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 Perhaps the reason why the Ghost God could not control all of the creatures was because she was too weak. Zhao Fu decided to have her try again after she became more powerful in the future.

Zhao Fu looked at the ghost god creature that the Ghost God was holding and said, "Throw it away and follow us."

The Ghost God looked quite displeased as she said, "No, I want to bring it."

Zhao Fu looked at the cat-like ghost god creature and felt that it would not cause too much trouble, so he allowed her to bring it. He then put the Seeking Yin Beast into a ring because it was too big and was not convenient to have it follow them.

Following this, Zhao Fu decided not to go around the forbidden area and instead pass through it. Shang Long had said that there was not much danger in the outer boundaries, so it should be fine for Zhao Fu, who was stronger than Shang Long with his Nation Armament.

A few days later, the group smoothly flew through the forbidden area and found a Ghost City.

All of them were wearing cloaks, and the Black and White Impermanences and Shang Long obediently stayed next to Zhao Fu. The Ghost God hugged the cat-like creature and looked around curiously. Over the past few days, the Ghost God had become more mature, enticing, and gentle because Zhao Fu had been training her every night.

Their goal for coming to this Ghost City was to use a teleportation channel to head to the Yin Domain. After entering the City, they directly headed to the teleportation channel.


Suddenly, a large muffled sound rang out as a well-dressed young man was sent flying by a punch. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and cried out, "Kill him! He dared to hit me; I'm going to skin him alive!"

A few Stage 8 soldiers rushed at a valiant-looking young man dressed in robes. He looked quite disdainful, and after a few attacks, the soldiers were sent flying, and they also coughed up blood. Some of their bones were broken.

Zhao Fu did not want to get involved with this, but because of this matter, the City was put on lockdown and the teleportation channels could not be used. This was because the well-dressed young man was the City Lord's son.

Following this, a portly middle-aged man led a large group of soldiers over, and he was most likely the City Lord. He was at the Saint Realm, and looking at his injured son, he gave off a powerful aura, scaring everyone else into retreating.

Everyone felt that things were going to turn out badly. With the City Lord's strength and so many soldiers, that young man was in a bad position.

However, what happened next completely dumbfounded everyone. The young man took out a command medallion, scaring the City Lord into immediately kneeling and apologizing, and he begged the young man to forgive them just once.

This command medallion was made of white jade and had many ghosts carved on it and had ghostly characters. It gave off a faint light and an immense might.

The Black and White Impermanences did not recognize this command medallion because the Underworld was quite big and they could not know everything about it. However, Shang Long, who had been in this area for a while, knew about it.

Shang Long explained to Zhao Fu that this was a Ghost Prince Medallion, something that belonged to the strongest Royal Kingdom in this area. Only princes could have this medallion, which meant that this young man was the Prince of that powerful Royal Kingdom.

The Prince of a Royal Kingdom was not someone a small City Lord could offend, which was why he was so afraid. Everyone looked over in awe and respect and did not dare to offend that young man either. Some did not even dare to breathe loudly.

The valiant-looking young man coldly harrumphed, "Look clearly with your dog eyes in the future; otherwise, This Prince won't show any mercy."

The portly middle-aged man's face was covered with sweat and he hurriedly nodded.

Following this, the valiant-looking young man headed towards the teleportation channel and everyone else immediately made way, not daring to stand in his way.

Now that the restrictions on the City had been lifted, the teleportation channel was usable again, and Zhao Fu also led his group to the teleportation channel.

This made everyone feel quite confused because the Prince still had not left and yet those people wanted to be transported with him. If the Prince was angered, those people would be doomed to die; they knew his identity and yet did not show respect.

The portly middle-aged man felt that his opportunity had come to make up for offending the Prince. He naturally wanted to perform well, so he yelled, "Who do you think you are to want to use the teleportation channel before the Prince has left? Men, capture them and have them kneel and apologize to the Prince."

A group of soldiers obeyed and went up, wanting to capture Zhao Fu and his people and have them apologize. However, the portly middle-aged man did not know that he had just offended someone even more terrifying.

"Arghhh..." A blood-red sword light flashed out and the ten or so soldiers cried out as their bodies were cut apart, and the stench of blood spread out.

Everyone was incredibly shocked; this person actually dared to kill soldiers in front of the City Lord. It seemed that a battle was inevitable, and those people were dead beyond a doubt.

The portly middle-aged man was infuriated. He had felt humiliated for having to kneel and beg for mercy, but the other person was a Prince of a Royal Kingdom and he could not afford to offend him. However, these cloaked people now dared to act so arrogantly.

The portly middle-aged man exploded out with a massive aura and charged at Zhao Fu and his group with a ferocious aura, wanting to kill them on the spot.


The cloaked figure waved his hand and a sword light flashed out, causing the surroundings to fall deathly silent. The portly middle-aged man's body froze and a line of blood appeared from his head to his lower body, and he fell apart into two halves.

The people in the surroundings cried out; they had never thought that that person would kill the City Lord, and in one strike too. His strength was unbelievably terrifying.

The Prince frowned because the portly middle-aged man had been trying to protect his honor. Now that Zhao Fu had killed him, it was equivalent to slapping the Prince's face.

"Sir, you're going too far. You knew that he was speaking for This Prince. It seems that you lot don't know what's best for you," the Prince said angrily to Zhao Fu.


Just as the Prince spoke, a formless hand grabbed him and threw him out. He crashed through ten or so buildings and dust billowed up; no one knew if he was alive or dead.

Everyone in the surroundings gasped and ran away in terror. That person was too terrifying - not only did he kill the City Lord, but he did not even place a Prince of a Royal Kingdom in his eyes. That Prince was the Prince of the most powerful Royal Kingdom in this area; who could dare to offend him?

Shang Long did not mind and followed behind Zhao Fu because he was confident that Zhao Fu would become the sovereign of the Underworld; there was no need to fear a Royal Kingdom.

Zhao Fu and his group came to the teleportation channel and under the gaze of Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes, he was scared into immediately activating it and did not dare to refuse. Zhao Fu's group blurred before arriving at another City.