What a beautiful Ghost God!"

An elegant and handsome young man in white walked into the inn with five women.

Of the five women, one had a bewitching figure and gave off a seductive aura, one had a seductive figure and seemed quite cheerful, one was quite tall and had a cold demeanor, one was quite small and seemed quite cute, and one was quite slim and looked quite gentle and quiet.

The man led the five women as he walked towards Zhao Fu and discourteously sat down at the table and said to Zhao Fu, "Brother, I really like these three women. Give me a price, and I'll try to satisfy you."

Hei Xiaojie smiled as she glanced at the man and leaned against Zhao Fu. She did not need to worry, because even though Zhao Fu had many women, he definitely was not the type to sell women. Moreover, how could this man compare to Zhao Fu? Hei Xiaojie was not interested in him at all.

Gui Ji had only been with Zhao Fu for a few days, so she felt quite worried that Zhao Fu would give her away. She hugged the little cat and looked at Zhao Fu pitifully.

Zhao Fu frowned and felt that this man could not be lightly offended, as his aura was quite powerful. However, Zhao Fu still said, "Sir, it's best that you leave. I'm not interested in giving my women to anyone else. Also, I see that the women with you are not bad either, how about you give me a price?"

The white-clothed man's gaze became cold and he gave off a trace of killing intent. He had given Zhao Fu face and yet Zhao Fu had not taken it. However, the white-clothed man thought to himself and soon returned to normal.

The cold-looking woman next to him said mockingly, "Who do you think you are to speak to our husband like that? Our husband is the Ghost Lord Kingdom's Second Prince and we're his Concubines. You can't touch us even in your dreams."

Hearing those words, Zhao Fu felt quite strange because the Prince he had beaten up before was also from the Ghost Lord Kingdom.

The white-clothed man was much more intelligent than his little brother and understood that Zhao Fu was not simple, so he took out a jade strip and said, "This is a Ten Thousand Person Curse that I spent hundreds of millions of Yin Coins to buy at an auction. If you give those three to me, this will be yours. Also, now that you know my identity, I advise you not to seek death. Don't give up your life just for a few women."

Hearing these threatening words, Zhao Fu's gaze became cold and he said, "Scram."

The white-clothed man was furious and stood up as he prepared to attack. However, he looked at Shang Long warily because he could tell that Shang Long was a Divine Realm expert. In the end, he could only coldly harrumph and leave with his women.