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 The Royal Wood Sword's Domain was the bane of all plant creatures and had shocking effects whenever Zhao Fu used it. Sensing that terrifying suction power, the vines immediately retreated below the ground and did not attack.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed; just because the vines were underground did not mean that Zhao Fu could not attack it.

A massive wave of Divine power entered the Royal Wood Sword, causing it to shine with intense green light as an enormous life aura spread out.


Zhao Fu flicked out the Royal Wood Sword, causing it to turn into a green ray of light. It flashed through the air and landed on the ground, causing a 100 meter wide crater to appear in the ground.

The Royal Wood Sword gave off a green light and countless tree roots spread out from it and burrowed underground.

The vines underground sensed a wave of danger as the tree roots continuously spread out and dug deeper. They gave off a suction force and quickly devoured the vines' life force.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The green vines gave off terrifying power as they lashed out underground, destroying soil and rocks. The area underground collapsed, and a massive crater appeared. The Man-Eating Vine Demon wanted to use this method to use the soil to block off the massive suction power.

Some of the Royal Wood Sword's roots were damaged, but the remaining ones still madly grew towards where the vines were.


A massive noise came from underground as if something was moving. It was the Man-Eating Vine Demon wanting to run, not wanting to fight with Zhao Fu anymore.

The underground area was quite large, making it difficult for Zhao Fu to find the Man-Eating Vine Demon's position. He could only look at Arasina beside him.

Arasina stepped forwards and her 24 black wings spread out as a powerful godly spirit aura spread out. She stretched out a hand and countless rays of black light fell from the sky, forming a massive hand of light that stretched into the ground.

"Roarr!" The ground violently trembled as an enormous roar sounded out from underground. Arasina looked quite startled before her expression became cold, and she vigorously grabbed with her hand before lifting it.


The ground shattered as a 100 meter long green rhizome was pulled out of the ground. What was surprising was that at the center was a man; however, it was only the upper half of a man, and his lower body seemed to be fused into the rhizome.

The man looked at Zhao Fu and Arasina hatefully. He was most likely the Man-Eating Vine Demon, and he had decent intelligence.

Swish, swish, swish...

After being dragged out by Arasina, the Man-Eating Vine Demon did not hold back and attacked with its full strength. Its vines contained terrifying power and seemed to cover the sky as they shot towards Zhao Fu and Arasina, and it was as if nothing could stop them.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he took out the Emperor Killing Sword and he lightly cried out, "Sword Master!"


A sword hum sounded out in the surroundings as boundless sword intent swept out. Space seemed to collapse as the creatures in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers felt a chill and looked terrified.


Zhao Fu slashed as a formless sword energy instantly spread out. The heavens and earth trembled as the vines were slashed into tiny bits, causing green blood to fly everywhere. In just an instant, all of the vines disappeared.

The Emperor Killing Sword's power was extraordinarily fearsome. If it was not for the fact that he was afraid of being exposed, it would be the main sword he carried around.

After the Man-Eating Vine Demon's vines were all cut apart, he looked at Zhao Fu and Arasina in terror. Now that his vines had all been destroyed, he had nowhere to run.

Zhao Fu came to his side and pointed his sword at him as he said, "What will you choose? Submit or die."

The Man-Eating Vine Demon did not hesitate and directly agreed. However, the Heaven Awaken World's restrictions were ineffective against it, so Zhao Fu could not control it. As such, Zhao Fu could only use his Divine Bloodline as a blood restriction within the Man-Eating Vine Demon's body.

Sensing Zhao Fu's bloodline's aura, the Man-Eating Vine Demon became much more respectful. He did not know that Zhao Fu had a Divine Bloodline and felt quite afraid of Zhao Fu's bloodline's power.

After taking in the Man-Eating Vine Demon, Zhao Fu smiled and pulled Arasina into his embrace as he said, "Thanks for just then!"

Arasina leaned against Zhao Fu's chest and glared at Zhao Fu as she said, "Use your actions to thank This God later!"

Following this, Zhao Fu took the Man-Eating Vine Demon and a large number of ordinary Man-Eating Vines back to Great Qin's base and planted them outside. Zhao Fu planted the Man-Eating Vine Demon within the base itself as they would be relying on its vines to attack.

The ordinary vines had not been hurt much, but the Man-Eating Vine Demon had been greatly injured. It would take a long time for him to return to its peak.

Zhao Fu planned to give him a large number of Insect corpses to devour because the Heaven Awaken World's recovery items had very weak effects on Outer World creatures. He could only rely on this method, or he would have to use up a large amount of Great Qin's recovery items.

Now, they had tall City Walls, a few deep trenches, and this Man-Eating Vine Demon; Great Qin's base now had powerful defenses, and Zhao Fu could be more at ease.

At the same time, they were now mining Sunlight Gemstones and continuously sending them back to Great Qin to be socketed onto equipment.

"Skreee..." Suddenly, nine massive cries sounded out in the sky as a massive aura swept out, causing the sky to tremble and nine 1,000 meter wide golden crows could be seen.

Because the territory had expanded, Zhao Fu had also upscaled the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation. The golden crows were now 1,000 meters wide and could absorb sunlight from the surrounding 100,000 kilometers.

After the nine golden crows cried out, they spat out nine golden crystals that were about two meters long. These nine golden crystals gave off an intense light and searing heat, and they had images of golden crows within them.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and a formless power caught these nine golden crystals. These were Sun God Stones, items condensed from the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation from absorbing sunlight.

Sensing the power within these nine crystals, Zhao Fu smiled because they could be used to dispel the Corpse Pall World's curse.

Curses contained immense Yin attributes, while the nine Sun God Crystals contained powerful Yang attributes. They could clear evil and purify all things.

With these nine Sun God Crystals, they should be able to get past the Corpse Pall World's cursed land, allowing them to once again attack the Corpse Pall World.

However, although attacking the Corpse Pall World was not difficult, the main problem was the Devil Horn Empire making trouble. Without its interference, Great Qin would not have had to retreat last time and could have continued to attack the Corpse Pall World.

They had to think of a way to keep the Devil Horn Empire at bay while attacking the Corpse Pall World. Otherwise, Great Qin would not be able to attack another world while being attacked by the Devil Horn Empire.