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 Out of the various creatures that Great Qin nurtured, the Wyverns were the highest tier and were a type of dragon, so they were much stronger than other creatures of this same level. Higher-tier creatures were not so easy to obtain, and they usually required Dens.

This would rely on Zhao Fu's luck in the future; he had no way of obtaining any right now. If he obtained higher-level Dens, he could only put them away for now.

Zhao Fu came to the Sunlight Gemstone mine. It was a large, open mine. Black gemstones covered the face of the mountain and all light that came near was absorbed by the gemstones.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised; these Sunlight Gemstones were different than what he had expected. He had thought that they would be a shining, glowing gemstone.

Following this, Zhao Fu ordered the soldiers to start to construct defensive structures. This place was a distance away from Great Qin's base, and even though they could travel to and fro using teleportation channels, they still needed some defenses to ensure the safety of the soldiers opening up the mine.

Looking at the Sunlight Gemstones, Zhao Fu smiled. With these Sunlight Gemstones, Great Qin would not have to fear those eight suns and would no longer be restricted by the sunlight. They could now travel to further places.

At the same time, Great Qin had obtained an ocean of points after killing a large number of Insects and could obtain many good items. However, Zhao Fu planned to save the points for now and spend them at key moments.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin's base. The first thing he did was discuss with his subordinates about building defenses. Great Qin's position was quite dangerous, and only by building defenses would they be safe.

The people in the surroundings had not yet discovered Great Qin's base, but they would definitely discover it in the future; this was undoubtable.

Just tall City Walls could not stop a large-scale Insect tide. Zhao Fu planned to build some deep trenches outside the City Walls that were 1,000 meters wide and thousands of meters deep, preferably within attacking range.

These trenches would be able to slow down a charge, and the Insects that charged up would fall down and die. Great Qin's people could stand on the City Walls and attack, making defending quite favorable.

As for the flying Insects, Zhao Fu set up ballistae on the City Walls to defend against aerial attacks.

Because Hong Mei was an Outer World person, Zhao Fu had asked for her ideas and had benefitted greatly. Hong Mei had said that a certain type of plant would be quite useful.

The plant was called Man-Eating Vine. They would sometimes be on the ground and would sometimes be underground. When people came close, they would quickly bind up the people and their sharp teeth would stab into the people's bodies and devour their blood and flesh. They would consume the people in a matter of moments, leaving behind just the bones.

Hong Mei recommended planting a large number of Man-Eating Vines around the City Walls, and this would have a powerful effect. Also, in order to avoid the Man-Eating Vines from attacking the soldiers, they would just have to feed the vines some of the soldiers' blood from time to time.

Moreover, Hong Mei knew where they could find a large number of Man-Eating Vines. There was also an extremely terrifying Man-Eating Vine Demon - each vine that it grew was three meters thick and was tougher than steel. It had many vines and could cover hundreds of kilometers.

A single Man-Eating Vine Demon could easily devour one million Insects and was incredibly terrifying. That place had become a forbidden area and practically no one dared to go there.

Zhao Fu felt quite interested; if he could obtain that Man-Eating Vine Demon, Great Qin's defenses would be greatly improved.

Zhao Fu had Hong Mei take him to that place, and he saw a plains area made up of green vines. There were only vines, and no flowers, trees, or grass at all. There were no sounds of insects or birds, and it was incredibly silent.

There were sharp, white teeth on each vine, making these plains look incredibly terrifying and evil.

With so many Man-Eating Vines, if Zhao Fu sent soldiers to clear them, they would suffer countless casualties and injuries. Zhao Fu did not plan to have soldiers go up, and instead he used kerosene to burn them. These plants definitely feared fire.

Zhao Fu ordered people to throw out barrels of kerosene and then ignite them. The raging flames dyed half the sky red, and the temperature quickly increased.

The soldiers continuously tossed down barrels of kerosene from the sky, wanting to light up the entire plains. The only thing they had to be careful of was flying too low because many vines would be able to attack them.

Some vines twisted about like snakes and were quickly burned into ash. However, only the ordinary low-grade vines were burned to death; many vines burrowed underground and survived the flames.

Zhao Fu had already prepared a countermeasure against this - he had soldiers toss out Earth Elemental Stones, which turned the ground as hard as rock, making it impossible for the vines to dig out of the ground.

More than half of the ordinary vines had been burned to death, and the vines that had dug underground were only slightly injured. Now that the ground had been turned into rock, they could not pose much of a threat. Later on, Zhao Fu would have the soldiers excavate the ground and bring the vines back to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu first had the soldiers stay here while he brought Arasina to the center to take a look at the Man-Eating Vine Demon.

The flames had burned for a very long time, and the ground was charred black and gave off white smoke and an acrid smell. Even though the flames had been intense, it had not caused much harm to the Man-Eating Vine Demon, which covered hundreds of kilometers.

Zhao Fu was quite clear about this, so he was quite wary and flew in the sky and did not walk on the ground.


Sensing that Zhao Fu, the cause of all this trouble, was coming close, the ground started to violently tremble. Long cracks appeared as massive vines furiously shot at Zhao Fu; there were at least 100,000 or so vines.




A held the Royal Wood Sword and vigorously slashed out. An enormous green crescent flew out, destroying the incoming vines. Green blood spurted out, and the vines that were cut immediately withered as their lifeforce was instantly absorbed by the Royal Wood Sword.

Swish, swish, swish...

Even more vines ferociously shot at Zhao Fu with incredible power. There were millions of them and seemed to cover the sky.

Zhao Fu did not look afraid at all and continuously slashed out, sending out sharp sword lights. As the sword lights shot out, the surrounding vines were slashed apart and the green blood descended like a green rain.

However, the Man-Eating Vine Demon's vitality was quite strong, and as its vines were continuously slashed apart, it continuously grew more. The vines all had teeth on them that gave off cold lights, wanting to devour Zhao Fu's blood and flesh.

Zhao Fu would not allow the Man-Eating Vine Demon to drag things out. He unleashed the Royal Wood Sword's World Tree Domain, and an enormous green energy barrier spread out, containing an immense suction power. All of the vines shooting towards Zhao Fu started to wither at a speed visible to the naked eye.