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 That was the reason why the Wind God Empire did not directly attack and instead warned everyone to leave. If everyone in the Charm Devil World retaliated, they would suffer great losses. After all, they only had three billion soldiers here.

Moreover, if they really slaughtered a world, the surrounding worlds would not sit by and wait to be killed. They would definitely ally together. If enough people gathered, the Wind God Empire would naturally lose.

Now, no one dared to stay in the Charm Devil World. The Wind God Empire obtained the world so easily, causing others to feel admiration.

Zhao Fu could now confirm that the Wind God Empire was expanding, possibly to make preparations for the Wind Spirit World. Otherwise, they would not want an entire world.

Now, it seemed that the Charm Devil World was their first step. After solidifying their foundation, they might look to other worlds. When that time came, the surrounding worlds would be in danger and would be susceptible to an attack from the Wind God Empire.

This was especially so for Great Qin - it was only one world away from the Wind Spirit World. Facing a Royal Kingdom, Zhao Fu felt immense pressure. This was especially so for the Emperor Heaven Realm expert who could completely suppress him.

The Wind God Empire was still gathering people here, proving that they were going to do something. With Great Qin's strength, they would not be able to withstand it.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu's expression became serious. Within Zhao Fu's embrace, Mei Xianggu could see Zhao Fu's worry and did not disturb him. Right now, Zhao Fu was their support.

A while later, Zhao Fu came back to his senses and said, "Relocate to Great Qin for now! If the Wind God Empire really does try to do anything to Great Qin, Great Qin will do its best to defend. Now that you're Great Qin's people, Great Qin will protect you."

Mei Xianggu happily smiled and kissed Zhao Fu. "My good husband, we all trust you. Also, I prepared a very good gift for you."

Zhao Fu hugged Mei Xianggu and smiled as he asked, "What is the gift?"

Mei Xianggu flirtatiously laughed and called out, "You sluts, you're still not coming out? I thought that you were dying to meet my husband."

Giggles sounded out from a bedroom nearby as five women with mature and enticing figures walked out. They looked at Zhao Fu with greedy and desperate gazes, quickly came up, and sniffed at Zhao Fu's aura as if they were intoxicated.

Mei Xianggu laughed as she said, "Husband, I convinced them all to join Great Qin and their factions are all quite strong! How about it, I've been quite thoughtful, right?"

Following this, Mei Xianggu started to introduce them to Zhao Fu.

One of them was the Queen of a Kingdom and was called Xiang Yue. She had a voluptuous figure and had a trace of a dignified aura. Under Mei Xianggu and Mei Qiangu's help, she had staged a coup and had killed her previous husband and become the Queen.

One was called Gu Lili, and she was the leader of a faction. She had a fiery figure and gave off a lewd aura. One was called Qian Liyue and looked neither male nor female and was quite skinny, and she was the Queen of a Kingdom. One was called Di Wu and was the leader of a faction. She had a sexy figure and looked quite flirtatious.

The last one was called Min Yeye and had a graceful figure and looked quite gentle and quiet. However, she was actually extremely passionate deep down. If it was not Mei Xianggu holding her back, she would have been servicing Zhao Fu already.

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless as he looked at the women in front of him.

The Queen Xiang Yue hugged Zhao Fu enticingly and said, "Your Majesty, why didn't you come find me earlier, making it so that I only met you now. I feel that we've missed out on so much. The aura your body gives off makes us Charm Devil women lose all control."

Min Yeye said coquettishly, "That's right! We've long since heard of your famous name, but we didn't have an opportunity to meet you. If we met you earlier, I would have long since served under you as your little pet."

Di Wu flirtatiously smiled as she rubbed against Zhao Fu, saying, "Your Majesty, look how much I want you. You have to properly satisfy you, and in the future, I'll be yours; I already can't leave you."

Mei Xianggu lightly laughed and said, "You five sluts, I didn't lie to you, right? As soon as you met my husband, you would become like five female dogs in heat."

"Yes, yes, yes, you were right. Let's start now! I can't wait anymore." Gu Lili's eyes looked quite hazy as her face became red.

"Wait! Don't you shove us aside," Mei QIangu laughed as she looked at Zhao Fu and licked her lips. She brought her four Generals and walked towards Zhao Fu, and Xiang Li had long since thrown herself at Zhao Fu

After an intense session, the women's faces were red as they happily obeyed Zhao Fu's orders and started to move their factions to Great Qin.

"Your Majesty, I'm quite far away and because of instability, I need your help," Qian Liyue said somewhat unhappily as she hugged Zhao Fu.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and agreed. Qian Liyue was the Queen of a Kingdom and Zhao Fu hugged her and went to a palace.

All of the various Ministers were gathered there and a handsome and luxuriously-dressed young man said loudly, "I think that we shouldn't submit to Great Qin; only by relocating somewhere far away will we be safe. Great Qin is only one world away from us."

"Hmph! Since I decided to submit to Great Qin, we will submit to Great Qin. I'm the Queen and all of you must obey me. That includes you, Ye Li," Qian Liyue said as she walked out hugging Zhao Fu.

Ye Li was that handsome young man, and when he looked at Qian Liyue affectionately hugging Zhao Fu, he immediately became enraged, pointed at Zhao Fu, and roared, "Who is that bastard?"

Zhao Fu felt quite angry but Qian Liyue hurriedly said, "Husband, don't be angry; he's my King. I'll have him killed and will only belong to you; you can play with my body however you want."

Ye Li was almost angered to death hearing his woman saying such things. Back then, they had been deeply in love, but now she seemed completely different, willing to kill him to please the man next to her.

"Qian Liyue, your'e going too far; you dare to humiliate my little brother." A long-haired, cold-looking woman in armor stormed in with a large group of soldiers. She was Ye Li's older sister and was called Ye Qingqing. She held a lot of military power and the cause of the instability here was her.

"Good husband, with your power, you should be able to subdue her. This woman has the power of the military and I can't deal with her," Qian Liyue ignored Ye Qingqing's words and said to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate as a powerful aura exploded out. A corporeal might landed on everyone within the palace, causing everyone to feel shocked. No one had thought that Zhao Fu would have such terrifying power, and their bodies instinctively trembled.

"My husband is the Emperor of Great Qin, so you'd best be tactful. I don't want to kill too many people, but don't force me," Qian Liyue gave off an intense Queen's aura and said icily.