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 There were many more replies, and Zhao Fu skipped over most of them, choosing only to read the more important ones.

There was a reply about the Ying family's leaders publicly expressing that they would hand over all of their factions and resources to Great Qin's Legatee. They also said that they would make him the patriarch of the entire Ying family if he returned to the Ying family. They believed that Great Qin's Legatee would bring Great Qin to unsurpassed glory, and they had even promised that they would meet tragic ends if they had deceptive intentions.

For these people to make a public declaration and such a promise, one could see their sincerity. However, regardless, Zhao Fu did not plan on revealing himself.

Would anyone really hand their life over to someone who had made an unenforceable promise? Even though the Ying family's factions and resources were extremely tempting and they seemed quite sincere, Zhao Fu was simply too weak in the real world. He was unable to protect himself, and he didn't believe that his enemies would have mercy on him. Before he had the power to protect himself, he would not reveal himself.

The second thread was about the Legatees of a few small nations in the northern region of Midland Continent. There were the State of Wei from the Warring States Period, the Kingdom of Qi from the Sixteen Kingdoms, Later Zhou from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, and the short-lived Great Shun. The four of them spent every day and night in terror because of Great Qin. As such, they gathered all of the Legatees in the north and formed a Qin Resistance Alliance.

Because China had an extremely long history, there were many small nations, and because they belonged to different dynasties, there would often be overlapping names.

This second thread caused Zhao Fu to frown, as this was simply too early. Most factions were only at the Town level, and they had not yet upgraded to cities. Most of them could not even leave their region, and the system factions were the sovereigns right now. They wanted to make an alliance to resist Great Qin already? What sort of joke was that?

"Even though Great Qin has gathered China's Fate and is one of the Five Great Empires of China, he's only dangerous on the surface!"

Could Great Qin go over and destroy all of them right now? Impossible. And yet, they had all decided to start resisting Great Qin. Zhao Fu hadn't expected this.

However, only six people had joined the Qin Resistance Alliance so far, while all of the other factions in the north had remained silent. After all, this was like a public declaration of war against Great Qin!

Everyone else understood that although Great Qin was the greatest threat, they knew that standing up against Great Qin at this point in time was incredibly irrational. After all, development should be the main focus right now. The other factions saw those six factions as little children who were publicly provoking an adult - they were simply asking for a spanking.

Even though it seemed that the Qin Resistance Alliance wouldn't be able to harm Great Qin right now, its existence was dangerous enough. Zhao Fu could even feel something strange, and it was as if someone was starting to plot against Great Qin.

The only ones who would be able to do something like this so early on would be the School of Vertical and Horizontal. After all, this was clearly the 'Vertical Alliance' system that had been employed against the original Great Qin in ancient times.

Zhao Fu felt quite angry about their conduct. Since this generation of the School of Vertical and Horizontal had decided to set themselves up as enemies of Great Qin and wanted to use Great Qin as a pawn in their chess game, Zhao Fu wouldn't show a hint of mercy to them.

Back then, Su Qin allied the Six States together, forcing the State of Qin to abandon its plan to become Emperor and making it so that Qin didn't dare to cross Hangu Pass for 15 years. Zhao Fu wanted to see if they had the ability to stop Great Qin from rising!

The third thread was titled: 'Seven Murders Star has appeared! Does the General Star belong to Qin?'

Zhao Fu had never thought that the matter about the General Star would have received so much attention and that people would have already guessed that it belonged to Great Qin. Luckily, they had no way of verifying this and could only guess that it was most likely Great Qin.

Right now, Zhao Fu truly didn't want to do anything extremely eye-catching that would draw too much attention. This would make things very inconvenient for him, and it would be detrimental to Great Qin's development.

There were many replies, and they said that they were from the Maoshan Sect, Qin Mountain's Zhang family, and Nanjiang's Miao family. They stated that they were willing to serve Great Qin. Of course, Zhao Fu ignored these replies - perhaps they were capable, but they were equally likely to be useless.

After looking through this information, Zhao Fu quickly finished his food. Just as he was about to enter the Heaven Awaken World, his maternal grandma called him. She told him that it was his grandpa's birthday and that they wanted to have a family dinner together.

If it was a normal matter, Zhao Fu could have politely declined, but since it was his grandpa's birthday, he decided that it would be best to go even though he had just eaten.

He brought along his personal bodyguard and bought a gift before heading to his grandparents' residence.

Zhao Fu had complicated emotions attached to his relatives because he felt that he wasn't very close to them. He wanted to leave after giving his grandpa his present, but they kept him there by chatting with him. They even asked if he had a girlfriend, and they wanted to introduce someone to him.

Even though they talked for a long time and most of the content was pointless, Zhao Fu felt closer to them, and their relationship felt more like family.

After staying there for a while, he went into the Heaven Awaken World and spent a day there. A new Void Beast had spawned, and after taking its Void Crystal, Zhao Fu started to prepare a third path.

This time, Zhao Fu planned to open up a path to Red Plum Plains. He once again continuously used teleportation channels before using a City Creation Stone. After arriving at Red Plum Plains, he obtained 10 Achievement Points.

Come to think of it, it was possible to farm Achievement Points like this. If everyone got 10 Achievement Points every time he or she stepped into a new region, it would be incredibly easy to reach Baron status. Then again, stepping into a new region was incredibly difficult to normal people.

However, it was now incredibly easy for the Great Qin Town. They could open up a new path every three days, and Baron status was 1,000 Achievement Points. Therefore, they would have to step into 100 new regions to get 1,000 Achievement Points.

Zhao Fu looked at the people he had brought, and he found that even though they were indigenous residents of the Heaven Awaken World, they also received 10 Achievement Points each time they came with him to a new region.

However, opening up 100 paths would require 300 days, which was quite a long time. There were also other ways to obtain Achievement Points. One could gain Achievement Points from killing Elite magic beasts and conquering villages, so getting three people to Baron status to upgrade to a City would be quite easy for Zhao Fu.