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 Zhao Fu was quite startled and became serious, as he could hear the threat in the woman's words. However, he replied calmly, "For us Heaven Awaken World people, only those with Royal Kingdoms can come here. Great Qin is a newly-risen Royal Kingdom."

The woman gave a slight smile as she said somewhat coldly, "A real Royal Kingdom would not have so many Stage 1 soldiers; I suppose you don't know how powerful the Outer World is, and why only Royal Kingdoms from your world can come here.

"This place has ten or so factions that can threaten Royal Kingdoms; if I leak your information to them, do you think you can defend against them without the strength of a Royal Kingdom?"

Hearing the woman's words, Zhao Fu felt quite startled; he had never thought that there was such danger. However, Zhao Fu realized that she could have done this long ago if not for the fact that he had her husband and brother-in-law.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu felt quite confident and said condescendingly, "Go and tell them then! Not only will your husband die, your brother-in-law will die as well. I'll skin them alive and then chop off their meat bit by bit.

"Also, you won't be able to escape. Your looks are not bad and I'll definitely enjoy your body."

The woman was incredibly angry, but she was afraid that Zhao Fu would kill the two of them, which was why she was here to negotiate.

"I can tell you about the surrounding factions that can threaten you and the location of the Sunlight Gemstone mine. However, you have to promise to spare us," the woman said as she angrily glared.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed. After being threatened by her, how could Zhao Fu spare them? Once he let them go, he would have no power over them. Moreover, if they passed Great Qin's information to those terrifying factions, Great Qin would definitely suffer heavy losses.

"Apologies, but I'll have to refuse. I'll look for the Sunlight Gemstone mine myself and I'll look for those factions myself. As for you three, you can stay in Great Qin!"

The woman started to panic; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would refuse everything. After thinking about it, she took off her beast skin, revealing her enticing body as she said, "I'll throw in my body as well. As long as you can let the three of us go afterwards, we definitely won't leak your information. However, you'll be found by them sooner or later."

Zhao Fu felt quite startled, but he smiled and did not mind. He pulled the woman into his embrace and the woman slightly struggled, but thinking about her husband and her brother-in-law, she could only endure it.

Intense sounds sounded from within the room and the woman had never felt so excited and happy before, despite feeling that she had betrayed her husband. She felt incredibly conflicted and uncomfortable, but her body felt incredibly pleasurable.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu hugged the woman and checked to see if the Six Desires Demonic Qi had any effect on Outer World creatures. He was quite surprised; perhaps it was because the Six Desires Demonic Qi was a higher-tier power, making it so that it was only slightly weakened.

The woman's face was quite red and she powerlessly lay in Zhao Fu's embrace as she said, "Now that I've given my body to you, can you let the three of us go?"

Zhao Fu laughed, "I don't think I ever promised you that! Also, just then it seemed like it was you enjoying yourself; I didn't get much out of that."

The woman felt incredibly embarrassed and angry; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so shameless. She raised her hand and tried to hit Zhao Fu, but her hand was grabbed by Zhao Fu, so she tried to bite him.

At that moment, a voice sounded out from outside, "Reporting to Your Majesty, we've found that village and have successfully destroyed it."

Hearing this, the woman's face became pale and her heart felt as if it fell into an abyss, and Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile.

Back when he had captured the first Outer World person, Zhao Fu had not thought much. After capturing the second, Zhao Fu had been focused on obtaining intelligence so he had not considered that too much. However, after seeing a third Outer World person, Zhao Fu realized that there was definitely an Outer World base nearby.

As such, Zhao Fu sent out scouts. Each scout was paired with a Gray Wolf and they were all specially trained and were skilled at tracking.

Hearing that it was just a Village, Zhao Fu felt a bit disappointed. After all, Great Qin already had millions of ordinary Villages.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to get up, the woman pulled Zhao Fu and pleaded with tears in her eyes, "Please, don't harm them!"

The reason that the woman did not want to give information about the surroundings was to protect her Village. She had never thought that Great Qin would find it in the end.

Looking at the pitiful woman, Zhao Fu stroked her face and smiled as he said softly, "Then you have to be more obedient in the future!"

The woman hurriedly nodded and said, "I'll definitely listen to you in the future and won't disobey your orders."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly smiled and said, "Put on your clothes, we'll go together."

The two of them put on their clothes and came to the hall. There were many people bound with ropes, and most of them had blood on their clothes; they had most likely been injured.

The woman looked at a red-haired man who looked quite aged and hurriedly ran over, asking, "Dad! Are you alright?"

The aged-looking man did not expect his daughter to be here with an evil Heaven Awaken World person. He thought of something and said angrily, "Daughter! Did you betray our Village?"

The woman cried, not knowing how to explain things. After all, the Village being destroyed indeed had to do with her. However, she definitely had not betrayed the Village.

Zhao Fu frowned as he said, "You don't need to blame her; it was Great Qin that discovered you all, and destroying your Village was something that was bound to happen sooner or later."

The aged-looking man shouted hatefully, "Despicable Heaven Awaken World person, I'll definitely kill you, use your blood as a sacrifice, and take revenge for our dead villagers. You won't have a good ending; even if I die, the other Chaos Spirit people will find you."

Zhao Fu looked quite angry, and the woman hurriedly said, "Husband, don't be angry. We Chaos Spirit people are naturally antagonistic towards you all, which is why we act like this."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt less angry, and he gave the order for those people to be taken away. He then ordered people to give a detailed overview of what had happened.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised to find that the Village did not have even 1,000 people; it was simply too small! Also, how could a little boy from such a small Village have the ability to gather ten million Insects? Zhao Fu could not believe this.

However, the soldier would not lie to him. This meant that this Village had tens of millions of Insects protecting them. It was only after clearing those Insects that they were able to take down the Village.

The soldiers also delivered up a fist-sized gray pearl. It was very smooth and gave off a faint light. It was something they had obtained from the Village, and Zhao Fu did not know much about this item.

However, this was now easily solvable, and Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at the woman.