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 Special Effect 6: [Slaughter]: Causes soldiers to go into a crazed slaughtering status, and all soldiers in this status become 5-8 times stronger and obtain Seven Murders' Power. Because the Seven Murders' Power belongs to the Seven Murders General Star, the soldiers also receive Magic Damage -30%, Mental Damage -80%, and become immune to illusions and mysterious arts. However, once the effects disappear, the affected soldiers will lose their minds.

This was the Seven Murder Sword's sixth Special Effect, and it was created by the Seven Murders Star. This Special Effect was incredibly powerful, as it increased the affected soldiers' strength by 5-8 times, gave them the Seven Murders' Power, and gave them immunity to many things. In this state, the soldiers would become incredibly devastating human killing-machines.

However, the downside to this effect was clearly quite severe. The soldiers would lose their minds afterwards. This meant that the soldiers would not be able to be controlled so easily, and apart from someone with the Seven Murders Sword and the Seven Murders General Star Fate, it would be difficult for anyone to suppress soldiers who were so filled with bloodlust.

The sixth Special Effect could only be used in dire circumstances.

After looking at the Seven Murders Sword's stats, Zhao Fu returned it to Bai Qi. Now that Bai Qi had the Seven Murders Sword, Zhao Fu anticipated fusing a King Armament after obtaining 24 General Armaments even more.

Now, the Great Qin Town had two pieces of Epic grade equipment: the Seven Murders Sword and the Sky Demon Sword. This was quite the achievement, as apart from Zhao Fu, no player faction had obtained an Epic grade piece of equipment yet.

After this, everything returned to normal. Bai Qi was in charge of the exploration teams; Wang Jian was in charge of defending the Great Qin Town; Li Si was in charge of managing internal affairs; and Ba Qing was in charge of managing the businesses. Now, every task had someone specialized in taking care of those matters, and Zhao Fu could somewhat relax.

Apart from going to the various main cities to buy land, he could leave almost everything else to others. He had already opened up two paths, and since it took three days to spawn a new Void Beast, Zhao Fu had nothing to do for now.

As such, Zhao Fu wandered around the Great Qin Town for a while before arriving at Rising Qin Academy.

Zhao Fu was surprised to see Asani wearing a scholar's robe. Her appearance was no longer as mystical and fantasy-like, and she instead had an elegance and dignity to it, looking much more like a teacher.

Even though conditions in Rising Qin Academy were quite tough, the students were all very diligent. Usually, the rarer something was, the more people would treasure it, and only with great pressure was there great motivation.

In turbulent and troubled times, people would often study to help their nation rise again, but in a time of great material prosperity, studying was just a way for one to have a comfortable future.

After looking around, Zhao Fu found that there was not much to do, so he returned to his room and sat cross-legged on the bed. He swallowed a few Little Spirit Pills and spent the rest of his time on increasing his cultivation.

Time gradually passed, and soon, it was the next day. Zhao Fu breathed out and slowly opened his eyes - now, his cultivation had reached Stage 0-9, and he was a Step away from breaking through to Stage 1. Zhao Fu was not quite sure what would happen when a player reached Stage 1.

When Zhao Fu realized that he hadn't left the Heaven Awaken World in a while, he decided to return to the real world.

Just as his consciousness returned to his body, the familiar sense of hunger assaulted his body. This was the downside to staying in the Heaven Awaken World for a long time. If one didn't leave the Heaven Awaken World, one would really starve to death.

Zhao Fu asked the security guard outside to bring him some food, and he heard that Wu Qingniang had come to find him. Zhao Fu was confused as to why she would come looking for him, but the security guard said that she left after she saw that he was in the Heaven Awaken World. Zhao Fu guessed that the matter she was going to talk to him about wasn't very important, so he didn't pay it much mind.

Zhao Fu ate his food while looking through the Heaven Awaken World forum, and he saw that things had really gotten out of hand. His hands trembled, and he almost dropped his bowl and chopsticks. Only now did Zhao Fu realize how much of a commotion he had caused.

The very top thread on the Heaven Awaken World forum, which had countless replies on it, was about Great Qin.

"What's going on?" Zhao Fu didn't know that Great Qin had received so much attention - Zhao Fu always kept a low profile, unlike the other Legatees who did things in a high-profile way. No matter what they did, they were watched by countless people and would often be mentioned in the top threads.

The benefit of acting in a high-profile manner was that it greatly affected the public. It was like creating an ad for oneself, and the more famous one became, the more support one would receive. Even though villagers could be spawned in the Heaven Awaken World, ordinary people from the real world made up a large portion of the total population.

These Legatees could act in a high-profile way because they had large families supporting them, and after modern China's power had been exposed, it also started to act high-profile. Threads about modern China often appeared on the front page of the Heaven Awaken World forum, and they often talked about modern China displaying the soul of the Chinese army and where the Chinese army was attacking.

Zhao Fu was too weak in the real world, so he had to act low-profile. In order to avoid being discovered by others, he always tried to remain mysterious so that people would not pay much attention to him. However, threads about him continuously made it to the front page, and more and more people were starting to pay attention to him.

Zhao Fu guessed that it was because he had gathered China's Fate. Even though he was somewhat prepared, when he clicked on the thread, he was still shocked.

Many Prime Ministers and Kings wanted to meet him? Just what was going on?

What's more, it wasn't just foreign leaders, but even China's highest authority had praised him as a young talent and expressed that he wanted to discuss national matters of importance with him!

Great Xia, Great Shang, Great Zhou, and Great Han's Legatees all said things to the effect of: "Great Qin, don't get too arrogant. We won't be any weaker than you."

"A worldwide poll has ranked Great Qin's Legatee as the biggest mystery out of the 10 top mysteries."

"One of the most famous actresses, Su Yuyan, has expressed that she likes the kind of domineering man who wishes to conquer the world. She also said that she pretends that he is her boyfriend, breaking countless fans' hearts!"

"Recently, countless foreign media outlets have fought over information about Great Qin, which has become one of the big questions on everyone's mind. Great Qin has greatly boosted China's power, and it will spur the spread of Chinese culture to the rest of the world! Countless hot-blooded youths have been shouting Great Qin's praises!"

"Thailand's super internet celebrity, who is acclaimed as the number one drag queen, has bravely expressed his love to Great Qin's Legatee, and he wants to give his body to him. He wants to meet at a certain place and time and has started a 24-hour broadcast so that everyone can watch the blissful moment if Great Qin's Legatee comes. He also said..."

Zhao Fu felt a chill go through his body and couldn't read on, so he skipped further down.