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 Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and a formless energy grabbed the 100 Underworld Royal Seals, causing them to float around him. Zhao Fu squatted down and pressed his hand against the ground. The 100 Underworld Royal Seals turned into rays of light and shot into the ground.

Immediately, the heavens and earth dimmed and the clouds swirled. The surrounding Yin Qi quickly gathered, and even more Yin Qi madly flooded over from further away as well, covering the sky.

A complicated, profound, and cold magic formation appeared underneath Zhao Fu's feet. It was 100 meters wide and gave off waves of gray light.

The surrounding Yin Qi started to spin around the magic formation and a massive vortex of Yin Qi appeared. It gave off massive noises and gave off an incredibly eerie and cold aura.

Zhao Fu pressed his hand against the ground and his expression became serious as he sent his Six Paths of Reincarnation Power into the magic formation and lightly cried out, "Underworld Gate... open!"


A massive explosion sounded out as the 100 meter wide magic formation instantly absorbed all of the surrounding Yin Qi and gave off intense light as it started to spin. A massive wave of Yin energy spread out and sank down into the ground.

A pair of stone gates and two tiger stone statues slowly rose up from the ground, and an incredibly ancient aura spread out like a tsunami.

Finally, the stone gates were completely revealed. They were 12 meters tall and three meters wide, and there were countless ghosts carved on them. They looked incredibly evil and had all kinds of wicked smiles. They were in fighting stances, as if they were hunting for food, and they looked incredibly lifelike and gave off a powerful sense of intimidation.

The two tiger statues next to the stone gates were three meters tall and had wings on their backs. They were exquisitely carved and looked like they were alive. They seemed to be filled with might and looked like two real tigers.

These stone tigers were Yin Beasts, and there were many historical records about tigers being auspicious animals, such as that ghosts did not dare to enter doors with tigers on them and that tigers warded off evil.

As such, ancient tombs all had tigers engraved on them or had stone tigers to ward off evil to make sure that the ones inside the tombs were not eaten by evil ghosts.

Now, after opening these stone gates, Zhao Fu would be able to enter the Underworld. He would be able to enter freely from now on and would not have to summon it every time.

The Black and White Impermanences gave excited smiles. They walked over to Zhao Fu and hugged each of his arms; after doing it with Zhao Fu, they had become even more mature and alluring.

The White Impermanence, Bai Xiaoxi, said shyly, "Husband, if we have time, can we visit our families?"

The Black Impermanence, Hei Xiaojie, smiled as she said, "Husband, we have a few good sisters in our family. I'll call them over to properly serve you; with your charm, they'll definitely like you a lot."

Zhao Fu thought about it and it was not a very big deal, so he smiled and agreed. Following this, Zhao Fu went up and pushed open the stone gates and brought the Black and White Impermanences in.

On the other side, the Devil Horn Empire was also doing all it could to increase its strength. It understood that the Wind God Empire would definitely make a move against it in the future, so it needed enough power to protect itself.

Now that it had given out so many Continents, it only had three worlds left and had fallen behind Great Qin by two worlds. As such, Yao Ming decided to attack another world.

Great Qin heard about this but did not do much because of the threat of the Wind God Empire. Great Qin was also thinking of ways to quickly increase its strength. If it continued to fight with the Devil Horn Empire, it would be the Wind God Empire who benefitted the most.

Also, now that the Wind God Empire had taken over the Half-Beast, Grassi, and Elf Worlds, it had come in between Great Qin and the Devil Horn Empire, making it difficult to directly attack each other.

The world that the Devil Horn Empire attacked was the world next to the Rock Spirit World. Because the worlds below it belonged to the Wind God Empire and it had signed Contracts with the ones above, it could only expand to the sides.

Because the Wind God Empire was to the right, the Devil Horn Empire decided to expand to the left.

That world was a Water Race world, and the residents were fish people. These people had the heads of fish and human bodies. Even though they looked quite ugly, they were not weak at all and could live on both land and water.

The Devil Horn Empire had prepared countless ships to enter the Fishman World. Because they mostly lived in the water, the Devil Horn Empire was at a disadvantage.

However, Yao Ming had thought of a countermeasure, which he had prepared for the Merman World. However, because of the Wind God Empire, he could only use it against the Fishman World.

The Fishnmen could not construct defensive walls and gather together to fight to the death because it was simply impractical to do so underwater. Moreover, if they gathered together, they might all be destroyed by the Devil Horn Empire together.

They wanted to use their advantage of living in the sea to resist the Devil Horn Empire's invasion.

Countless ships sailed into the Fishman World, and countless Fishmen hid underwater, giving cold smiles. The water was their domain, and they would not fear the Devil Horn army. Most of the Devil Horn Empire's powerful devil beast army could not go underwater, so the Fishmen had quite a big advantage.

Swish, swish, swish...

Sharp coral arrows shot out from underwater, containing immense power as they shot at the Devil Horn soldiers on the ships. Some Fishmen charged at the Devil Horn army's ships, wanting to destroy them and have the soldiers fall into the water.

Facing the arrows from underwater, the Devil Horn army was prepared and activated barriers on the ships, blocking the arrows.

Facing the countless Fishmen charging over, the Devil Horn soldiers threw down red crystals into the water. They dissolved and turned the water red, which quickly spread.

After entering the red water, the Fishmen were given a big shock as they felt immense pain in their heads. The red crystals were a type of lethal poison called Deep Sea Blood, and it was targeted at killing underwater creatures. It dissolved into water quickly and the poison also spread quickly.

The Fishmen who entered the red water violently struggled and cried out as blood leaked out of their seven orifices before they died, and their bodies floated to the surface of the water.

The other Fishmen's expressions fell and they quickly fell back.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out as harpoons shot out from the ships, powerfully slamming into the water and creating massive shockwaves.

The shockwaves were incredibly powerful and easily tore the Fishmen's bodies to pieces. As the shockwaves spread out, countless Fishmen's bodies were torn apart and blood dyed the water blood-red. Countless fragmented corpses floated on the surface of the water, making anyone shiver.