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 The Nether Emperor Star was the Death Race's sovereign Emperor Star and within the Underworld, it was like a tiger that was given wings. With the massive amounts of Yin Qi and Fate, its power was raised to the extreme. It had the power to suppress the heavens and earth and cause all ghosts to capitulate.

The Underworld became calm again, and the berserk Six Paths Demon Images seemed to be restricted by some kind of power and did not make any more noise. Soon, the Nether Emperor Star faded into the sky.

Only then did everyone come back to their senses. They realized that the person who the Six Paths Demon Images wanted to kill was the possessor of the Nether Emperor Star. The possessor of the Nether Emperor Star was quite terrifying and directly unleashed a power that could calm down the entire world.

What most people paid attention to was the Nether Emperor Star. It was the first time that most of them had seen it, and they were familiar with the other Emperor Stars of the Underworld.

Moreover, this Nether Emperor Star did not give off a pure Underworld aura but a Heaven Awaken World aura. It was most likely some terrifying figure from the Heaven Awaken World who had come to the Underworld.

Thinking to there, the various factions felt quite interested in this person because that Nether Emperor Star was simply too terrifying. Moreover, something must have happened between him and the Six Paths Demon Images, or else they would not be so angry.

As such, they sent out scouts to investigate just who this person was. Many of the top-tier factions in the Underworld were roused as well.

Zhao Fu did not know about any of this. Seeing that the world had settled down and the auras from the Six Paths Demon Images had disappeared, he let out a sigh of relief and started to look around him.

The Underworld was filled with a cold and eerie aura, and the ground was black. It was also quite dim, and there was fog everywhere. The sun in the sky was a gray-white color and anyone there would feel large amounts of Yin Qi assaulting them, making their hairs stand on end.

"Husband, you made such a big ruckus right after coming to the Underworld. Looks like we have to be careful," Hei Xiaojie said as she glared at him.

Zhao Fu nodded; but then again, this was not something he could control.

He had sealed the Six Paths Demon Images' clones in his body, and after coming to the Underworld, they had immediately sensed him.

This was a massive provocation. Back in the Heaven Awaken World, they could not do anything to Zhao Fu, so they could only bide their time. However, this person had dared to come to the Underworld, making the Six Paths Demon Images incredibly furious.

"Husband, this place is the Yin Water Land and is quite far away from the historical remnant. It'll take us some time to get there," Bai Xiaoxi said after looking around.

Even though the Underworld did not have any worlds being added to it, it was enormous and could be said to be boundless. The Underworld Gate could bring one to the Underworld, but it could not transport them wherever they wanted.

Following this, the three of them flew in search of a Ghost City. They would be able to use the Ghost City's teleportation channel, which was much more convenient than flying.

This Yin Water Land was in the outer domains of the Underworld, while the historical remnant was at the center, the Yin Domain.

The Underworld and Heaven Awaken World were both split into three main areas: the Outer Domain, the Inner Domain, and the Central Domain.

The historical remnant was at the very center of the Underworld, which meant that it definitely was not simple. For a historical remnant to be at such a location, it definitely contained great power, and Zhao Fu felt quite excited.

In order to avoid trouble, Zhao Fu and the Black and White Impermanences put on black cloaks and came to a Ghost City, and Zhao Fu saw all sorts of ghosts.

There were ghosts with red faces and two black horns, ghosts dressed in armor and holding weapons, headless ghosts, ghosts wearing white with a massive eye on their foreheads...

The Underworld was a holy land for the Death Race, and almost all creatures here were ghosts. There were practically no other races here.

Zhao Fu did not give this too much mind and used the teleportation channel to head to the next City.

Some Cities here were connected and some were not, as they all belonged to different factions. The Underworld had countless factions, big and small, splitting up the Underworld's territory.

Zhao Fu recalled that having Underworld Royal Seals would allow one to officially possess territory in the Underworld and receive acknowledgement from the Underworld. However, Zhao Fu had come to investigate the historical remnant and naturally did not want to bother with this.

After using teleportation channels a few times, there were no longer any connecting to where they wanted to go, so they could only rely on flying to the next faction.

After travelling for an entire day, the three of them stopped under a large tree to rest. It was now night time, and the moon in the Underworld was silver-white colored and looked quite pretty.

Suddenly, the sounds of horse hooves could be heard as a carriage quickly sped along the ground. The driver looked terrified as he whipped the horses, and there was a large group of soldiers chasing from behind. The soldiers looked incredibly murderous and were most likely out to kill those in the carriage.


A muffled sound rang out as the carriage slammed into a large rock and a wheel fell apart. The carriage lost balance, and even though the horses continued to drag the carriage, the carriage had significantly slowed down and was caught up to by the soldiers.

A few people walked out of the carriage - they were four beautiful and mature women. One was tall and gave off a cold aura, one looked like a virtuous woman and held a baby, one gave off a gentle aura and hugged a two year old boy, and one had an incredibly fiery body.

The soldier in the lead coldly laughed and said, "If our lord wants you to die, you must die. You're all quite pretty though, so if you show us a good time, we'll give you an easy death."

The ten or so other soldiers surrounded the women and looked them over as they also laughed.

The cold-looking woman was enraged and drew her sword and started to fight, and the other women were also forced to defend themselves.

The soldiers were not weak, and they all had at least Stage 3 Cultivation. Adding on their numerical superiority, the four women were at a great disadvantage. After a few exchanges, the gentle-looking woman holding the baby was the first to be captured.

"Husband, you're not going to interfere?" Bai Xiaoxi rested against Zhao Fu's arm as she looked at this scene and asked Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu indeed did not intend on interfering because his purpose here was to investigate the historical remnant and not to make trouble. However, if they dared to offend him, Zhao Fu naturally would not hold back.

Hei Xiaojei laughed as she said, "Husband, you don't need to do anything; we'll take care of this. Those women look pretty nice, and they can come and serve husband."