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 Hong Li looked quite confused; his brother had just been captured and was subjected to abuse, and now his wife had been captured as well. His wife's face was somewhat red and gave off an intoxicating aura, and Hong Li had a bad feeling.

"I'm fine, but Mei'Er, why are you here? Were you captured by that Heaven Awaken World bastard?" Hong Li hurriedly asked.

Thinking about her current status, Hong Mei shook her head, feeling quite ashamed. Two lines of tears ran down her face as she said, "Hong Li, no one will harm you or Hong Dong now. Soon, people will take you to a better place, and I will come and visit you often."

Hong Li's body trembled; Hong Mei had not been captured. The Heaven Awaken World man treated her quite courteously and she was not locked up. Her face was also red and she gave off a charming aura.

Thinking about his beloved wife moaning under another man's body, Hong Li felt furious and he felt as if his eyes were going to split apart. He loudly roared

Seeing that Hong Li understood what was going on, in order to make him feel better, she lied, saying, "Hong Li, don't misunderstand! I just submitted to that Heaven Awaken World man and need to follow his orders in the future; nothing happened."

Hearing these words, Hong Li's anger instantly subsided. He greatly trusted his wife, and if his wife said nothing happened, then that would be it.

However, he was quite unhappy about Hong Mei submitting to a Heaven Awaken World person. After thinking about it, he realized Hong Mei most likely did it for them, and he felt quite guilty as he said, "Mei'Er, my good wife, don't worry about us. Find an opportunity to leave and relocate our Village."

Hong Mei looked at Hong Li and did not know what to say because the Village had already been destroyed by Great Qin and she could no longer leave. Also, she felt that her body could not leave Zhao Fu.

Thinking about how intensely she had been doing it with Zhao Fu just then, Hong Mei's face went a bit red and she gave off a bit of a lustful aura. She started to have a reaction, and she wanted to do it with that man again.

"Mei'Er, what's wrong?" Hong Li asked in confusion seeing Hong Mei in a daze.

Hong Mei came back to her senses, and looking at Hong Li gazing at her caringly, she felt even guiltier. She was worried that if this continued, Hong Li would work something out, and because she was afraid of Zhao Fu being angry, she said, "Hong Li, I have to go; I'll come and see you when I can."

Hong Li once again told Hong Mei to leave and that the Heaven Awaken World people were evil. Hong Mei could only pretend to agree before leaving.

By now, the scouts had returned and brought back a joyous piece of news: The Sunlight Gemstone mine was massive and could fulfil Great Qin's demand.

However, there was a large ravine nearby where there were tens of millions of worms. They were the same as the worms Zhao Fu had seen when he had entered the Outer World, and they had massive bodies and sucker-like mouths that were filled with sharp teeth.

There were only tens of millions of worms, so Zhao Fu did not care much; with Great Qin's strength, it would be quite easy to get rid of them. After hearing that there was not much danger, Zhao Fu led the army to the mine.

The ravine was over 10,000 meters wide and about 3,000 meters deep. There were countless worms on the walls and swarms on the bottom as well, which was quite a terrifying sight.

Seeing this terrain, Zhao Fu did not plan to have the soldiers directly attack; he had a better idea.

He called over 50,000 people who had Stage 4 Cultivation and could fly in the sky. Great Qin had made sufficient preparations for the Outer World, and it had all sorts of resources, such as kerosene.

The 50,000 people flew above the ravine and threw down wooden barrels containing kerosene. The barrels shattered upon impact and the black kerosene spilled out.

The worms were aggravated but only a small portion of them charged at Great Qin's soldiers. After all, 50,000 people was not a great threat to the worms. The soldiers disregarded the worms and continued to toss down barrels of kerosene.

They then threw down countless torches, which ignited the kerosene, and a large fire started to burn. Many worms were burned to death, and the high temperature caused an even greater disturbance in the horde of worms.

However, they were only able to burn a portion of the ravine, and most of the worms swarmed towards the other direction. Zhao Fu ordered people to pour even more kerosene and to ignite the kerosene while it was still falling.

Countless worms struggled in the flames, hissing before gradually slowing down and turning into charred corpses.

However, many worms charged out of the ravine and furiously attacked Great Qin's soldiers. Seeing the worms attack, Great Qin's soldiers immediately launched arrows.

The powerful arrows descended, piercing into the worms' bodies and causing gray blood to fly everywhere, and countless worms died under the volley of arrows.

Because of the raging flames within the ravine, even more worms charged out, and Great Qin's soldiers continued to use arrows to kill them. It was best to use long-range attacks against Insects, as they would suffer great losses.

Some worms charged against Great Qin's shield wall, but spears stabbed out from the gaps and pierced through their bodies, killing them instantly.

Seven or eight hours later, Great Qin had killed most of the worms, and a small portion had escaped in another direction. Zhao Fu had also picked up a gray Den.

This Den was twice as big as ordinary ones, and the aura was even stronger. Zhao Fu decided to fuse it into another Wyvern.

The Wyvern became 3,000 meters long and looked somewhat similar to an ordinary Insect Den Wyvern. It had gray scales and had pincers on the side of its mouth. However, its body became somewhat bloated and its eyes became much larger, and its strength also increased. It gave off a mountain-toppling aura - because this was a Den of tens of millions of worms, its power was naturally much stronger.

However, some wounds appeared on the Wyvern's body, from which red blood spilled out, because it was unable to entirely bear the Den's power.

This meant that the Wyverns could only fuse with Dens up to this level. Any higher level Dens would cause Wyverns to explode and die.

The Insect Dens were split into different levels. The lowest level was Level 1, which had around one million Insects protecting it. A Level 2 Den had two million Insects protecting it, and so on.

As Stage 5 creatures, Wyvern could only endure up to Level 30 Insect Dens. Only higher-tier creatures could fuse with higher-level Insect Dens.