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 Zhao Fu led billions of soldiers and all sorts of beasts, and he brought countless construction materials to the Outer World. In just one night, they constructed a massive and grand City in the Outer World.

During that time, many Outer World creatures attacked, but they were quickly killed by Great Qin, and their materials were collected by Great Qin's soldiers to be sent back to Great Qin.

Because Great Qin did not have any Sunlight Gemstones, they could only do things at night. After such a massive City suddenly appeared, giving off a terrifying aura, the Outer World creatures did not dare to come within the surrounding 1,000 kilometers out of an instinctive fear.

Now, it was Great Qin's turn to attack them. Zhao Fu left half of the army to defend the base and the remaining half split into eight armies to attack in eight directions. Each army had a Commander-level figure leading it, and Zhao Fu also personally led an army.

Under the moonlight of the twelve moons, it seemed as bright as day, though there was a clear coldness, and Zhao Fu led his army onwards.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Hundreds of thousands of scorpion-like Outer World creatures gave off massive roars and shocking auras as they flooded over.

"Formation!" Without Zhao Fu having to give any orders, a Commander's voice sounded out. A group of Shieldbearers walked out from the left and formed a shield wall. Behind them, Archers walked out and drew their bows and aimed at the incoming Outer World creatures.

These arrows were not ordinary arrows but contained Spirit Destruction Crystals, and the arrowheads gave off traces of blood-red light.



Swish, swish, swish...

The arrows drew out countless blood-red arcs as they shot out like arcs of electricity towards the Outer World creatures.

The arrows easily sank into the Outer World creatures' bodies, and green blood flew everywhere. Countless Outer World creatures directly died and some fell to the ground and writhed in pain, looking like they were not long for the world. However, the remaining Outer World creatures continued to ferociously attack.

However, after another wave of arrows, most of these Outer World creatures had been killed. Hundreds of thousands of Outer World creatures looked like a lot, but Zhao Fu had 200 million soldiers with him, so killing these hundreds of thousands of Outer World creatures was not a problem at all.

The Spirit Destruction Crystals had proved quite effective, increasing the damage against Outer World creatures and making it easier for Great Qin to kill these Outer World creatures.

Swish, swish, swish...

Soon, another wave of arrows tore through the sky, descending like rain and poking countless holes in the Outer World creatures. The Outer World creatures were gathered quite densely and always appeared in large waves. If anyone was by themselves, it would be very difficult to survive here.

After killing another wave of Outer World creatures, the soldiers collected the corpses and hunted down the remaining Outer World creatures.

This was the fifth wave that Zhao Fu had killed, and all of the Outer World creatures they encountered were Insect type Outer World creatures. The number of Insect type Outer World creatures was simply astonishing.

They still had not found a Sunlight Gemstone mine. Zhao Fu brought such a large force not only to kill Outer World creatures but to find a Sunlight Gemstone mine. Without Sunlight Gemstones, Great Qin's soldiers could not do anything during the day.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, those ahead have discovered something," a soldier from the vanguard ran to Zhao Fu and reported.

Hearing the is, Zhao Fu nodded and flew towards the front.

There was an enormous crater with countless rhinoceros beetle-like insects around it. The insects gave off light from their backs, and there were glowing eggs at the center. These eggs seemed to have membranes around them, as opposed to shells.

Because the eggs gave off light, it was possible to hazily see what they contained. It was a liquid-like substance and some had murky forms that looked like rhinoceros beetles.

The crater was incredibly big, at least hundreds of kilometers wide, and there were millions of insects. They were gathered incredibly densely and looked quite terrifying.

What caught Zhao Fu's attention was that at the center of the crater, there was a hexagonal stone that was around three meters tall and silently floated in the air, giving off a green light. It gave off a powerful aura and seemed like some kind of treasure.

Zhao Fu immediately led the soldiers up. There were millions of insects, and if they were not careful, they would suffer losses.

Zhao Fu first ordered the soldiers to set up defenses in the outer borders and had some people draw a few hundred thousand insects over at a time. In a few waves, they would be able to clear out half of them, and the remaining half would not be much of a threat.

Zhao Fu then had the army surround the crater. Within the crater, the insects sensed the Heaven Awaken World's aura and charged over with no regard for their lives.

Facing these insects, Zhao Fu did not care too much and released Wyverns. The Wyverns gave off massive auras and flew in the sky, spewing out flames and icy blasts.

Soon, Great Qin had killed all of the insects, leaving a massive wreck in the crater. There were charred insect corpses and frozen corpses everywhere.

Great Qin had tried to keep as many of the insect eggs as possible, but a small portion had been destroyed. Zhao Fu had never seen these eggs before, and he felt quite interested as he came before an egg and sensed the power it gave off.

He found that the eggs were slowly absorbing the Primal Chaos aura. Everything in the Outer World Battlefield was made of Primal Chaos aura, while the Heaven Awaken World was made of spirit qi.

Because Zhao Fu was standing quite close, he could feel a bit of his energy being sucked into the egg. Zhao Fu felt quite confused; the insect egg could actually absorb his energy though he came from the Heaven Awaken World.


Suddenly, Zhao Fu had an idea and sent large amounts of his energy into the egg. The one meter tall egg madly absorbed Zhao Fu's energy, and its color gradually became black as its aura became stronger and stronger.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded out as the insect egg exploded. Black mucus shot everywhere, and fortunately Zhao Fu raised his barrier in time, or else he would have been completely covered. The mucus also had a stench to it.

The reason that the egg exploded was because it was unable to contain Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline's power. Zhao Fu thought about it and called over an ordinary soldier and had him send his energy into an egg.

The egg quickly absorbed the soldier's energy, and the aura it gave off became stronger and stronger. The liquid within the egg continuously went through changes as the body of a rhinoceros beetle gradually formed.

At that moment, a palm-sized image of a rhinoceros beetle shot out from the egg and flew into that soldier's body.

"Arghhh!" The soldier suddenly cried out, his face covered with pain. Zhao Fu's expression fell and he sent his Divine power into the soldier's body. He found that the rhinoceros beetle image was currently devouring the soldier's life force.

As Zhao Fu's Divine power entered the soldier's body, it easily killed the rhinoceros beetle image. At the same time, the egg seemed to lose all traces of life.