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 "Roar! Roar! Roar..." Massive creatures appeared underwater. There were 100 meter long swordfish, massive sharks, and octopi that were as big as small mountains. There were also 100 meter long sea snakes and enormous tortoises.

These sea beasts appeared from the side and gave off massive auras, causing the Fishmen people's expressions to become ones of fear. These sea beasts were creatures that the Devil Horn Empire had nurtured and did not belong to the Fishmen people.

The sea beasts attacked from the side - the swordfish shot out like bolts of lightning and countless Fishmen's bodies were cut apart. Countless sharks also charged over and bit with their mouths, tearing apart countless Fishmen people's bodies.

An enormous sea snake rushed into a group of Fishmen people and opened its large mouth, devouring many Fishmen people. A massive octopus stretched out its countless tentacles and sent countless people flying.

The Fishmen World had eight Continents and Yao Ming split the Devil Horn army into eight armies. They mainly relied on the sea beasts, Deep Sea Blood, and harpoons to massacre the Fishmen people.

Some devil beasts were given Water Pearls, allowing them to enter the water, and many Devil Horn soldiers went down as well. The Devil Horn army had immense momentum and seemed like they would be able to take down the Fishmen World soon.

However, the Fishmen people had savage natures and would not submit so easily. They resisted intensely and caused some losses to the Devil Horn Empire.

This caused Yao Ming to be even more ferocious, releasing his anger towards the Wind God Empire on the Fishmen World. He gave the order to eat alive those who resisted.

The Devil Horn soldiers who had drank from the Kin Devil Spirit Fountain were not restrained by morals; some had even eaten their relatives and obtained even greater power. There was nothing stopping them from eating these Fishmen people.

As such, many Fishmen people were leapt on by Devil Horn soldiers with red eyes, who opened their mouths and ripped at the Fishmen people's bodies with their teeth.

The Fishmen people continuously struggled and cried out as they became bloodied messes. They had never thought that the Devil Horn Empire would be so savage and crazy.

In order to spur his people on, Yao Ming grabbed a baby girl and started eating. Her flesh was incredibly tender and Yao Ming was quite surprised to find that the taste of Fishmen people was quite good, and it was just like eating fish.

After eating this baby girl, Yao Ming looked at a woman who was dressed quite provocatively. Her skin was white, but it was a pity that she had a fish head, making it difficult to gain any interest.

However, Yao Ming did not mind; after all, the Devil Race were all originally beasts, and Yao Ming pressed her against the ground and started to ravage her.

The woman was incredibly cooperative, because only then would she be able to live. However, Yao Ming bit down on her and tore off a chunk of flesh and swallowed it, and the woman howled in pain and begged for her life.

Yao Ming did not seem to hear her and continued to eat her while ravaging her, creating a horrific scene.

A while later, the woman was already dead and there was not much left of her. Yao Ming savored the aftertaste.

In the Cities, there were devoured corpses everywhere. The remaining Fishmen people looked terrified; no matter how savage the Fishmen people were, they could only submit under the Devil Horn Empire's bloody suppression.

In the end, Yao Ming was able to successfully conquer the Fishmen World. Now, the Devil Horn Empire had four worlds, and it had closed the distance between it and Great Qin.

"Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!" Six terrifying roars came from the depths of the Underworld and reverberated throughout the entire Underworld, causing the heavens and earth to become dim. The Yin Qi became chaotic and everyone's expressions fell because these were roars from the most terrifying existences in the Underworld, the Six Paths Demon Images. Just what was going on for the Six Paths Demon Images to react so strongly?

Moreover, the Six Paths Demon Images' voices seemed to be filled with fury, as if they wanted to destroy someone into countless pieces and make it so they could never reincarnate. Just who had dared to enrage the sovereigns of the Underworld? Perhaps even Celestials would not dare to antagonize these sovereigns of the Underworld.

From the sounds of the voices, it was definitely something bad. Just as everyone was wondering what was happening...



A shocking explosion sounded out, making it seem as if the sky was going to explode. Everyone's expressions once again fell because they could sense that the Six Paths demon Images had broken through the bonds of the Six Paths of Reincarnation and were about to come to the upper level of the Underworld.

"Heavens! Just who could make the Six Paths Demon Images so angry?"

"I'm also curious. I've lived in the Underworld for so long but it's the first time I've seen the Six Paths Demon Images like this."

"That person is dead beyond a doubt. To dare to enrage the Underworld sovereigns, he's definitely suicidal."

As everyone cried out in shock, they were once again left shocked. They sensed an incredibly terrifying aura rush out, and nothing could stop it.

The heavens and earth in the Underworld were in complete chaos. The sun and moon became dim and countless ghosts madly howled. Under that horrifying aura, countless people could feel their souls trembling.

"The Six Paths Demon Images are going all-out to kill that person?" Sensing this monstrous aura, countless people were incredibly shocked and curious as to who that person was. Could it be a Celestial from the Underworld?


Before everyone could come to their senses, they sensed an incredibly powerful might descend from the sky. Countless people's bloodlines became cold as they felt the urge to submit, and they all looked towards the sky.

A massive moon-like star gave off a cool light and covered the Underworld. It gave off an immense pressure as it slowly descended.

This star was like a ghost emperor that gave off boundless emperor intent, causing the chaotic Underworld to become calm again. The howling wind stopped blowing and countless ghosts also calmed down as they looked up in awe and worship towards the sky.

"Nether Emperor Star!" Everyone became even more confused; why had the Death Race's sovereign star come out as well? This was a sovereign star and was not ordinary; its power surpassed anything people could imagine.

Right after entering the Underworld, Zhao Fu heard six massive roars before realizing that he had forgotten something important. There was great enmity between him and the Six Paths Demon Images. He had severely mistreated their clones, so how could their true bodies not know?

Following this he felt a massive aura flood towards him, and Zhao Fu sank into terror, feeling as if he was a small boat in the middle of an ocean.

At that moment, the Nether Emperor Star escaped Zhao Fu's control and seemed incredibly excited, feeling that this was where it belonged.