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 Great Qin's soldiers got into formation with the Shieldbearers at the front, Infantrymen with spears at the second row, and Archers at the third row.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows shot out, tearing through the air and descending like a great rain. Centipedes' bodies were pierced and they immediately died and hissed in pain. The ground was soon covered with red blood.

Some centipedes gave off ferocious auras as they rushed at Great Qin's army. At that moment, the Wyverns in the air descended and shot out flames or icy blasts, burning or freezing the centipedes.

Zhao Fu watched the Insect Den Wyvern, which was quickly flying in the air. It opened its mouth and a massive green beam of light shot out into the horde of centipedes.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

A chain of explosions sounded out as green light rushed into the sky. The green beam of light swept out, blasting countless centipedes. Red blood splattered everywhere and dyed the ground.

Massive craters appeared in the ground and fragmented centipede corpses could be seen everywhere. This single attack from the Insect Den Wyvern killed at least a few hundred thousand centipedes; it was much stronger than ordinary Wyverns.

Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile and continued to observe the battlefield.

Another wave of arrow rain descended and by now, most of the centipedes were dead or injured. Only a small portion of centipedes were able to make it to the army, and they were blocked off by the shield wall while the Infantrymen stabbed through their bodies with their spears. In the end, they were easily killed as well.

Zhao Fu came to the center and looked at the Den and smiled. He fused it into another Wyvern without a City Lord Seal. Of course, he first fused it with the Red Centipede bloodline.

The Wyvern struggled on the ground and gave cries of pain as its body started to go through changes and its aura started to become chaotic.

In the end, it became a 1,000 meter long Wyvern. This Insect Den Wyvern was quite similar to the previous one but had slight changes.

This Insect Den Wyvern's scales were red and it did not have a pair of thin insect wings on its back, but its chest had a few thick and solid pieces of exoskeleton. Its defense was greatly increased and it did not gain an antenna, but it did gain pincers and gave off a powerful aura.

The two Wyverns looked different, and it was most likely because of the bloodlines and Dens fused.

He had to pair up the right bloodline with the right Den because the Den would only spawn this type of bloodline. If he used another bloodline, the Den would not be able to be fused and the creature that he tried to fuse it with would definitely die.

Zhao Fu ordered the soldiers to continue clearing out the battlefield, collect the centipede corpses, and bring the eggs back.

Zhao Fu saw that it would be dawn soon, so he gave the order to return to the base. Otherwise, after the eight suns came up, Great Qin's soldiers would quickly be scorched to death.

After returning to Great Qin, the other armies had returned as well and brought back large numbers of Insect corpses. What made Zhao Fu pleasantly surprised was that there were six Dens, which meant that Great Qin could create another six Insect Den Wyverns.

However, they still had not found a Sunlight Gemstone mine, so Great Qin's army still could not leave the base during the day. Zhao Fu felt quite worried - without any Sunlight Gemstones, if the base was destroyed, they would be doomed.

They had to obtain Sunlight Gemstones or else their movements would be greatly restricted, and they would be incredibly vulnerable.

If someone snuck into the base and destroyed the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation, Great Qin's soldiers would perish under the eight suns.

"What have you come to find This God for?" Arasina gave off a cold aura as she walked out and looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes.

Zhao Fu took out an Insect egg and put it on the ground as he asked, "What can this Insect egg be used for? Can the Great Qin hatch it and use it?"

Arasina looked at the Insect egg and said, "You wish! Do you really think Outer World creatures can be taken in so easily? These eggs mainly have two uses: one is to create an Insect Curse and one is to create an Insect Soul."

Zhao Fu asked in curiosity, "What are Insect Curses and Insect Souls?"

Arasina replied, "Because of the Outer World's special Laws, the creatures there are quite special. These Insect eggs are very suited for casting curses, which are called Insect Curses.

"Anyone who is cursed with an Insect Curse will have an insect appear in their body, which will continuously torment them. The pain is immense and can even kill people. Insect eggs are split into different levels and can unleash different Insect Curses.

"The Insect eggs you've obtained are trash Insect eggs and basically no one would use them. They are normally destroyed because the Insect Curses they unleash can be dispelled very easily.

"As for Insect Souls, when they are incubating, you can send your power into it and the Insect egg's Insect Soul will enter your body. After the Insect Soul enters your body, it will instinctively devour your life force, which will cause immense pain.

"At that moment, you need to seal the Insect egg, making it so that it cannot absorb any energy. You will also gain control of the Insect Soul within you, and you will obtain the Insect Soul's power.

"However, even though the Insect Soul can increase power by a bit, Insect Souls are naturally antagonistic to Heaven Awaken World creatures. As such, using the Insect Soul's power will easily cause backlash, so very few people do this."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu few quite disappointed. The effects of the Insect Curse and Insect Soul were both too weak and dangerous. It seemed that he would not be able to create an Insect Soul army.

However, Zhao Fu kept these Insect eggs for now because there were one million or so of them and perhaps they would be useful in the future.

"You've been busy for an entire night; you should take a break," Arasina came up and lightly hugged Zhao Fu and said charmingly.

Zhao Fu looked at how enticing she seemed and lightly laughed as he said, "You go first then, and I'll have a good rest by myself."

Arasina glared at Zhao Fu and said shyly as she said, "Husband, This God wants you. This God will serve husband tonight."

After saying this, Arasina took the initiative to kiss Zhao Fu and took off her clothes.

Bai Xihan stood outside the door as she listened to the intense noises coming from within. She stopped and a slight embarrassment came to her cold face.

Xu Liuyi felt quite surprised and stood at the door as she looked at Bai Xihan and asked, "What is it? Xihan, didn't you want to talk to His Majesty about the base?"

However, she soon heard the noises from within and her face became slightly red. She gave off an enticing aura; as a young woman, Xu Liuyi's body could not help but become hot upon hearing those voices.

Sun Hanxiang and Wei Qiang also arrived. Hearing those voices, their faces also became red.