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 Eight billion or so soldiers dressed in black armor and with determined gazes gathered at the boundary of the Corpse Pall World, giving off an enormous aura. Zhao Fu stood in the sky, a trace of a smile on his face as he gave the order to attack.

The soldiers passed through teleportation channels, bypassing the cursed ground and appearing below the Corpse Pall World's defensive walls. The cursed ground had already been dispelled, and they no longer had any way of stopping Great Qin's soldiers.

"Kill!" Great Qin's soldiers roared, their voices shaking the heavens as they surged forwards like a black flood. They gave off an aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything as they flooded towards the defensive walls.

The sky was completely dark as various devils and beasts covered it, and the evil and dark aura covered the heavens and earth.

The terrifying aura and horrifying scene made the soldiers on guard look terrified. Their legs became weak as they yelled, "Great Qin is attacking!"

Everyone in the Corpse Pall World had sensed that something was off when the nine suns had appeared. Hearing that Great Qin was attacking, their expressions fell and they quickly led soldiers over, and the two sides started to fight.

Swish, swish, swish...

The Corpse Pall soldiers vigorously shot out arrows that tore through the air. Countless devils were hit and fell down like a rain of corpses.

However, even more devils and beasts leapt onto the defensive walls and started to fight with those soldiers.

A snake with sharp teeth moved like a bolt of lightning and bit a Corpse Pall soldier. Its sharp teeth easily pierced through the soldier's armor, and the soldier cried out as it was tossed aside by the snake.

A half-man and half-tiger devil wildly laughed as it charged into a group of soldiers. It swung out its paw and easily sent four of five soldiers flying, with deep gashes on their chests. The soldiers instantly died.

A two-headed rooster flew down from the sky, grabbed two soldiers with its claws, flew back into the air, and dropped them down. The rooster then flew down and used its beak to peck apart a soldier's chest.

The Corpse Pall soldiers desperately retaliated, using both weapons and bandages to attack the devils.

A Corpse Pall soldier used his bandages to bind up a devil before going up and using his saber to kill it. Another soldier combined his bandages and weapon and split a devil in half. Some soldiers even used countless bandages to pierce devils' bodies.

Blood flew everywhere and cries continuously sounded out as more and more people died. The battle was incredibly intense and caused people to feel a chill.

Momijigari, who was in charge of the devil army, landed on the defensive walls dressed in red armor. She drew two sabers and gave a wicked smile as she rushed at the soldiers. Her sabers sent out countless sabre lights, and the soldiers were unable to resist at all and fell at her hands.


The countless splotches of blood on Momijigari's face caused her smiled to look even more savage. She slashed out even faster with her sabers, causing limbs and blood to fly everywhere.

Great Qin's beasts also ferociously attacked the soldiers on the defensive walls. The 100 meter tall Corpse Soul Soldiers used their hammers to smash down, turning countless soldiers into meat paste. The countless Spiders used their knife-like legs to cut countless soldiers' bodies apart.

The Wyverns spewed out icy blasts and flames from the sky, and the Giant Wolves also rushed up and used their sharp teeth and claws to attack. The Nothingness Beasts appeared from behind the soldiers and madly attacked them.

With the cover of the devils and beasts, Great Qin's soldiers quickly scaled the defensive walls and started to fight with the Corpse Pall soldiers.

In just a few moments, the situation on the defensive walls became incredibly chaotic. Blood continuously flew everywhere and howls continuously sounded out. More and more people died, but most of them were from the Corpse Pall World. It seemed like the defensive walls would be taken at any moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Cold auras exploded out, causing the weather to change as everyone felt a chill on their backs. 60,000 to 70,000 soldiers made of mud that stood 100 meters tall appeared.

These soldiers were all dressed in armor and held weapons, and they looked as if they were alive. They attacked Great Qin's beasts, and the two sides quickly clashed.

Massive explosions sounded out as wild gales blew. The Corpse Soul Soldiers went to meet these mud soldiers in battle. They were also soldiers dressed in heavy armor, and the battle between the two sides was extremely shocking.

The mud soldiers were another card that the Corpse Pall World had prepared. They had collected Yin Beast Clay and made these mud soldiers to resist Great Qin's beasts and devils.

The mud soldiers were not weak and their bodies were as tough as steel. As the Corpse Soul Soldiers' swords landed on the mud soldiers' bodies, they only caused shallow wounds.

However, there were far too few of them; Great Qin's beasts and devils greatly outnumbered them. Each mud soldier was surrounded by a few beasts, and no matter how tough their bodies were, they were gradually smashed apart. Great Qin still held the advantage.

Zhao Fu stood in the sky, facing off against the Corpse Pall World's seven Legatees. Their expressions were all quite unsightly because their defensive walls had nearly been breached by Great Qin. Their soldiers were not a match for Great Qin's soldiers, and their experts could not resist Great Qin's experts either.

"What do you have to say? Will you submit to Us or choose to die?" Zhao Fu said with a confident smile, his voice filled with domineeringness as he looked at the seven people.

The seven Legatees felt furious but did not dare to attack because they knew clearly that they were not a match for Zhao Fu.



Seeing that they were not replying, Zhao Fu's gaze became cold and his body blurred as he suddenly appeared in front of one of the Legatees.

That person's expression fell, and before he could react, his throat was grabbed by Zhao Fu and his body was lifted. That person didn't hesitate to release his Nation Armament's power, wanting to break free from Zhao Fu.


A massive aura spread out from that person's body, but at that moment, Zhao Fu also unleashed his Nation Armament's power and a terrifying aura exploded out from his body.


Zhao Fu twisted with his hand and broke the Legatee's neck. A genius, the ruler of a Continent, and someone who countless people looked up to, had been killed just like that.

Seeing this scene, one of the other Legatees became terrified and quickly ran. However, Zhao Fu slashed out with his sword, slashing that person into pieces.

In front of Zhao Fu, all of them seemed incredibly powerless. Zhao Fu was using his Nation Armament, which contained the power of four worlds and three Continents. How could they defend with just the power of one Continent?

The remaining Legatees were all scared witless and remained in place, afraid that Zhao Fu would kill them in the next second.