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 Only when one felt the most confident and pleased would falling from those heights be engraved in one's heart. Zhao Fu's eyes coldly looked at the little beggar as his hand started to slowly squeeze his neck.

The little beggar felt his neck being crushed, and his face became red from being unable to breathe. His hands clawed at the hand that was holding his neck, but he was unable to resist at all. By now, the little beggar was nearly out of breath, and his legs furiously kicked in the air.

"Let go of my little brother!" two figures suddenly appeared as a voice called out.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu saw a boy and a girl who both looked 14 or 15 years old. They had delicate looks and looked quite similar, and they were most likely twins. They each held a dagger and glared at Zhao Fu hatefully.

Seeing their youthful faces, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and casually threw the little beggar at them, causing him to hit a wall. After sliding down to the ground, he immediately fainted.

Seeing this, the twins furiously rushed over with daggers in their hands. They were surprisingly fast, and it was to the point that normal people would only see two blurs rushing towards them.

In just a moment, the boy reached Zhao Fu and swung the dagger towards him. Even though this boy was incredibly fast, his speed was nothing in front of Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu did not even bother using a weapon, and he used his King's Power instead, causing a black light to appear around his fingers.

He then struck out, leaving a black arc of light through the air.


The dagger and Zhao Fu's fingers clashed, and a look of shock appeared on the boy's face. Zhao Fu's fingers broke the dagger's blade, and he then pushed out with his palm, sending the boy flying. After hitting the ground, the boy was unable to get up.

Seeing that her brother had failed, the girl moved around Zhao Fu abnormally quickly and stabbed towards him with her dagger. Zhao Fu once again waved his fingers, but because she was a girl and he only wanted to teach them a lesson, not kill them, he attacked to the side of the girl, deliberately missing her.

However, the girl had thought that Zhao Fu was going to launch another attack, so she dodged right into his attack.

"Ahh!!" a cry sounded out as Zhao Fu's sword-like fingers slashed through the girl's clothes. Zhao Fu was quite shocked when he the white, slightly exposed part of the girl's chest.

The girl quickly covered her chest and retreated far away, her eyes reddening. She looked incredibly wronged, and it was to the point that she was about to cry.

Zhao Fu felt quite awkward. He had only wanted to teach them a lesson - it was good that they had met him because if they had angered someone else, it was possible that they would have lost their lives. Following this, Zhao Fu picked up the jade that the little beggar had stolen.

Zhao Fu normally put things in his King's Ring, and he only wore this piece of jade because it was the jade that He Xianru had given him that could hide his Fate. Zhao Fu could not afford to lose it.

Just as Zhao Fu was thinking about leaving, a fist, which brought a lot of wind with it, shot towards him, and Zhao Fu instinctively punched out with his own fist.


An explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu took a step back in surprise, while the other figure took seven or eight steps back before stopping.

Zhao Fu saw that the person was a girl who looked about 17 or 18 years old. She had delicate and pretty features and also wore tattered clothing. However, her face was quite pale, making her look quite sickly.

" _This girl's so strong!_ " Zhao Fu had only used 10% of his strength in his punch because he could feel that his attacker's cultivation was not very high. However, he hadn't expected the power within her fist to be enough to cause him to take a step back.

"Sir, I don't know how my little brothers and sister offended you, but please take it out on me and let them go."

The sickly girl wiped away the blood coming out from her lips and looked at Zhao Fu with a serious expression. From the collision of their punches just then, she could tell that the black-cloaked figure's strength was unfathomable, and she was not a match for him at all. She had used her full strength and even caught him off guard, yet he had only taken a single step backwards, while she had been lightly injured. She simply couldn't imagine how her younger siblings had offended such a powerful figure.

Zhao Fu was quite interested in the sickly girl, and he felt that the power she had came from some sort of bloodline or special constitution. There wasn't a lot of information about bloodlines and special constitutions that originated in the Heaven Awaken World, so Zhao Fu did not know much about them.

Hearing the sickly girl's words, Zhao Fu realized that this was the first time that he had met such a special resident of the Heaven Awaken World. He understood how special she was - her cultivation was no more than Stage 0-3, yet she had such immense strength. Such a talent could be greatly nurtured in the future.

With Zhao Fu's strength, he could use her three younger siblings to blackmail her to submit. However, such a method would be too underhanded, and she would never be truly loyal to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu did not hide his interest and lightly laughed as he said, "I'm very interested in you!"

The sickly girl's expression became serious as she asked, "Are you saying that you'll let my younger siblings go if I submit to you?"

"You can think about it that way. However, I won't use their lives to threaten you - I never planned on killing them. It's up to you if you want to follow me, so think about it carefully," Zhao Fu replied.

The sickly girl thought for a while before replying, "You really won't' harm them?"

Zhao Fu nodded sincerely.

"Alright, I can agree, but you have to give my younger siblings some money and prepare a safe place where they won't be harmed."

The sickly girl agreed because the black-cloaked figure in front of them was simply too powerful. Their lives were completely in his hands, and she knew that her younger siblings would have been dead a long time ago if he hadn't held back greatly. Moreover, she could sense that he was not an evil person, so after thinking about it, she decided to submit.

"Big sister Qing! We don't want to be separated from you! We don't care about money!" The 14 or 15-year-old girl held her clothes together with some string, covering her chest. Hearing the words between the mysterious black-cloaked man and 'big sister Qing,' the young girl quickly ran over and pulled on her arm.

The boy held his chest and struggled to his feet before saying, "Big sister Qing, you said that the four of us would always be together! We don't want to leave you!"

Hearing their words, the sickly girl felt a warmth within her heart and felt quite touched.

At that moment, Zhao Fu agreed to accept the three others as well. Even though they were quite young, they were already more powerful than most normal people, and they deserved to be nurtured as well.