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 Looking at the elder and the Seeking Yin Beast, Zhao Fu could not believe what was happening. Zhao Fu would not trust someone so easily, so he said that he wanted to set down restrictions in their bodies, to which they readily agreed.

Only after setting down the restrictions did Zhao Fu let down his guard, and he asked the elder, "What is your name, and what faction do you come from?"

The elder smiled as he replied, "Master, this old man's name is Shang Long and is not from any faction; I'm just a rogue cultivator. I've been alone from 300 years ago and have cultivated to this realm myself."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded then looked at the Seeking Yin Beast. The Seeking Yin Beast obediently lay on the ground and looked at Zhao Fu with a look of loyalty. It seemed that the Seeking Yin Beast could not talk, so Zhao Fu did not bother asking it anything. However, he gave it a name, Qian Xun.

Following this, Zhao Fu asked Shang Long curiously, "You two came out of the Ghost God Forbidden Area. What dangers and treasures are there inside?"

Shang Long thought about it before replying, "The creatures in the outer boundaries are not very strong and can be dealt with easily, but no one dares to go to the inner regions. This forbidden area has existed for over 10,000 years, and it would be dangerous for even Emperor Heaven Realm experts to go to the inner regions.

"As for what treasures there are, the ghost god creatures' bodies have valuable materials. This old man doesn't know much else; this old man only came here in pursuit of the Seeking Yin Beast and is not very familiar with this place."

The Seeking Yin Beast lightly called out a few times and spat out a gray and gold colored crystal that was as big as a bean. It gave off an intense godly spirit aura, and it gave off the same aura as the forbidden area.

Shang Long looked at the crystal and said in shock, "This Seeking Yin Beast truly is the best Yin Beast for finding Yin attribute treasures; it actually found a Divinity Shard of the Ghost God. This shard doesn't have any power, but adding on this old man's Great Yin Soul-Gathering Technique, perhaps we will be able to gather a trace of the remnant soul of the Ghost God that perished here.

"Legends say that the Ghost God had Half-Step Celestial power and if we can gather a trace of its remnant soul, it might be quite useful. Will master allow this old man to use the technique?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about it before agreeing.

Following this, Shang Long took the Divinity Shard and came to an empty area in the forbidden area. He threw the shard to the sky before chanting a mysterious and strange chant. The Divinity Shard gave off an intense gray and gold light as it floated in the air.

Shang Long gripped his long banner with both hands and chanted while waving the banner, and a formless energy spread out. This energy was incredibly strange and caused people's hairs to stand on end, making it feel as though their souls were going to be sucked over.

After absorbing that strange energy, the Divinity Shard gave off an even more intense gray light before turning into a ray of light that shot into the sky.


An enormous explosion sounded out as the ray of light shot into the sky and turned into a ripple of light. The entire Ghost God Forbidden Area seemed to stir restlessly, and countless birds' cries tore through the air.

A formless soul energy started to slowly gather towards Zhao Fu, forming a gray and gold orb of light which became larger and larger and formed a hazy image. The hazy image then became more and more corporeal.

Soon, a woman appeared in front of everyone. Her expression was quite cold and she had gray and white long hair and gray and gold eyes. There were two black horns on her forehead and she wore black clothes and gave off a very powerful godly spirit aura.

"Who are you all?" The Ghost God's remnant soul's grey and gold eyes gave off immense pressure as she scanned across the people present. As someone who had once been a Half-Step Celestial expert, her aura was incredibly powerful, and no one dared to look her in the eyes.

However, she did not have any of her memories and she did not even have Stage 1 strength. It was just that she had a powerful aura, so there was no need to fear her.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and a formless energy dragged the Ghost God's remnant soul in front of him. This caused the Ghost God to look incredibly furious. Even though she had lost her memories, she knew that she had been a very powerful person.

However, even though the Ghost God was furious, she could not resist Zhao Fu's power at all. Zhao Fu looked at the Ghost God's attributes and found that she was an existence that was both like a god and a ghost, and it was quite hard to describe.

He did not discover anything else, and she could be nurtured as a godly spirit.

"Let me go!" the Ghost God glared at Zhao Fu with her gray and gold eyes as she gave off a powerful aura and yelled.

Zhao Fu did not feel afraid at all. It was just her eyes that gave some pressure, but Zhao Fu had seven layers of pupils. Facing Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes, in the end it was the Ghost God who became afraid.

"It's best that you be more obedient. No matter how strong you were before, right now you're just a weak piece of trash," Zhao Fu said coldly to the Ghost God.

The Ghost God was furious but she did not have a trace of power within her body nor did she have any memories. Facing Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes and vastly superior power, she could only grit her teeth and endure it.

"Master, you should try to have her interact with this ghost god creature. These ghost god creatures were all creatures born from her power, so perhaps they might have an effect on her," Shang Long brought over a cat-like creature and said to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at the Ghost God, and the Ghost God angrily harrumphed before looking at the ghost god creature. She felt a sense of closeness to it and hugged it.

The cat-like ghost god creature was quite weak and only had around Stage 1 strength. It had been incredibly afraid in Shang Long's arms and had desperately struggled, but after entering the Ghost God's arms, it was no longer afraid and became much tamer.

This was because it sensed a very familiar aura, and this familiarity came from its bloodline and soul. As such, it was not afraid and was very obedient to the Ghost God.

"Could it be that this Ghost God can control all of the creatures in this forbidden area?" Zhao Fu wondered and felt quite excited. There were countless creatures in this forbidden area, and some could even threaten Emperor Heaven Realm experts. If he could grasp this power, he would not have to fear the Wind God Empire and could directly destroy the Wind God Empire.

However, Zhao Fu did not believe things to be that simple. He caught some more ghost god creatures and found that this was not the case.

The Ghost God could indeed control ghost god creatures but only the weaker ones. Even though the stronger creatures would not try to harm her, if she did something, they would still attack her.