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 "Speak! Where did you come from and where is this place? What factions are around here?" Zhao Fu asked as he looked at the boy with his terrifying eyes.

Within a dark room, the boy was hung up by chains and he looked incredibly angry as he continuously struggled, trying to escape. However, he naturally could not break free from the chains.

The boy said stubbornly, "I won't tell anything to you Heaven Awaken World people, even if I die. It's best you kill me now, or you'll regret it."

Zhao Fu's expression did not change. He let out a powerful arc of electricity which slammed into the boy; Zhao Fu would not hold back just because of the boy's age.

"Arghhh..." As the powerful electricity hit the boy's body, his body violently trembled and he howled. Only after a while did Zhao Fu stop, and the boy's body was soaked with sweat. He hung strengthlessly in the air and became much more docile.

Now, he understood the consequences of being captured by the enemy; this person would not show him any mercy or sympathy and would only treat him cruelly.

"I'll ask you one more time: Tell me everything you know, or I'll use even more painful methods. If you tell me what I want to know, I'll even let you see your big brother and I'll stop tormenting your big brother. Did you know? Your brother is used for many experiments and goes through immense pain every day," Zhao Fu said coldly to the boy.

Hearing that his big brother was being used for experiments, the boy became extremely angry and yelled, "You dared to treat my big brother like that? I won't spare you all!"

"Arghhhh..." Zhao Fu did not speak and another powerful wave of electricity entered the boy's body through the chains, causing him to scream in pain. The voice was quite tender and could make most people feel sympathetic.

"Do you want me to repeat yourself? If you want you and your big brother to stop suffering, tell me everything you know," Zhao Fu said with a cold expression.

The boy tightly closed his lips and glared at Zhao Fu, not saying anything.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised; this little boy was quite courageous. Could it be that all Outer World people were like this? After thinking about it, Zhao Fu brought him back to Great Qin to look at the scarred and feeble man in prison.

Seeing his big brother in that state, the little boy cried and ran over, but he was grabbed by Zhao Fu. The dead eyes of the man on the ground regained some light.

He looked at the boy in Zhao Fu's hands, and he was furious as he roared, "Let go of my little brother, or I won't let you off even if I die!"

The brothers cared deeply for each other, or else they would not be so angry for each other. Zhao Fu felt like he was the villain from a movie, doing anything for his goal.

"Do you want to see your big brother continue suffering like this? Don't you feel extreme pain? As long as you tell me what I want to know, I'll treat both of you well. Your big brother won't be subjected to experiments anymore and you won't have to bear any more pain," Zhao Fu said to the boy.

The boy cried as he hesitated and prepared to speak.

"Don't say anything! Don't tell anything to these contemptible Heaven Awaken World people. Our Chaos Spirit Race would rather die than submit to these people!" the man shouted.

Hearing his big brother's words, the boy's gaze became resolute and he closed his mouth, determined not to say anything.

Zhao Fu felt quite displeased. He raised his hand, preparing to chop off the boy's arm and make him suffer.

"Your Majesty! There's news from the Outer World; an Outer World person wants to meet you," a soldier walked in and reported.

Hearing that it was another Outer World person, Zhao Fu sank into his thoughts. He decided to meet them and went to the base in the Outer World. He had given the base a name, Qin Territory.

Zhao Fu was surprised to find that this person was a woman. Her figure was quite mature and she looked quite beautiful. She had red eyes and looked quite cheerful and bright. She only wore a beast skin that covered her chest and lower body, and she had a wild aura.

"Are you here for those two people?" Zhao Fu could guess this woman's purpose for coming here; she would not come here for no reason.

The woman lightly smiled and said, "That man is my husband, and the other is my little brother-in-law. I want to negotiate with you to release them."

Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh, "You came by yourself, and you dare to try to negotiate with me? Aren't you afraid of you being dragged into this as well?"

Zhao Fu smiled as she replied, "Sir, your faction most likely only came here recently; there were no Heaven Awaken World people here before. You should be in a hurry to find Sunlight Gemstones. I can provide them, as long as you release my husband and little brother-in-law."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted; he had never thought that the Sunlight Gemstones he had been searching for would deliver themselves up. What's more, it was for the cost of two unimportant people; this was a very good deal.

However, Zhao Fu was not in a hurry to agree because he was still not sure where this place was or what factions were around. He had to make things clear or else everything would be unknown, and he would not be able to be at ease.

Zhao Fu was now curious about the identity of these three people, and he wanted to know who they were.

Zhao Fu looked at the woman and said, "If you can tell me where the Sunlight Gemstones are, I'll be very happy to let the two of them go. However, you have to tell me your identities and everything about this area. Only then will I spare them."

The woman felt quite startled and thought about it before replying, "I can only tell you that this place is called the Withered Grass Domain and is in the western area of the Primal Chaos World. As for our identities and information about this area, I can't tell you any more."

If the woman really told that information to Zhao Fu, everyone in this area would be doomed. She knew that Great Qin had gathered billions of soldiers.

Zhao Fu felt quite displeased, as he only received a rough location and still did not know the situation around him; how could he be satisfied with this?

"The location of the Sunlight Gemstones and information about the surroundings; those are things I have to know, or there'll be nothing to discuss. Also, to prevent you from contacting others, I'll need to trouble you to stay here for a few days."

The smiling woman now frowned; Zhao Fu meant to forcefully keep her here and get information out of here.

This made the woman feel quite angry; it was Great Qin who had captured their people and she was here to courteously negotiate. If they were ordinary Chaos Spirit people, they definitely would not be able to do such a thing.

However, she had come here prepared, and she smiled as she said, "Sir's faction most likely is not a Royal Kingdom, right?"