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 Zhao Fu started to prepare the various things to build a base. Most things were quite easy to find, but the important thing to prepare was something that could withstand the sunlight. Without something to block the eight suns, no one would be able to live there.

With Great Qin's foundation, it naturally had countless formations of all kinds. Zhao Fu chose one of the formations that he had used before - it was the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation.

The Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation could not only absorb sunlight and turn it into energy, but it also had defensive abilities. This formation's attributes were extremely compatible with the eight suns, and the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation would definitely have a great effect in the Outer World.

Apart from the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation, Zhao Fu planned to send 100,000 ordinary Corpse Soul Soldiers to the Outer World. Outer World creatures in the remote regions were not very strong, and Great Qin's Corpse Soul Soldiers all had Stage 3 Cultivation and should be able to deal with them.

Two days later, Zhao Fu brought Arasina and 100,000 Corpse Soul Soldiers dressed in heavy armor and holding heavy weapons to the Outer World Battlefield.

When they arrived, it was daytime, and the eight suns scorched the ground. It was blindingly bright, and it felt as if one could go blind from looking around. As such, Zhao Fu could only wait until nighttime.

Zhao Fu found an empty piece of land and ordered the 100,000 Corpse Soul Soldiers to construct City Walls. Because materials could be easily transported via spatial rings, Great Qin was able to easily build City Walls and put up some preliminary defenses.

In one night, the Corpse Soul Soldiers constructed City Walls that were ten or so meters tall and five or six meters thick.

Because there were many of them, they attracted small waves of Outer World creatures during the night. However, it was not too dangerous, and they were able to easily deal with them.

At the same time, they put away the corpses of the Outer World creatures; they did not yet have many pieces of equipment with Spirit Destruction Crystals, so Great Qin needed more blood from Outer World creatures.

Moreover, the materials harvested from Outer World creatures could be used to deal extra damage to creatures in the Heaven Awaken World. Zhao Fu planned to use them to deal with his enemies in the Heaven Awaken World.

Because these materials were too low-grade and they came from Stage 1 Outer World creatures, the Royal Kingdoms who entered the Outer World Battlefield naturally were not very interested in them.

However, Great Qin was different. It had not leveled up to a Royal Kingdom and was still in the remote regions. These low-grade materials were quite useful to Great Qin, so they would not let the corpses go to waste.

Blinding white light shot out from over the horizon, destroying the night scene. Eight enormous suns giving off intense light slowly rose up, looking down on all creatures.

The blinding light caused the temperature to skyrocket. Zhao Fu immediately activated the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation, and nine golden birds absorbed the boundless sunlight and joyously flew in the sky. They also gave off intense light, looking like nine suns in the sky.

Adding on to the eight suns, there seemed to be 17 suns in the sky. However, those in the City did not feel any heat at all and instead felt quite cool.

Zhao Fu did not even need to use energy stones to maintain the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation, as it absorbed the intense sunlight. Not only was this enough to maintain the formation, it even had excess energy to condense Sun God Stones, a type of stone that contained massive amounts of light energy.

It seemed that using the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation for the base was absolutely the right decision.

As daytime arrived, the Outer World creatures became lively. Zhao Fu planned to attract over a wave of Outer World creatures and kill them to obtain points, allowing him to unlock the Exchange Stone Stele.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Soon, Zhao Fu and Arasina had drawn over a group of rat-like Outer World creatures. These rats were about one meter long and had gray fur and pale-white eyes. They were called Pale Eye Rats.

There were many Outer World creatures, especially during the daytime. Zhao Fu and Arasina did not try too hard at luring Outer World creatures, and they drew over around 100,000 Pale Eye Rats. Most of them were about Stage 1 in strength and there were many Stage 2; it could be seen that the Outer World was quite dangerous.

Zhao Fu became more alert; if he drew over too many Outer World creatures, he would not be able to deal with them.

The 100,000 Pale Eye Rats gave off a ferocious aura and flooded towards Great Qin's base. The ground rumbled, and it was shocking to see so many rats. Anyone would feel fear upon seeing such a scene.


However, Zhao Fu had brought 100,000 Corpse Soul Soldiers with Stage 3 Cultivation, so it was quite easy to deal with these Pale Eye Rats.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows shot out containing immense power, seeming to cover the sky as they descended. Countless Pale Eye Rats were pierced by the arrows and were nailed to the ground; it was impossible to determine how many Pale Eye Rats had died in that volley.

Some Pale Eye Rats quickly rushed to the bottom of the City Walls and easily climbed up. Their eyes were filled with coldness and savagery, wanting to kill everyone on the City Walls.

However, the Corpse Soul Soldiers' expressions did not change, and they held their large swords and slashed at the approaching Pale Eye Rats.

Arcs of light shot out, splitting the Pale Eye Rats' bodies in half. Blood splashed everywhere and the Pale Eye Rats' corpses fell from the walls. The walls were dyed with blood and not a single Pale Eye Rat was able to break through.

Even though the Outer World creatures had decent defense against Heaven Awaken World attacks, in front of power that was significantly greater than theirs, they did not have much resistance. If they were of the same cultivation, Zhao Fu's side would have countless casualties.

Seeing that the battle was going fine, Zhao Fu took Arasina to find higher-Stage Outer World creatures. In order to unlock the Exchange Stone Stele, he had to kill creatures of different levels.


Zhao Fu had a General take care of the base and gather the Outer World creatures' corpses to be sent back to Great Qin.

"Skreeeee..." A group of seahorse-like Outer World creatures with red wings gave off piercing cries. There were thousands of them and all of them had Stage 3 strength, and they gave off terrifying auras.

Before Zhao Fu could act, Arasina, who was lying in his embrace, raised a hand and a black ring of light flew out and hovered in the air. It gave off an intense black light and a Darkness God energy spread out.

Swish, swish, swish...

Black rays of light shot out incredibly quickly from the black ring of light, easily piercing through those Outer World creatures' bodies. The flying seahorses cried out as they fell from the sky.

Zhao Fu felt that this was quite a pity. These seahorses could fly in the sky and had Stage 3 strength; they could rival warhorses from the inner Domains. If they could be subdued and used by Great Qin, Great Qin's battle power would greatly increase.