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 The soldier was relatively fine and just lost some lifeforce. He would recover after consuming some medicinal pills.

Zhao Fu did not understand what had just happened; it was a pity that Arasina was not with him, or else he could ask her what he could do with these insect eggs. He could only put them away and research them after going back.

Zhao Fu then went to the center of the crater, where the glowing hexagonal stone was. He looked at it, stretched out his hand, and looked at its information.

"System announcement! This item cannot be checked."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed; he expected this. After all, even though he could check the information of items within the Heaven Awaken World, this was something from the Outer World. Being from the Heaven Awaken World, he was unable to look at its information.

However, Zhao Fu could guess that this item was similar to a Den, and it would perhaps be even stronger than Dens in the Heaven Awaken World. However, Zhao Fu was unable to conquer this Den nor could he relocate it; in other words, he could not use it.

However, sensing the immense lifeforce from the Den, Zhao Fu had a daring thought. He summoned a Wyvern that had not fused with a City Lord Seal and planned to try it out.

The ordinary Wyvern was only ten or so meters long and had gray-colored scales. Its defense was only ordinary, and it was much weaker than the Wyverns that had fused with City Lord Seals.

Zhao Fu planned to use the same method of fusing City Lord Seals to fuse this Insect Den into the Wyvern's body to see what would happen.

Looking at the Wyvern obediently lying on the ground and looking at him with eyes full of worship, Zhao Fu could not help but hesitate and thought of a problem.

Wyverns were Heaven Awaken World creatures while this Insect Den was from the Outer World, and Heaven Awaken World people were unable to use it. Perhaps the Wyvern would not be able to fuse with it and would die; he could not act too rashly.

Zhao Fu thought about it and came up with a hypothesis. He ordered people to gather blood from the rhinoceros beetles and used a Blood Fusion Stone to fuse the blood into the Wyvern's body.

The process was extremely painful, and the Wyvern felt its body being corroded by a type of energy as it continuously cried out and struggled. Its aura slowly changed.

A while later, the Wyvern calmed down and powerlessly lay on the ground; the pain seemed to have subsided. Zhao Fu had expected this; after all, it was difficult to fuse things from two worlds with different Laws.

Now, the Wyvern had only successfully fused a trace of Insect Outer World creature bloodline. It was much more powerful than Insect type Outer World creatures, so its blood could suppress the Insect blood. However, it was still so painful for it and it was unable to bear the Insect Outer World creature bloodline.

If it was an ordinary person, daring to fuse Insect Outer World creature blood would result in certain death.

Zhao Fu looked at the Wyvern and took out a high-grade medicinal pill and fed it to it. The Wyvern quickly regained its strength, and it started to fuse with the Den.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite serious as he performed countless hand seals and sent his energy into the Den. Fortunately, Zhao Fu's bloodline was now a Divine Bloodline, or else he would not be able to fuse his energy into the Den.

As he sent in more and more energy, the massive Den became more and more under his control. Zhao Fu then pointed at the Wyvern and the massive hexagonal stone shot into the Wyvern's body.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." The Wyvern once again started to roar painfully as the two energies clashed. The Den's enormous power continuously corroded the Wyvern's body, causing the Wyvern's body to glow.

The Wyvern struggled and rolled about on the ground, its claws and tail slamming at the ground and smashing open craters, looking like it was in extreme pain.

A while later, the Wyvern's pain lessened; the Insect Outer World creature blood that Zhao Fu had fused earlier started to take effect.

The Wyvern's body became bigger - 100 meters, 200 meters, 500 meters, 700 meters... in the end, the ten or so meter long Wyvern became 1,000 meters long, and its appearance went through great changes as well.

Its gray scales became green and fluorescent, and attached to its dragon wings were a pair of thin insect wings. On the Wyvern's head was a green insect antenna, and it now had pincers beside its mouth.

The Wyvern now gave off a terrifying aura, and it was more than ten times more powerful than the Wyverns that had fused with City Lord Seals. It was more than 1,000 meters long and gave off both the Heaven Awaken World's aura and a Primal Chaos aura.

Zhao Fu was delighted and looked at the Wyvern's information

[Insect Den Wyvern]: A terrifying creature formed by fusing a Heaven Awaken World Wyvern and an Insect Den. It has extremely terrifying power and can rival a Stage 9 Dragon. It contains both Primal Chaos power and Insect Dragon power.

"Hahaha..." Looking at that information, Zhao Fu loudly laughed. He had just wanted to try and did not think that he would actually succeed and create such a terrifying dragon.

Stage 9 Dragons were the most noble existences among Dragons. Their power and bloodline could greatly suppress normal dragons and they were also quite rare. However, Great Qin could use this method to create a large number of Stage 9 Dragons.

The power of Stage 9 Dragons was unimaginable. Even if they faced Stage 9 soldiers, they would have an overwhelming advantage.

These Insect Den Dragons would cause Great Qin's strength to greatly increase; even ordinary Empires would not have such powerful Dragons.

Of course, Great Qin would not be able to produce many more Insect Den Wyverns, as they required Insect Dens. They would have to destroy an Insect Den of millions of Insects to obtain an Insect Den; this was not easy at all.

Zhao Fu ordered people to collect the Insect corpses and the Insect eggs were brought back as well to be researched.

After destroying this Den, Zhao Fu led the army onwards. An hour later, they found another Insect Den, and Zhao Fu was quite delighted about this.

Killing the Insect type Outer World creatures gave good rewards, as did taking down the Den. The Heaven Awaken World used to give good rewards, but now war only gave population and territory.

Zhao Fu went with the vanguard to take a look. It was a massive hole in the ground that had red centipedes. They were about two meters long and there were only around one million of them. There were also many red eggs.

There was also a hexagonal stone giving off red light at the center, silently floating in the air.

There were only one million or so centipedes, so Zhao Fu did not bother being too careful. It would be quite easy to kill them, so he sent forth the army to attack.

The arrival of Great Qin's army was quickly sensed by the centipedes, and they quickly swarmed out and attacked.