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 They obtained 45 billion people and 80,000 Cities. Because of the Heaven Domain Boundary, they did not lose too many people or Cities from people escaping.

Now, Great Qin had 370 billion people, which was a shocking number. They had 520,000 Cities, and it was a pity that City Lord Seals were not as useful as before. Otherwise, with 520,000 City Lords, he would have had the power to sweep across everything.

Zhao Fu left some soldiers to continue to clear out the Corpse Pall World and take control while Zhao Fu brought the main army back to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu had obtained the seven keys, and they looked somewhat strange. They were about 30 centimeters long, gray, and seemed to be made out of iron. There were mythical creatures carved on the top of each of the keys: a dragon, a black turtle, a vermillion bird, a white tiger, a qilin, a tao tie, and a qiong qi.

Zhao Fu did not understand the meaning behind this. After returning to Great Qin, he wanted to head to the Underworld and investigate this historical remnant.

However, a shocking and enraging piece of news came: The Wind God Empire had declared that the Half-Beast World, Grassi World, and Elf World now belonged to it.

Because this matter dealt with two large factions, the Wind God Empire was more courteous and asked them to leave instead of telling them to scram.

Of the three worlds, Great Qin occupied four Continents and the remaining ones were occupied by the Devil Horn Empire. Great Qin and the Devil Horn Empire were the strongest factions here, so the Wind God Empire had to show some restraint.

After all, destroying these two factions would cause the Wind God Empire great losses. Moreover, the Wind God Empire had its own enemies and could not afford to move all of its troops over here.

However, as a Royal Kingdom from the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain, they had enough confidence and power to suppress the Devil Horn Empire and Great Qin, forcing them to leave without having to fight and suffer a loss.

The three worlds had practically no people or Cities, and they were essentially three shells. Because there was often fighting there, no one moved their population or Cities over.

The people from the three worlds had escaped to other worlds, and some had been taken in by Great Qin while others had submitted to the Devil Horn Empire.

However, even if the three worlds were just shells, occupying them could provide a large amount of Fate. Now that the Wind God Empire had said that it wanted those three worlds, it did not give any room for negotiations and did not place the two factions in its eyes at all.

It was not just Great Qin that was angered; the Devil Horn Empire was infuriated as well. It had the most Continents in those three worlds and would suffer the most.

This was especially so given that Great Qin had just conquered the Corpse Pall World and now had five worlds. The Devil Horn Empire only had three worlds, and if it lost so many Continents, it would become much weaker than Great Qin.

Now, they had to decide if they wanted to give those Continents over. The Wind God Empire was determined to obtain those words, and the two factions were not a match for a Royal Kingdom from the inner regions.

Yao Ming tried to contact the Royal Kingdoms supporting the Devil Horn Empire, but no one expressed any willingness to help. It was quite difficult for them to stop a Royal Kingdom from the inner regions, and they were not willing to suffer a massive loss for someone else.

Zhao Fu also contacted others, but the result was the same - no one was willing to help. Zhao Fu also spread this news to the inner regions of the Domain, hoping some factions that had enmity with the Wind God Empire would do something.

However, he was left disappointed. Even though they already knew about this, they did not do anything. It seemed that he could not rely on anyone else.

The Wind God Empire gave them three days - within those three days, everyone had to leave, or the Wind God Empire would attack.

Seeing that he could not protect so many Continents, Yao Ming decided to benefit from this situation as much as he could, such as by having the Wind God Empire attack Great Qin or asking them to help the Devil Horn Empire take down another world.

However, the Wind God Empire discourteously refused and did not give the Devil Horn Empire any face at all. They were a Royal Kingdom from the inner regions and did not take the Devil Horn Empire seriously. How could they agree to a request from the Devil Horn Empire?

Right now, the Wind God Empire's attitude was such that if anyone did not give them what they wanted, they would take it by force. They were not open to any negotiations or discussions.

This greatly infuriated Yao Ming; he was rarely humiliated like this. If it was an ordinary faction, he would have long since attacked at any cost.

However, in the end, he could only withdraw from the three worlds because he could not afford to fight with the Wind God Empire.

Great Qin did the same and gave up on the four Continents. Fortunately, the four Continents were just shells, so they did not lose too much.

Zhao Fu also felt quite angry about this situation; it had been quite difficult to conquer those four Continents and yet they had been taken away just like that. However, he was not as strong as the other side, so he could only take a step back; after gathering some strength, he would take his revenge.

At the same time, he felt immense pressure because the Wind God Empire's aim was now incredibly clear - with the Charm Devil World, it had now taken four worlds.

To be able to obtain four worlds so easily, anyone would feel incredibly envious. The Wind God Empire was the strongest faction here and had the second most territory. Adding on the Wind Spirit World within the Heaven Domain Boundary, it could be said to have five worlds here, which was the same as Great Qin.

The Wind God Empire would definitely make a move against Great Qin, so Zhao Fu had to quickly find a way to deal with the Wind God Empire. Otherwise, Great Qin would most likely perish at the Wind God Empire's hands.

Now, Zhao Fu had two choices: the first was to obtain a large number of points in the Outer World to deal with the Wind God Empire; the second was to head to the Underworld historical remnant and hope that he would be able to obtain valuable treasures and items.

Zhao Fu thought about it and made a decision. The Outer World did not require him to personally go, so he handed this matter to Bai Xihan and the others. All they would have to do was clear out Insect Dens every day, which would give them a large number of points, while he could go to the Underworld.

After making this decision, Zhao Fu did not hesitate and called the Black and White Impermanences. They were from the Underworld, so bringing them would make things much more convenient.

The first thing to do was to open the Underworld Gate. Zhao Fu came to the place where they converted Yin Soldiers; this place had become a special land and was directly connected to the Underworld. Large amounts of Underworld Yin Qi flowed out from here, making it a suitable place to open the Underworld Gate.

Zhao Fu was not sure what he would encounter, so he diligently prepared various things.

The Black and White Impermanences were quite happy, as they could return to the Underworld. They came from the Underworld and had friends and family there, so they naturally missed the Underworld greatly. They had come to Great Qin during the Ghost Festival and had not returned for seven or eight years.

After making preparations, Zhao Fu brought the Black and White Impermanences and 100 Underworld Royal Seals and came to the place to open the Underworld Gate.