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 However, it was virtually impossible to subdue these Outer World creatures, because when they sensed auras from the Heaven Awaken World, they could become incredibly bloodthirsty, wanting to destroy anything related to the Heaven Awaken World.

It seemed that the Outer World creatures naturally hated anything related to the Heaven Awaken World for some reason.

Because of Arasina's warning, Zhao Fu did not go back to the base for now and planned to clear out the Outer World creatures around the base.

Shing, shing, shing...

Zhao Fu continuously swung his sword, sending out sword lights and killing Stage 4 Outer World creatures. He then waved his hand, collecting their corpses into his spatial ring.

The strength of the remote regions in the Outer World was stronger than that of the Heaven Awaken World. It was impossible to find large numbers of Stage 3 and Stage 4 creatures in the remote regions of the Heaven Awaken World.

"System announcement! Because you have heroically killed Outer World creatures and have met the requirements to unlock an Exchange Stone Stele, you have been awarded with an Exchange Stone Stele."

Just as a system announcement sounded out within Zhao Fu's mind, light started to shine in front of him as a square-shaped stone stele that was a few centimeters long and seemed to be made out of white jade appeared. This stone stele was a treasure, and it was definitely not this small.

Since they had completed their goal, Zhao Fu and Arasina returned to the base and put the Exchange Stone Stele at the center of the base.

The stone stele that was only a few centimeters long suddenly turned into a ten or so meters tall stone stele, and Zhao Fu looked at what it had with interest.

After looking through a few things, Zhao Fu was quite delighted to find that these things were all quite good and quite valuable. Using Points to exchange for these things would be quite worth it.

However, what Zhao Fu was looking at right now were the lowest-grade items, and Zhao Fu looked at the highest-grade items curiously. He was instantly shocked, and his mind went blank because those items surpassed anything he could imagine.

[Nether Soul Celestial Sword]: A sword crafted by a Celestial that has world-destroying Celestial power and can easily open up a world. It is one of the most terrifying weapons in existence.

[Empire's Crown]: After obtaining the Empire's Crown, you will become the owner of an Empire. You will directly obtain 1,000 worlds and will be able to form a massive Empire and become an Emperor reigning above countless people.

[Reincarnation Revival]: Can revive all people from a certain time period, limited to one billion people. After reviving, the deceased people will lose their cultivation.

[Nine Changes Celestial Spirit Pill]: Contains massive amounts of Celestial energy and is extremely rare. If a higher-being consumes this pill, they have an 80% chance of becoming a Celestial and obtaining the greatest power in the world.

[Divine Blood Crystal]: This blood crystal can cause a person of any bloodline level to immediately upgrade to the powerful Divine Bloodline, and it will be a pure Early-Stage Divine Bloodline.

[Turning Back Space and Time]: Using this can cause time in a region to reverse to a maximum of 1,000 years.

[Celestial-Slaying Talisman]: A talisman that contains the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. It can cause gods and demons to retreat. If used against a Celestial, even if the Celestial does not die, he or she will be heavily injured and close to death.

[World Barrier]: The most powerful barrier in the world and contains boundless Heaven and earth Power. Even Celestials cannot destroy it and it can defend against all dangers. It can cover up to 1,000 worlds.

[Heaven Awaken Celestial Guard]: A guard with the power of an ordinary Celestial. It will obey any order from you. It will stay by your side for life.

[Unaging, Unkillable, Undying]: Your body and soul will be bound to the Heaven Awaken World. If the Heaven Awaken World exists, you will exist. Nothing will be able to kill you or wipe away your soul.

Zhao Fu only looked at ten or so items and was incredibly shocked. All of them exceeded what anyone could imagine; in fact, people would not even dare to imagine such things existed.

The first item was relatively ordinary, a Celestial sword. Everyone knew how terrifying it was, and various monstrous factions had such swords.

However, Reincarnation Revival could instantly revive up to one billion people; perhaps even Celestials could not do this. Also, Turning Back Space and Time could cause time to reverse in a region by 1,000 years. This sounded too fantastical.

The final item was even more terrifying - Unaging, Unkillable, Undying. As long as the Heaven Awaken World existed, one would never die; even Celestials would not be able to survive for so long. What was key was that one could not be killed; no power could kill you. This was simply broken.

Zhao Fu had only taken a casual look and had found such monstrous things. If he took a detailed look, he would probably be shocked beyond words. It was not that Zhao Fu had not experienced much but that these things simply exceeded one's imagination.

Zhao Fu held back his excitement and continued to look through the things in the Exchange Stone Stele. Only after a while was he able to calm himself down.

However, even though these top-tier items were powerful, the prices for exchanging them were just as unbelievable as their effects. Even higher-beings and Empires found it difficult to obtain them. If it was easy to obtain them, these top-tier items would have long since been gone.

It seemed that the Heaven Awaken World took the Outer World Battlefield incredibly seriously to be able to give such terrifying rewards. One could not help but wonder what its goal was.

Zhao Fu did not dare to think about those items for now. He looked at some of the mid-tier items because those were more possible for him to exchange. The things here also greatly shocked Zhao Fu.

The Heaven Awaken World gave such shocking rewards and one could obtain them by killing Outer World creatures. There were also more historical remnants and opportunities here. Even though the Outer World Battlefield was incredibly dangerous, countless people were attracted by it.

This place was very much worth developing. On one hand, Zhao Fu would be able to obtain all sorts of good rewards, and on the other, he would be able to find all sorts of historical remnants and opportunities. He would also be able to obtain all sorts of resources.

Zhao Fu decided to properly develop here. If he met any danger in the Heaven Awaken World, he would hide here.

After looking through the rewards, Zhao Fu brought back a large number of corpses to Great Qin to create more Spirit Destruction Crystals in order to deal with Outer World creatures in the future. The materials could also be used to make weapons to deal with Heaven Awaken World people.

However, one could not use spirit qi with those weapons because the materials naturally suppressed spirit qi and had great resistance.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu sent more talented people to the base in the Outer World, as that was a place that he had to develop. It would be a great asset to Great Qin in the future.