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 However, Zhao Fu felt that these methods were definitely limited, so he had to try them out before seeing how they worked for indigenous residents of the Heaven Awaken World.

Zhao Fu then turned his attention to Red Plum Plains. It was mostly covered with grass and filled with short trees with red, plum-like fruits, which was how it got its name. Moreover, because it was a plains area, there were many types of horses, and many players went into the plains to catch horses.

The most common horse was a type of brown horse, and there were many of them. Zhao Fu looked to see if they would be useful, but they were inferior to his Black Forest Horses in terms of both body and strength.

However, there was a type of horse called the Red Lightning Horse, and those horses were completely red. They were extremely fast, and they looked like red bolts of lighting when running as fast as they could. They seemed to be faster than the Black Forest Horses by a bit. However, in terms of avoiding and going over obstacles, Black Forest Horses were superior, as the environments that they lived in were quite different.

The Forest of Horrors was filled with trees, creating many obstacles, while the Red Forest Plains were mostly plains, so the horses could run as fast as they wanted.

Zhao Fu was interested in the Red Lightning Horses, and he hoped to find a Den if possible.

Following this, Zhao Fu started to go about his proper business. Red Plum Plains had three main cities, which were Great Ancient City, Dangle City, and Green Grass City.

The structures here were made from a combination of stone and wood, and they made Zhao Fu feel like he was in a completely different country. The first place he went to was Great Ancient City, and he bought 20 lots of land and prepared to open a restaurant.

After doing this, he started to wander around Great Ancient City to see if he could find anything of value. As he walked around, he found a stall with many people crowded around it, and he went over to take a look.

Zhao Fu saw a young man who looked 24 or 25 years old, and he sat cross-legged and wore black clothes. There was a large saber on his back, and he gave off a sharp saber aura. It seemed that he was a swordsman.

Zhao Fu was surprised to find that he was a player, as it was rare for players to have such a sharp aura. Zhao Fu would normally only feel this sort of aura from indigenous residents, and most of them were from ancient martial families or were great generals who had trained from when they were young to have such a powerful aura.

There was a faint blue-colored oval-shaped jade. It was quite smooth and had a picture of a horse's head engraved on it.

It was this thing that had drawn so many people over, and Zhao Fu looked at its description.

[Horse Jade Soul]: An exotic item that can be used on horse-type Dens. It strengthens horses, increases spawn rate +15, and increases the chance of spawning higher grade horses +30%.

This item was quite good, as it could strengthen horses by increasing their strength, speed, recovery, and endurance. What's more, it increased the spawn rate by 15 - if a Den spawned five horses per day, this item would increase it to 20 per day.

The third stat was even more important, as horses with higher grades would have greater potential. This sort of item was quite rare, so Zhao Fu decided to buy it and use it on the Black Forest Horse Den.

"What's your price for this?" Zhao Fu asked.

The young man looked at Zhao Fu before calmly replying, "I'm not selling it! I'm only exchanging it for Gold grade material!"

So he wanted Gold grade materials, not money. Only then did Zhao Fu realize why it still hadn't been sold yet despite being a good item. Even though Zhao Fu already had Epic grade equipment, Gold grade equipment was still quite rare to the masses, and it would normally only appear at auctions. In fact, even finding Gold grade material was quite difficult, and normal shops wouldn't have any.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about it. The Horse Jade Soul was a strategic item and could improve a Den, while Gold grade materials were not very important to Zhao Fu. Therefore, he did not mind exchanging Gold grade material for the Horse Jade Soul.

As such, he nodded and replied, "That's fine!"

Following this, Zhao Fu took out a large monster paw. It was black and gave off an icy light that caused one's heart to tremble. As soon as Zhao Fu took it out, it gave off a powerful and ferocious aura, and those who saw it couldn't help but take a step back and cry out, "A Lord grade beast material!"

A hint of emotion finally appeared on the young man's calm face. He looked at Zhao Fu with delight as he said, "My name is Leng Wu; I owe you a favor!"

Even though Zhao Fu felt that using this bear paw to exchange for the Horse Jade Soul wasn't worth it, that was only to him. To everyone else, they thought that he was taking a loss, as Gold grade equipment was quite rare and considered to be a treasure to normal people. What's more, the Gold grade material that Zhao Fu had taken out was something that had come from a Lord grade beast, which was much rarer than normal metals, so it would be worth more.

What's more, the Horse Jade Soul was only useful for players who were Lords, and they needed to have a Horse Den. Most people would not be able to use it, so it seemed that Zhao Fu had lost out. However, Leng Wu was not one to take advantage of others or accept charity from others, so he had said that he owed Zhao Fu a favor.

Hearing Leng Wu's words, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised when Leng Wu said that he owed Zhao Fu a favor so sincerely. However, it seemed that Leng Wu's background was not ordinary and he seemed quite strong, so perhaps this favor would come in handy some time. As such, Zhao Fu did not refuse and nodded as he replied, "My name is Zhao Xin!"

Leng Wu nodded to express that he remembered his name, and the two of them didn't say anything else before they left. Leng Wu took the bear paw and Zhao Fu took the Horse Jade Soul.

After this, Leng Wu left, while Zhao Fu walked around Great Ancient City for a while. He did not find anything else, so he decided to go to the other main cities to look around and to buy some properties.

Zhao Fu turned to head towards the teleportation channel when a dirty little beggar, who looked around 12 years old, wore tattered clothing, and looked extremely famished, shakily bumped into him.

After bumping into Zhao Fu, the little beggar came to his senses and quickly bowed, saying, "I'm sorry, sir!"

After saying this, the little beggar ran away with a scared expression on his face. Zhao Fu stood still and calmly watched as the little beggar disappeared from view.

Within a dark alley, the little beggar smiled with delight as he took out a piece of jade.

Suddenly, a ghost-like figure appeared in front of him and clamped its hand on his throat. The hand raised the little beggar's entire body, and he felt the aura of death as he struggled in fear.