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 Seven days after Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin, Great Qin fully digested the Spirit Light World and finished making preparations to attack the Corpse Pall World. Now, it was time to gather the army and officially attack the Corpse Pall World.

Great Qin sent ten billion soldiers and many beasts and devils. The remaining soldiers were left to defend Great Qin, especially against the Devil Horn Empire; it was likely that it would try to interfere.

Great Qin's soldiers gathered in front of the Heaven Domain Boundary, giving off an ocean-like aura that shook the surroundings. Upon sensing this aura, all living creatures had long since run away in fear, and the surroundings were deathly silent.

Mosax and Yu Ling went up and unleashed their abilities. A Domain expanded out and waves of light spread out.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the Heaven Domain Boundary cracked and pieces fell down, resulting in muffled explosions. The pieces smashed open many large craters and dust filled the air, obscuring everyone's vision.

After the dust settled, everyone was surprised to see that there was no one ahead in the Corpse Pall World. What was going on? The Corpse Pall World had to know that Great Qin would attack them, yet there was no one here and no defenses either.

Zhao Fu felt that something was off and sent a vanguard ahead. A group of hundreds of soldiers went up to investigate.

"Arghh..." Pained cries sounded out as the hundreds of soldiers stepped into the Corpse Pall World and gray auras invaded their bodies, making it seem as if their bodies were being eaten away at by formless creatures.

In just a few moments, the soldiers all died, their bodies bloody messes. There were many small bite marks and they seemed to have died horrible deaths, causing everyone else to gasp.

Zhao Fu frowned; he did not understand what had happened, but since they could not travel across the land, they could only try the sky.

Zhao Fu ordered a few people to fly into the sky and had them unleash defenses to ward off any dangers. If they sensed that anything was off, they were to immediately return.

However, after entering the Corpse Pall World, before a few seconds even passed, howls sounded out as they fell from the sky and died. They died in the same fashion and seemed to have been bitten to death.

Now, Zhao Fu felt quite confused as to what had happened. A robed elder came up and reported, "Your Majesty, this is an extremely powerful curse. Anyone who enters will be cursed."

Zhao Fu was startled and asked, "Is there any way to nullify the curse?"

Hearing that it was a curse, Zhao Fu understood; no wonder it was so strange. The people who had flown in the air had unleashed defenses were unable to block it at all because curses could not be blocked using ordinary methods.

"This Taoist needs to go up to see what sort of curse it is to think of a countermeasure," the elder said as he cupped his hands.

Zhao Fu nodded and said, "Then go! If you need anything, let Us know."

The elder obeyed and brought ten or so Taoists to the boundary of the Corpse Pall World. They took out a few Talismans, threw them into the Corpse Pall World, and the Talismans ignited and a formless energy spread out.

Immediately, the scene before them changed. Gray auras could be seen everywhere, covering the heavens and the earth. A cold and strange aura filled the surroundings, and what was terrifying was that there were terrifying babies with mouths filled with fangs.

These babies were like ghost babies and played about happily in the sky and on the ground. They looked incredibly evil and were innumerable; at a glance, all that could be seen were ghost babies.

Seeing this scene, everyone could not help but feel startled. The wicked laughter that they gave off made people's hair stand on end, and they could not help but feel afraid.

The ghost babies were not corporeal and were instead illusory existences. They were a type of curse, and not only could they not be attacked, but they were also impossible to defend against. They could easily invade one's body, and the bite marks on the soldiers' bodies were most likely from these ghost babies.

After a while, the elder came back with a serious expression and reported, "Your Majesty, this type of curse is incredibly terrifying. It requires ten million babies as ingredients and is incredibly difficult to nullify."

These Corpse Pall people seemed to be going all out and were incredibly cold and merciless, sacrificing so many babies to defend against Great Qin's attack.

However, now that they knew what kind of curse it was, Zhao Fu could think of a way to deal with it. Zhao Fu ordered the Light God to come to the battlefield, and seeing so many babies turned into a curse, the Light God Ruixi was incredibly angry.

"Husband, I'll definitely help you dispel that curse. You have to punish those evildoers!"

Zhao Fu smiled and agreed, feeling quite calm. He did not have as much of a reaction to the babies being sacrificed for the curse. Even if he knew that all of them were buried alive, he would not feel much or feel angry.

He could understand how much the Corpse Pall World wanted to resist Great Qin; in the end, Zhao Fu was not a very good person either.

The Light God gave off an intense light and shined like a brilliant sun in the sky. The light passed into the Corpse Pall World, and the countless ghost babies howled as their faces twisted in pain.

With how much ground the curse covered, the Light God's power seemed quite weak. Zhao Fu ordered people to summon the Spirit Light World's priests; they would also be able to cleanse this place.

The priests spread out and put their hands together as they chanted scriptures. Golden rays of light spread out and shot into the Corpse Pall World, and the effects were quite obvious. The gray aura retreated, and the ghost babies' howls disappeared as the ground returned to normal.

However, from the current speed, it seemed like it would take quite long to nullify this curse and allow Great Qin's army to truly enter the Corpse Pall World.

On the Corpse Pall World's side, they all looked quite serious because they had paid a great cost to unleash the Ghost Baby Curse. Even though it had quite a great effect and had blocked off Great Qin temporarily, Great Qin was currently dispelling it and would attack soon.

"Are we going to use our next method?" a bald-headed short man looked at Shi Xiao and asked.

Of the seven of them, Shi Xiao was the most powerful in terms of both personal battle power and the faction supporting her. At this moment of crisis, they naturally deferred to her.

Shi Xiao did not reply, and another slim woman with a pale face and giving off a cold aura said, "We need to think about this carefully. After using that method, we won't have anything left and will have to directly face Great Qin. When that time comes, we won't have an advantage."