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 As for dealing with the Devil Horn Empire, Great Qin had long since started to prepare and research things.

Zhao Fu came to the Forging Pavilion and looked at the two beautiful women working. He smiled as he asked, "How is it? Have you been able to create it?"

One of the women was Gongsun Zhu. She had gone from looking like a dignified young lady to looking like a young wife. The other was Gongsun Lin; she still looked like a quiet girl but had a trace of an air of maturity about her now.

Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, Gongsun Zhu smiled and said, "We're nearly done. We'll show Your Majesty the completed item soon."

The thing that Zhao Fu was having them research was how to use materials from the Insects' bodies. Even though these materials could deal extra damage to Heaven Awaken World creatures, they could not ordinarily be used by Heaven Awaken World people.

This was because for most materials, if they were made into weapons, people would not be able to send their spirit qi into them. Even if they could send in their spirit qi, there would be great resistance and they could not be used like ordinary weapons. As such, Zhao Fu had Gongsun Zhu and Gongsun Lin research how they could use these materials.

A while later, Gongsun Zhu brought over a red sword and smiled as she said, "Husband, try this out. This was forged from materials from Fire Red Ants and combined with Talisman techniques."

Zhao Fu took the red sword and examined it. The sword was quite warm and there was a line of runes down the middle. The blade did not feel very sharp, and the sword gave off a chaotic aura.

"Is this sword even useable?" Zhao Fu felt quite confused and sent his power into the sword. The sword immediately gave off a red light and its aura became ferocious.

"Husband, try it on this." Gongsun Zhu brought over a slab of iron that was two fingers thick.

Zhao Fu slashed the sword onto the block of iron and sparks flew everywhere as the block of iron was slashed apart by the sword. The cut was incredibly smooth, proving how sharp the sword was.

Following this, Zhao Fu did some more tests. He used an ordinary iron sword and the Fire Red Sword to stab into a set of iron armor. It was evident that it was much easier for the Fire Red Sword to pierce through the armor because of the materials from the Fire Red Ants.

Weapons made from Outer World materials were quite effective against Heaven Awaken World equipment and could destroy them more easily. This was primarily because of the Primal Chaos aura that they contained, which had a corrosive effect on spirit qi.

However, they did not have any advantage against weapons made from Outer World materials, as they all contained Primal Chaos aura.

If they mass-produced these weapons, they would be able to deal a big strike against the Devil Horn Empire. They definitely would not expect Great Qin to have such weapons.

"You've worked hard, both of you!" Zhao Fu smiled and hugged the sisters.

Gongsun Zhu smiled as she replied, "Not at all! We're very happy to be able to help out husband."

Gongsun Lin's face became slightly red; she still had not become used to her new relationship with Zhao Fu. A few days ago she had heard her big sister crying out and had angrily stormed in, and she had seen her sister doing it with Zhao Fu.

Gongsun Zhu did not mind much because she had expected this would happen. She was quite happy to be able to serve a man with her little sister. They could also research and forge together every day.

Within Zhao Fu's embrace, sensing Zhao Fu's dense aura, Gongsun Zhu's face became red and she did not hold back as she said flirtatiously, "Husband, let us serve you." After speaking, she squatted down and started to serve Zhao Fu.

Seeing this scene, Gongsun Lin's face became bright red. She had never thought that her big sister would be so daring in front of her. However, seeing how much her big sister was enjoying it, she wanted to try it too.

Zhao Fu greatly enjoyed the service of the sisters, and he soon started to do it with them.

A while later, Gongsun Lin's face was quite red as she lightly hit Zhao Fu's chest and said angrily, "Zhao Fu, can't you be gentler with us? Also, did you have these intentions from the start?"

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded. "I've known you for nine years now; of course I had some thoughts. I didn't want you to do it with another man, and I also wanted to make up for the sadness of you leaving before. I still remember that clearly. I want to keep you by my side from now on."

Hearing that Zhao Fu had feelings for her this whole time and did not just take her on the spur of the moment, Gongsun Lin's face became red with embarrassment. She could not help but feel somewhat happy and she lightly hugged Zhao Fu.

She did not want to just be a tool for Zhao Fu to use for pleasure; she wanted a man who truly liked her. Nine years ago, she had some feelings for Zhao Fu too, but that had not progressed into anything. Now that she had been taken by Zhao Fu, she felt a bit displeased but was not angry.

Following this, Gongsun Lin told the method for producing these weapons to the people responsible for producing military equipment and told them to quickly mass-produce them.

Weapons made from Outer World materials were quite destructive towards Heaven Awaken World equipment. However, Zhao Fu did not plan to equip all of Great Qin's soldiers with them because the Outer World materials had a great weakness.

After all, Spirit Destruction Crystals countered the Outer World creatures, and weapons socketed with Spirit Destruction Crystals would be able to easily counter these weapons. When that time came, this advantage would become a disadvantage.

Seven days later, Great Qin had prepared various matters and started to attack the Corpse Pall World again.

This time, they were much more secretive. Great Qin's army did not gather together and mightily storm in, and instead they went through teleportation channels that they had prepared in advance. Great Qin wanted to attack without giving any clues, and they acted at night as well.

Zhao Fu came to the area with the cursed ground by himself and took out the nine massive golden crystals. The crystals circled around Zhao Fu and gave off a faint golden light and a searing aura.


Boom! Boom! Boom...

Zhao Fu raised his hand and the nine massive golden crystals turned into rays of light that shot into the sky. Explosions then sounded out as the nine crystals gave off brilliant light and the nine golden crows within them seemed to come to life, dancing in the sky.

Nine suns appeared in the sky and intense light shined on the ground. As the strange and cold aura was hit by the light, it quickly dispersed and countless ghost babies howled as they turned into smoke and dissipated.

The light quickly spread and the night quickly receded. The people in this Continent thought that it was the next morning and felt incredibly confused; the night seemed to have passed incredibly quickly. However, looking outside, they saw that it was indeed bright.

However, when they came out, they were confused to find that there were nine suns in the sky. How was this possible? How could there be nine suns in the sky?

Before they could come to their senses, Great Qin's soldiers had arrived at the boundary through teleportation channels and started to attack. The apocalypse of the Corpse Pall World had arrived.