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 After returning to Great Qin, because Zhao Fu wanted to know about the Outer World creatures' special attributes to kill them easier in the future, he went to watch the research process.

Now, Great Qin had hundreds of thousands of Scholars responsible for research. There were not just Humans but Gnomes, Elves, and other Races. All of them were incredibly intelligent and were suited to doing research.

Because the Outer World Battlefield was quite important, Zhao Fu ordered Bai Shan to gather Great Qin's best Scholars to research the Outer World creatures.

One of the Fire Red Ants that Zhao Fu had captured at the start was bound on a stone stage. The various Scholars started to dissect the Fire Red Ant and took apart its organs, flesh, limbs, and blood, starting to research it.

They also used various methods to experiment. They used knives and swords to stab into the Fire Red Ant's armor, and they ran its blood through all sorts of machines. They also put some of its blood into some rabbits.

They also used small blades to cut its flesh apart along the vein lines and did all sorts of experiments.

They then repeated this process with ten or so Outer World creatures and reached a conclusion.

Bai Shan brought over some documents and reported, "Your Majesty, our preliminary investigations have found that the Outer World creatures' bodies have a defensive effect against the Heaven Awaken World's spirit qi. If they are attacked with spirit qi, the damage will be reduced.

"Moreover, the Outer World creatures' defenses are stronger than those of the same level from the Heaven Awaken World. They also contain a Primal Chaos aura, and ordinary swords and sabers are unable to deal much damage to them."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. Because these Outer World creatures were much weaker than him, he had not noticed this. These Outer World creatures actually had attributes that made them more resilient.

Spirit qi was the basic energy of the Heaven Awaken World and made up the Heaven Awaken World. Every person in the Heaven Awaken World had spirit qi, and all demonic qi and ghostly qi was converted from the basic spirit qi.

In other words, the Outer World creatures had natural defenses against the Heaven Awaken World. Zhao Fu wondered if they had this innately or if it was developed from fighting with the Heaven Awaken World over many years.

The Outer World creatures already had resistance against spirit qi, and adding on the fact that some of them had tough armor, they would be incredibly difficult to deal with.

No wonder Spirit Destruction Crystals were incredibly important in the Outer World. Without Spirit Destruction Crystals, it would be quite difficult to kill a large number of these Outer World creatures.

Ordinary Spirit Destruction Crystals were made by modifying the Heaven Awaken World's spirit qi and making them into crystals. The Outer World creatures were naturally unable to defend against these attacks.


Now, they had a basic understanding of the Outer World creatures. The next step was to research special Spirit Destruction Crystals. Before, the Scholars were unable to make any progress in making Spirit Destruction Crystals, as they only had the formula but had never seen a Spirit Destruction Crystal or an Outer World creature before.

Now that the Scholars had personally seen and researched the Outer World creatures, they were able to find a way to modify the Spirit Destruction Crystals.

They prepared a Spirit Gathering Formation and gathered the spirit qi in the surroundings before adding in the Outer World creatures' blood, forming a blood crystal that would deal extra damage to Outer World creatures.

These blood crystals were oval-shaped and as big as a longan fruit. They gave off a Primal Chaos aura of the Outside World, and they could be socketed on equipment or crushed into powder and added into medicinal pills or talismans.

Of course, they had to test them first. A soldier went up and held an ordinary spear and stabbed a Green Cave Worm. The spear stabbed into the Green Cave Worms' body, but its skin and flesh had a toughness to it, and even though the spear stabbed through, its power was reduced.

The soldier then held a spear socketed with a Spirit Destruction Crystal. He sent his power into it, and the Spirit Destruction Crystal on the spear gave off a faint light, causing the spearhead to give off a blood-red light.


The spear stabbed into the Green Cave Worm's body much easier than before. The resistance from the worm's skin and flesh disappeared; the effects were quite good.

Zhao Fu was quite pleased and ordered the Scholars to mass-produce the Spirit Destruction Crystals because Zhao Fu wanted to create a base in the Outer World.

These Spirit Destruction Crystals required the blood of Outer Creatures but not too much; they were just materials to modify the spirit qi. Zhao Fu brought back the corpses of the Outer World creatures that he had killed, which would be enough to produce a large batch of Spirit Destruction Crystals.

A while later, Zhao Fu went to a different research workshop. There was a Humanoid Outer World creature bound here; it was the man Zhao Fu had captured, and there were a few Scholars running tests on him.

They used electricity to blast the man, testing his resistance to electricity. A powerful current of electricity flowed into his body, causing his body to violently tremble. He felt immense pain, but he gritted his teeth and endured it out of pride.

Following this, the Scholars used flames to burn his arms. The pain in his arms caused the man to struggle as he cried out in pain. However, there were a few soldiers holding him down and ropes binding him, making it so that he could not break free.

The flames stopped and the Scholars looked at how burned the man's arms were while making notes. They then applied some medicine and observed the effectiveness of medicine on Outer World creatures.

They found that medicines were not very effective on Outer World creatures. This was an important discovery and was also recorded.

Following this, the Scholars made small cuts on the Outer World creature's body to investigate his healing and regeneration abilities.

The continuous experiments were unbearable for the man. He howled and wanted to die and escape. However, he could not die even if he wanted to, and he was always kept alive at the edge of death.

The Scholars coldly researched him and Zhao Fu watched by the side. Hearing those howls, his expression did not change at all. Even if there were 100,000 Outer World creatures being experimented on, his expression would not change.

Moreover, given the human skins tied around his waist, it seemed that this man was not a good person anyways.

"Your Majesty, here are your findings," a robed Scholar carried over a pile of documents and respectfully said to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu nodded and had him go over their findings. Afterwards, the Scholar took out a Language Stone and said, "Your Majesty, this is a special Language Stone. We have deconstructed their language, and after using this stone, you will be able to learn their language."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and smiled as he took the Language Stone and learned the Outer World language.

Now, Zhao Fu would know what these Outer World creatures were saying. Zhao Fu ignored the almost-dead man as he had no intentions of taking him in.