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 "You may all rise!" Zhao Fu said and the six men and four women stood up, looking both excited and nervous. They had finally seen Great Qin's Emperor with their own eyes and at such a close distance too; they did not dare to even imagine this in the past.

"Introduce yourselves to help Us and the Ministers know more about you," Zhao Fu said with some interest. The ten people here were the most exceptional out of all of the scholars, and they would be greatly used from the start.

"This humble one is Long Ling!" "This humble one is Zhang Feiling!" "This humble one is Kelimi!" "This humble one is Lin Li!" "This humble one is Yue Jiuya!" "This humble one is Bai Xiang!"

The six men spoke first. Long Ling was a handsome young man dressed in white, Zhang Feiling was a valiant-looking young man, Kelimi was an Elf; Lin Li was a Fish Scale person, Jiu Yueya gave off demonic qi and looked quite cold and cruel, and Bai Xiang gave off a scholarly elegance.

"This humble one is Lin Weiling!" "This humble one is Ye Fengfeng!" "This humble one is Nan In!" "This humble one is Liu Yunyun!"

The four women spoke next. Lin Weiling gave off the aura of the daughter of a big family, Ye Fengfeng looked quite lively, Nan In looked quite gentle, and Liu Yunyun gave off a charming aura. All four of them were quite beautiful.

The ten people were quite young; the youngest was 17 and the oldest was around 20 years old, and their was a tenderness to their faces.

Hearing their introductions, Zhao Fu nodded in satisfaction. The person who had placed first this time was Long Ling, the leader of Poem Sword. The person who placed second was Lin Weiling, the leader of the Washing Flower Pavilion. Both organizations had performed quite well.

Zhao Fu did not want to interfere with these organizations. As long as they did not violate Great Qin's laws, the more intense the competition, the more prosperous Great Qin would become.

Zhao Fu prepared to confer on them official positions when a Minister came out and said, "Your Majesty, the men have significant outperformed the women in this Imperial Examination. This Minister suggests greatly nurturing the men."

Another Minister came out and said, "Your Majesty, this Minister believes that there is no need in giving the women too much power. They have already let down Your Majesty's expectations. This Minister believes that women are unable to bear the responsibility of some roles."

Another Minister said respectfully, "Your Majesty, this Minister believes that what they have said is right. Please support the men more. This Minister believes that with Bai Xiang's experience, he should be able to undertake important roles in the Imperial Court.'

The women had not performed as well as the men in the Imperial Examination, and some Ministers took this opportunity to suppress the female Ministers. Most of the power in the Imperial Court was still within men's hands, and these ten people all had factions behind them.

The factions behind them all wanted them to obtain important positions. That way, their factions would become more powerful and have solider foundations.

Li Muqing and Lu Lingxuan's expressions fell. They had long since expected that the other Ministers would make things difficult for them, suppress them, and push for policies more favorable to men.

"This Minister doesn't think that women are inferior to men. For example, the top scorer in the last Imperial Examination was Li Xiaoling. This Minister believes that women can definitely do well in the political sphere," Li Muqing hurriedly said.

Lu Lingxuan lifted her head and said confidently, "Your Majesty, do you think This Minister is inferior to men when dealing with political matters? If you believe this to be the case, This Minister will agree with what they say."

Li Xiaoling also wanted to speak, but even though her position was not low anymore, she did not have the qualifications to speak.

The atmosphere became quite tense and the top ten scorers could not help but feel anxious.

Zhao Fu calmly cut them off, "Alright, that's enough; Our decision will not change. Also, you'd best all stay in line. Now that the situation outside Great Qin is so tense, We do not want any internal conflicts."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Hearing Zhao Fu's words, everyone quickly acquiesced and no one dared to disobey.

This caused Long Ling and the others to feel immense respect and awe towards Zhao Fu. In front of those powerful people, they did not dare to say even a word, but just a few words from the Emperor had caused them to become incredibly docile, and none of them dared to complain.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Martial Examination to have a look.

"Your Majesty, you've come!" Wu Zetian came up, leaned against Zhao Fu, and gave a moving smile.

Zhao Fu smiled as he hugged the mature and charming Wu Zetian and sat on the throne. Wu Zetian was quite interested in the Marital Examinations and would come to watch every time.

The Martial Examination soon reached its final stage and it was a well-built young man against a Half-Beast person. One of them would take first place.

Your Majesty, look at that Half-Beast person's wolf ears and wolf tail; how interesting! I want to take a few Half-Beast female attendants," Wu Zetian said as she smiled.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded. The Half-Beast people were somewhat wild and were quite different. In actuality, every race had its own characteristics.

The only Half-Beast woman Zhao Fu had been with was Cang Xuenu, but he had made many of them Concubines. They had all been Queens or Princesses of Kingdoms.

The fighting on the stage was quite intense and a soldier came up to report, "Your Majesty, there's news from the Charm Devil World, and they're requesting for you to go over."

Zhao Fu nodded and prepared to get up when Wu Zetian said with a trace of displeasure, "Zhao Fu, don't indulge in those lewd women."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and replied, "I understand, wait for me. I'll be back at night."

Hearing Zhao Fu tell her to wait for him at night, Wu Zetian looked quite pleased and her displeasure disappeared, and she said, "Come back early then. I'll pick a few pretty Half-Beast female attendants to serve you together with me."

Zhao Fu headed to the Charm Devil World, not knowing what had happened and why they had suddenly asked him to go over.

After coming to the Royal Palace, Mei Xianggu, Mei Qiangu, and Xiang Li and their Generals were all present, but they looked quite serious.

"What happened?" Zhao Fu looked at them and asked in curiosity.

Mei Xianggu leapt into Zhao Fu's arms and said worriedly, "My good husband, your prediction was right. The Wind God Empire told everyone in the Charm Devil World to get out within three days, and anyone who remained would be slaughtered."

Zhao Fu felt quite startled; this actually ended up happening. They were incredibly domineering and as the invader, they actually told the original residents to scram. No one in the Charm Devil World dared to say no.

After all, if they did not leave, they would definitely be slaughtered. An Emperor Heaven Realm expert and three billion Stage 3 soldiers could indeed annihilate an entire world.

In actuality, if all of the Charm Devil people fought with the Wind God Empire's three billion soldiers, they would be able to take down some of them. However, all of them would have to die anyways. What's more, the Wind God Empire seemed to be gathering even more soldiers here.