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 After all, after conquering a world, they had to use bloody force to suppress any resistance. Only by striking fear into their hearts would they be obedient. If they were treated too well, they would instead start to rebel.

This Royal City belonged to one of the Legatees Zhao Fu had killed. They had resisted intensely but had quickly been conquered.

Great Qin's soldiers were also fighting in other Continents to destroy the resisting factions. At the same time, they were conquering region after region. Because this Continent was the closest and was taken control of the earliest, Zhao Fu made it their temporary headquarters in the Corpse Pall World. After all the fighting was finished, they would calculate their gains and losses.

After Zhao Fu came to the Royal Palace, Wang Ergou gave a flattering smile and said, "Your Majesty, this lowly one has already prepared a place for you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and followed him to a resting area. There were 30 or so Corpse Pall women there with different expressions. Some looked worried, some looked terrified, some looked hateful, and some looked downcast.

They had been talking, but seeing Wang Ergou bring Zhao Fu in, they all closed their mouths in fear because they knew who Zhao Fu was.

Wang Ergou introduced them, "Your Majesty, they are from the imperial family of this Kingdom. Some were the King's Concubines, and this lowly one brought you the prettiest ones. Also, this one is the Empress and this one is the Empress Dowager."

Zhao Fu looked at the two women Wang Ergou was pointing at. One of them was tall and had supple skin and peerlessly beautiful looks. She wore a white palace dress and gave off a cold and aloof aura; she was the Empress and was called Shi Shuili. She was most likely one of the top-ranked beauties in the Corpse Pall World.

The other had a curvy figure and wore a silver palace dress. She gave off a gentle and loving aura, and she was most likely the Empress Dowager and was called Shi Yuelian.

Both of them looked at Zhao Fu hatefully because Zhao Fu had not only destroyed their Kingdom but had killed their man as well.

"Please enjoy yourself, Your Majesty, this lowly one will head out now." Seeing Zhao Fu look at the Empress and Empress Dowager and seem a bit interested, he gave a joyous smile and left first and closed the door.

Zhao Fu walked towards the group of women and started to enjoy his spoils of war.

Shi Su, Shi Xiao, and the other Legatees had wanted to find Zhao Fu to discuss some matters and convince Great Qin not to use such cold and bloody force, but Wang Ergou blocked outside the door.

Wang Ergou smiled as he said, "His Majesty is busy right now; only women can go in."

Shi Su and Shi Xiao did not understand at first, but after coming outside and hearing the intense noises from within, they understood. Shi Su gave a charming smile and opened the door and saw women lying all over the ground. The Empress Shi Shuili and the Empress Dowager Shi Yuelian were currently panting under Zhao Fu's body.

Facing this scene, Shi Su flirtatiously laughed and walked towards Zhao Fu. Shi Xiao's expression was quite unsightly and she was quite angry as she gripped her fists.

She had heard that every time Great Qin's Emperor conquered a place, he would gather all of the beauties and enjoy them. Even though Zhao Fu was the victor and had the right to do anything, the Legatee who he had killed had been the one she was closest with and they had slight feelings for each other.

However, not only had Zhao Fu killed him, but he had also taken his women, his mother, and his little sister. His mother was someone who he had loved deeply, but she was now moaning lewdly under another man's body.

Shi Su already joined in and Shi Xiao wanted to leave but did not dare. With Great Qin's Emperor's cold and ruthless personality, not only would he mistreat her, but he would also not let off her faction and relatives either.

As such, Shi Xiao could only wait by the door. Shi Su soon collapsed and pleaded for mercy, and Shi Xiao looked quite disdainful.

Suddenly, Shi Xiao felt a massive formless energy grab her and pull her within the room, and the door closed with a slam.

Zhao Fu took off the bandages around Shi Xiao's body and started to ravage her.

Night gradually fell and a large, round moon appeared in the sky, and the bright moonlight illuminated the night.

Zhao Fu hugged Shi Xiao and Shi Su and enjoyed the afterglows of their intense activities. Shi Xiao's face was red, and even though she tried to resist in her heart, she could not help but lean against Zhao Fu's chest. Thinking about how she had just been so lewd like those other women, she felt incredibly ashamed.

"Are the rumors in the Corpse Pall World true? Did the seven of you obtain the keys to an Underworld Treasure Trove?" Zhao Fu looked at Shi Xiao and asked.

Before Shi Xiao could reply, Shi Su said, trying to curry favor, "It's true, husband. However, we already opened the treasure trove, which was how we unified the Continents so quickly."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt a bit disappointed because he had been quite interested in that Underworld Treasure Trove. However, it had already been opened by them and used.

Seeing Zhao Fu's disappointed expression, Shi Su kissed Zhao Fu and said as she smiled, "Husband, even though we already opened the treasure trove, the seven keys are still very useful and can open an Underworld historical remnant.

"However, that the historical remnant is in the Underworld. We're unable to head there, so we haven't used the keys. It's said that there are even more precious treasures there."

Zhao Fu smiled and hugged Shi Su with both arms as he asked, "Is that so? What kind of things?"

Seeing Zhao Fu hug Shi Su with both arms and looking like he was spoiling her, Shi Xiao felt a bit neglected and wronged. That fellow had just taken her body, but he was now ignoring her.

However, it was her fault for not taking her chances. Zhao Fu had asked her, but Shi Su had grasped this opportunity.

Shi Su also told Zhao Fu about the history of the treasure trove. Back during the Legacy Trial, they had passed trials, become Legatees, and had obtained the keys. The treasure trove was bound to the Corpse Pall World and contained countless treasures.

As for the Underworld historical remnant, they did not know much about it and only had a location. Only the seven keys could open it and it had to be someone from the Death Race with a massive amount of Fate. Within the historical remnant was something that could allow the Corpse Pall Race to rise within the Heaven Awaken World.

Listening to there, Zhao Fu felt quite interested because he had a method to head to the Underworld since a long time ago, which was the Underworld Royal Seal.

If he could obtain 100 Underworld Royal Seals, he would be able to open the Underworld Gate. Before, Zhao Fu did not have any reason to go to the Underworld, so he had never gone. Now, he decided to go and take a look.

Following this, Great Qin took control of the other Continents in the Corpse Pall World and the resisting factions were all crushed. Wang Jian calculated the results from this battle, and they had made great gains.