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 Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "Do as you will! Go if you want to get involved; stay here if you don't."

Hei Xiaojie smiled as she nodded and continued to watch the fight.

By now, the driver had been killed and his corpse lay within a pool of blood. The beautiful women had also been captured; after threatening to kill the gentle-looking woman, the others could only give in.

The gentle-looking woman cried out, telling the others to leave her and run, but the three women still put down their weapons.

Looking at the four beautiful captured women, the soldiers gave lewd smiles. Some had already taken off their clothes and prepared to have fun with these women.

The cold-looking woman was forced to kneel by two soldiers, and she furiously looked at the soldiers and their lewd gazes. She did not feel any panic and only thought about how to escape.

By now, the soldiers had discovered Zhao Fu and the Black and White Impermanences, and one of them said, "Old Jiu, those Black and White Impermanences are so pretty and have great figures. If I could play with them once, I'd be willing to even die."

Hearing this, the other soldiers looked over and saw the Black and White Impermanences and their seductive figures. They were quite shocked and their heartrates sped up.

Because they were in the wilderness, Zhao Fu and the Black and White Impermanences did not wear their cloaks. Hearing the soldier's words, Hei Xiaojie lightly laughed and said, "Husband, they're asking for it themselves. What should we do?"

Zhao Fu calmly replied, "Kill them all!"

Hei Xiaojie smiled and stood up and walked towards the group of soldiers, and Bai Xiaoxi followed behind her.

Seeing the Black and White Impermanences walk over, the soldiers looked at each other and gave licentious smiles. The soldier in the lead pointed at the Black and White Impermanences and called out, "We suspect you to be rebels form Nether Ghost City, so you'd best behave."

Hei Xiaojie smiled and grabbed out with her hand, and that soldier's body was lifted up by a formless energy. Hei Xiaojie then twisted her hand, and the soldier's head was twisted 180 degrees.

The other soldiers were given a big fright and realized that Hei Xiaojie and Bai Xiaoxi had Stage 9 Cultivation. They were terrified and immediately knelt and begged for mercy, but Hei Xiaojie still killed all of them.

The four women bowed to the Black and White Impermanences and said in gratitude, "Thank you for saving our lives!"

Hei Xiaojie lightly laughed as she said, "Now that I've saved you, you need to repay me. Come with me!"

The women did not understand what Hei Xiaojie meant, but they still followed her and came to where Zhao Fu was. Looking at the incredibly handsome Zhao Fu, who gave off an extraordinary aura, they felt quite shocked.

"Take off your clothes and serve my husband," Hei Xiaojie said as she smiled and looked at the four women.

The four women's expressions stiffened; they had never thought that Hei Xiaojie would demand such a thing, and they naturally refused. The gentle-looking woman said with a resolute gaze, "Sorry, but we won't agree to something like that. We'll do whatever else we can to repay you."

The woman with the fiery figure also had a fiery personality, and she said coldly, "Looks like you're just as evil as those people. You want us to use our bodies to repay you? You might as well kill me!"

Hei Xiaojie conintued to smile as she looked menacing at the two children. The virtuous-looking woman understood her intentions, and looking at the sleeping baby in her arms, she hesitated before making the decision to take off her clothes.

The gentle-looking woman, who had been quite resolute, looked at the baby in her arms and gritted her teeth and took off her clothes as well, and she said coldly to Zhao Fu, "We can serve you, but at least let off those two."

However, the cold-looking woman took off her clothes as well, revealing her figure to Zhao Fu as she said, "We can also serve you, but I have a condition."

The woman with the fiery figure could not understand and called out, "Big sis!"

The cold-looking woman looked at her and motioned for her to take off her clothes too. The fiery-figured woman could only angrily take off her clothes while glaring at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at the cold-looking woman's body and smiled as he asked, "What's the condition?"

A look of flirtatiousness appeared on the cold-looking woman's face as she sat on Zhao Fu's lap and wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled as she said, "I'll tell you after you've enjoyed our bodies."

Zhao Fu thought about it before starting to do it with her.

A while later, the women's faces were red as they powerlessly lay on the ground. The four women had never thought that doing it with him would be so pleasurable, and it was as if they were in heaven.

The fiery-figured woman turned her head to the side in embarrassment because she had been the lewdest out of the four women. She could not help but think back to the scene of her doing it with Zhao Fu, passionately calling Zhao Fu husband.

Zhao Fu had also found out the four women's names: The cold-looking woman was called You Qin, the fiery-figured woman was called Yan Yan, the virtuous-looking woman was called Qing Yayuan, and the gentle-looking woman was called Li Ya.

"You want me to use my power and get revenge for you, right?" Zhao Fu asked as he hugged You Qin, the cold-looking woman, with one arm.

Zhao Fu had already guessed at her aim; otherwise, she would not have given out her body so easily.

You Qin lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and lightly hugged him as she smiled and replied, "That's right! With your strength, you should be able to easily resolve this problem. As long as you agree, our bodies will be yours in the future too. We even gave you our bodies first; look how sincere we are."

Lying on the other side of Zhao Fu, Hei Xiaojie disdainfully laughed as she said, "Even if you didn't admit it, your bodies already belong to our husband. After doing it with him, would you really just leave?"

Those words caused You Qin's expression to become cold, but she could only endure it because she knew that she was not a match for Hei Xiaojie. Moreover, even though she didn't want to admit it, what Hei Xiaojie said was true. Doing it with Zhao Fu had been hundreds of times more pleasurable than doing it with her deceased husband.

By the side, Bai Xiaoxi said, "Husband, I think we can agree to her request; after all, didn't you want to nurture a faction in the Underworld? It can provide you with a large amount of resources and population, and it will be a hidden force that most people will not know about. During key moments, it'll be of great use."

Hearing these words, Zhao Fu felt quite interested. After all, this place was not too far away from the portal to the Heaven Awaken World.

You Qin did not quite understand Bai Xiaoxi's words and felt quite curious about Zhao Fu's identity. It was definitely incredibly prestigious because just his aura alone could cause people to submit.

However, none of that was important right now because currently her goal was revenge. Seeing that Zhao Fu was somewhat interested, she hurriedly kissed Zhao Fu and said softly, "Husband, I'm yours from now on and everything in Nether Ghost City is yours. Will you go and take it?"