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 Ten or so days later, Zhao Fu and the Black and White Impermanences finally came to the Inner Domain of the Underworld, but they were blocked off by a large forbidden area.

This place was called the Ghost God Forbidden Area, and legends said that a powerful Ghost God had perished here, making it so that there were many ghost god creatures here.

These ghost god creatures had strange abilities and were quite powerful. They were a type of terrifying creature formed from the fusion of gods and ghosts, and they had Ghost God Power. They were far more powerful than ordinary ghosts, and anyone who entered this region would be attacked.

The Black and White Impermanences suggested going around. With their strength, they could not fly over and the forbidden area could also make one lose one's sense of direction. Ordinary people who went in would never be able to make it out.

Trying to pass through this forbidden area could take much longer than simply going around, so most people chose to go around.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to go around.

"Roar!!" A massive roar sounded out as the ground started to rumble, and an enormous creature rushed out from the forbidden area, giving off a terrifying aura.

"Husband!" Sensing this terrifying aura, Bai Xiaoxi's expression became serious because it could rival a World Realm expert. It was most likely a World Realm ghost, and from the voice, it seemed to be a massive creature and might be stronger than ordinary World Realm experts

However, Zhao Fu did not look worried at all because he no longer feared World Realm experts. Moreover, in the Underworld, he could use his Nation Armament.

An enormous creature appeared in front of the three of them. It was a 1,000 meter long creature that looked like a person crawling on the ground. Its hands were like sharp claws and it had a sharp horn and three eyes on its head and a mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Hei Xiaojie said in shock, "Husband, this is a Seeking Yin Beast, and it has the ability to find all sorts of Yin treasures. Moreover, this Seeking Yin Beast is incredibly big and can be said to be quite rare.

As Hei Xiaojie spoke, the Seeking Yin Beast stared at Zhao Fu with its three eyes because it had come for Zhao Fu. It felt that Zhao Fu was like a living Yin treasure.

Zhao Fu also looked back at the Seeking Yin Beast and found that it was slightly injured. It was indeed stronger than an ordinary World Realm expert, but Zhao Fu was not afraid at all.

"Roar!!" The Seeking Yin Beast gave off an enormous roar before charging at Zhao Fu with a ferocious aura.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and motioned for the Black and White Impermanences to retreat. The Black and White Impermanences understood that they were not strong enough to participate in this battle, so they obediently retreated far away.


At that moment, the 1,000 meter long Seeking Yin Beast rapidly crawled in front of Zhao Fu and raised its massive sharp claw and savagely slashed at Zhao Fu, creating a massive explosion.

However, its massive hand was stopped by a small bronze barrier. Zhao Fu did not hesitate and directly used the Twelve Metal Colossi's power.

The Seeking Yin Beast looked quite confused and had never thought that Zhao Fu, with his Saint Realm Cultivation, would be able to block its attack. However, what happened next shocked it even more.

Zhao Fu took out a blood-red sword that was covered with sharp teeth and slashed at its claw. An enormous blood-red sword light gave off a terrifying power as it flew out.

"Roar!!" The Seeking Yin Beast howled in pain as it raised its hand and a gash appeared on its palm, from which gray blood flowed out.

Zhao Fu coldly looked at the Seeking Yin Beast and another massive blood-red sword light flashed out. The enormous sword energy sent the Seeking Yin Beast flying back dozens of meters. A massive sound rang out as it crashed to the ground, causing the ground to violently tremble and for countless leaves to fall.

The Seeking Yin Beast furiously crawled up from the ground and a massive wave of Yin energy exploded out from its body, causing a wild gale to blow. The surroundings became incredibly cold as ghostly figures slowly appeared behind the Seeking Yin Beast.

The Seeking Yin Beast's power greatly increased and it gave off an enormous cold wind, and all living creatures in the surroundings quickly ran away after sensing this aura.

"Roar!!" The Seeking Yin Beast once again roared at Zhao Fu and angrily leapt at him, seeming to be able to knock over a large mountain.

However, with the power of his Nation Armament, Zhao Fu was not afraid at all. He raised the Sadistic Killing Sword and a powerful sword light spread out as countless disfigured corpses appeared around him.

An enormous sword energy swept out like a flood, causing the heavens and earth to seem to tremble in fear.


As the Seeking Yin Beast charged over, Zhao Fu slashed out and a blood-red sword light exploded out as a shockwave erupted. The Seeking Yin Beast's body was blasted back and smashed into a hill, causing it to collapse and rocks to fly everywhere.

The Seeking Yin Beast crashed to the ground and its aura was much weaker. There was a gash on its left shoulder through which its bones could be seen, and blood continuously flowed out.

Zhao Fu coldly smiled and held the Sadistic Killing Sword as he flew towards the Seeking Yin Beast.

The Seeking Yin Beast looked somewhat afraid now and understood that it was not a match for Zhao Fu. It climbed up from the ground and rushed off in the opposite direction.

Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed and stood in the air as he stretched out a hand towards the Seeking Yin Beast and a massive power spread out.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of chains rang out as countless chains shot out of the ground and bound up the Seeking Yin Beast. The Seeking Yin Beast continuously struggled and angrily roared, but it could not break free at all.

Zhao Fu flew to the top of the Seeking Yin Beast and looked at the Seeking Yin Beast, while the Seeking Yin Beast looked back at Zhao Fu furiously.

The Black and White Impermanences flew over and Hei Xiaojie said, "Husband, see if you can make it submit. Seeking Yin Beasts are incredibly rare and such large ones are even rarer. If you can make it submit, it will be quite useful."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu looked at the Seeking Yin Beast and used the Underworld's language as he asked, "Are you willing to submit to me?"

The Seeking Yin Beast had high intelligence and it could understand Zhao Fu's words. However, the Seeking Yin Beast angrily roared, showing that it was not willing to submit.

Zhao Fu did not hold back and sent large amounts of electricity through the chains. Electricity greatly suppressed the Undead, and countless arcs of electricity appeared around the Seeking Yin Beast's body, causing it to roar in pain.

A while later, the Seeking Yin Beast's aura became incredibly weak and Zhao Fu once again asked if it was willing to submit, but it still was not willing.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to continue teaching it a lesson, a ray of light containing massive power shot over.