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 Thinking about someone who was almost a Celestial keeping one's memories and source energy and starting again, just how terrifying would that person be in the future?

However, Zhao Fu did not think too much about the Cosmos Historical Remnant; he had to think about the matter at hand. He could almost confirm that this was the Outer World Battlefield, and there was dense Primal Chaos Aura everywhere.

Arasina was quite familiar with this place and they were able to confirm that it was a sealed passageway to the Outer World. Zhao Fu could not help but feel quite unlucky.

However, he was relieved that someone had developed this place before, meaning that there was not much danger. This place also seemed to be underground.

The two of them walked along the path and they started to see countless bones. They belonged to Humans, Orcs, Demons, Angels, and all sorts of strange-shaped bones; they most likely belonged to Outer World creatures.

After seeing these bones, Zhao Fu and Arasina became wary as they continued.

Finally, the two of them came before a pair of massive metal doors. The doors were a dark silver color and were covered with countless runes. They were socketed with all kinds of precious jewels and gave off a massive amount of power.

These metal doors were most likely the final layer of protection here; once opened, he would reach the true Outer World Battlefield and encounter those terrifying Outer World creatures.

Zhao Fu felt a bit hesitant as to whether he should go on and see what the Outer World Battlefield was like or go back and try to re-seal this place.

"Let's keep going! This place is much safer than This God thought. Even though the Outer World Battlefield is quite dangerous, there are countless opportunities to be found," Arasina said.

Zhao Fu thought about it. The Outer World Battlefield was something that he had to face sooner or later, and hearing Arasina say that this place was relatively safe, Zhao Fu did not worry too much and planned to take a look at the Outer World Battlefield for himself.

Zhao Fu pushed open the door and Zhao Fu and Arasina walked out. It was another dark passageway, and the two of them headed forwards.

Zhao Fu lost track of how much time they spent walking, and they finally saw some light. They walked towards the light and finally arrived outside.

They were within a hidden valley, and looking at the outside world, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked. The sky was a resplendent sea of stars, and even though it was quite a wild area, it was not dark at all. A light breeze blew, and this place seemed like an ordinary world.

It was not like what Zhao Fu expected, containing mountains of corpses and rivers of blood. The aura of blood did not dye the sky red, nor was the ground filled with a chaotic and cold aura.

Arasina spoke, "This is the Star Sea Night of the Outer World. There are normally 12 moons and eight suns."

"12 moons at night and eight suns during the day?" Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite startled. However, it made sense that the Outer World was different than the Heaven Awaken World. Having 12 moons at night just made it a bit brighter, but having eight suns during the day would make it incredibly hot.

Arasina looked around, spread her 24 wings, and flew into the sky. Zhao Fu prepared to follow her, but Arasina had him stay where he was, as she was more familiar with the Outer World Battlefield. As such, Zhao Fu listened to her and waited.

Arasina looked around in the sky before coming back and landing in front of Zhao Fu, saying, "You can be at ease. This is a remote region in the Outer World Battlefield, and it's not very dangerous here. However, This God needs to warn you that this does not mean there's no danger; the Outer World Battlefield is a place where even Celestials can fall if they're not careful."

Zhao Fu nodded seriously before smiling, pulling Arasina into his embrace and asking, "You're quite familiar with the Outer World; what should we do next?"

Arasina affectionately hugged Zhao Fu and rested her head against her shoulder as she thought before saying, "This God should first tell you that the Outer World Battlefield is massive, and it is not smaller than the Heaven Awaken World. There were some rumors that the Outer World Battlefield is actually a world similar to the Heaven Awaken World. No one knows if this is true or not.

"However, the first thing that a faction needs to do after coming to the Outer World Battlefield is to establish one's base and construct defenses. Only after gathering a large number of soldiers and resources and stabilizing themselves can they do anything.

"If a faction doesn't even have a base, when the Outer World creatures attack, they will be like a pile of loose sand and will run about aimlessly, unable to gather together.

"Ordinarily, factions will fight by themselves and will rarely receive help from others. As such, it's impossible to fare without a base because there's no way to go to another person's base.

"Also, the Laws in the Outer World are different to those in the Heaven Awaken World; all City Lord Seals and Nation Armaments are useless here, nor can people use City Creation Stones to create Cities. All City and Kingdom stats will disappear here.

"After establishing a base, the second thing is to obtain something that can block the sunlight. The eight suns scorch the ground during the day, and ordinary soldiers are unable to withstand them. They will be scorched to death, so you need to prepare various magic formations.

"It's almost impossible to act during the day, and only at night when the eight suns are gone can you leave the base.

"However, the Outer World creatures have long since become accustomed to the eight suns, so they often attack during the day. Of course, there are methods to deal with the suns; there's a type of Sunlight Gemstone that can be socketed on equipment to resist damage from the suns.

" Great Qin is not a Royal Kingdom yet and is still relatively weak. However, fortunately this is in the remote region of the Outer World, so it is much safer. This God recommends that you quickly build a base here so that you'll be prepared for the future."

"Also, don't hope to subdue those Outer World creatures. Of the Five Races of Outer World creatures, the Insect type creatures are almost impossible to subdue; Humanoid types are quite difficult, and the Aquatic, Beast, and Flying types have a slight chance.

"Ordinarily, if any factions capture them, they kill them for points, or else they might bite you at any time; there are many devious Outer World creatures that will pretend to submit. All ordinary restrictions are useless against them, so trying to subdue them will often cause a massive loss.

"Also, aren't you researching Spirit Destruction Crystals? Those are very effective against Outer World creatures, but ordinary Spirit Destruction Crystals are not too useful. In fact, some Outer World creatures have already found methods to deal with ordinary Spirit Destruction Crystals.

"You should capture a few Outer World creatures and take them back to do tests on them to create more powerful Spirit Destruction Crystals. They will be useful in future battles."

Arasina rambled on for a while about the Outer World, and Zhao Fu listened curiously as he thought to himself.