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 Now, the Devil Horn Empire was most likely attacking the White God World from another direction, which was why they had retreated so quickly. By now, they had most likely conquered half a Continent, so Zhao Fu did not hesitate and ordered the army to attack the White God World.

The White God World's two forces were destroyed by the Devil Horn Empire and Great Qin, and they were unable to resist at all. The remaining people were almost all commoners.

The Devil Horn army had unstoppable momentum and quickly conquered region after region, while Great Qin also ferociously swept through region after region like a black flood.

Three days later, of the White God World's four Continents, two had been conquered by the Devil Horn Empire and two had been conquered by Great Qin.

Yao Ming felt incredibly angry and gathered forces, wanting to unify the White God World and chase out Great Qin.

The White God World had essentially been the Devil Horn Empire's for the taking, and the Devil Horn Empire had expended a great deal of effort to wipe out one of its armies. However, Great Qin had run over to steal its thunder and had gained even more than him.

Adding on the Continent from the Half-Beast World, Great Qin had obtained three Continents. The Devil Horn Empire had put in so much hard work, yet Great Qin had benefitted; how could Yao Ming accept this?

Because of this, a massive battle exploded out between the two sides.

The devil beasts and devils intensely fought, giving off loud roars and shaking the surroundings. Their bodies clashed against each other as they clawed and bit at each other, causing blood to fly everywhere. Death quickly followed and the aura was incredibly shocking, causing their bodies to tremble.

The two armies clashed together, and it was easy to differentiate them. The Devil Horn Empire was dressed in green armor while Great Qin was dressed in black armor. The two sides clashed together like heaven-shaking floods, and their auras seemed to be able to destroy the heavens and earth.

A Great Qin soldier kicked a Devil Horn soldier down and stabbed through his chest with a spear, killing that soldier. A Devil Horn soldier roared and leapt at a Great Qin soldier, tearing at his throat with his sharp teeth.

A Devil Horn soldier ferociously slashed with his saber, sending out a saber light that split a Great Qin soldier in half and causing blood to spurt everywhere. A Great Qin soldier cruelly swung his sword, lopping off the head of a Devil Horn soldier.


Two groups of Cavalrymen clashed together, one side with black armor riding black horses and one side with green armor riding on scaled horses. The sounds of weapons clashing continuously sounded out, and blood flew everywhere as people crashed down from horses.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." The ground violently trembled and massive stone golems crawled up from the ground. There were tens of thousands of them, and they suddenly attacked Great Qin's soldiers. Whenever they slammed into them, countless Great Qin soldiers were sent flying, causing many deaths.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Countless rays of light covered the sky as tens of thousands of 100 meter tall bald giants appeared, shooting out white rays of light towards the Devil Horn army. The rays of white light blasted into the Devil Horn army, killing countless soldiers.

The battle was incredibly intense, and the stench of blood seemed to fill the entire world. Countless people died, and the battle was much more terrifying than when they had attacked the White God World.

The Emperors of both sides did not hold back this time, as they were far away from the Emperor Heaven Realm expert. They both unleashed the power of their Nation Armaments, causing the weather to change and the sun and moon to go dim. Terrifying shockwaves blasted out, causing the sky to explode.

After fighting for a day, both sides had suffered great losses, but the Devil Horn Empire's losses were slightly greater. Yao Ming held back his anger and stopped attacking; he had received some injuries as well.

Zhao Fu had also been slightly injured, and he ordered Great Qin's soldiers to stop attacking and recover for a while. The situation fell into a stalemate, and after suffering such losses, neither side wanted to continue on like this.

As such, the battle stopped and both sides left some soldiers here and withdrew their main forces. The White God World was split in half, and it was now owned by Great Qin and Devil Horn Empire. The White God World now ceased to be.

This caused the surrounding worlds to feel incredibly shocked; this area now belonged to these two large factions, and the other worlds were unable to do anything at all. The two factions could control the situation in any world or even destroy a world.

Now, there were essentially no worlds between the two factions. The Grassi World, Half-Beast World, Elf World, and White God World had all perished easily.

They were quite unlucky; if they had not been situated there, they might have survived for longer.

There were now nine worlds that had been destroyed in the surroundings: the Lantong, Rock Spirit, Grassi, Half-Beast, Elf, White God, Fish Scale, Dark Demon, and Spirit Light Worlds. The two factions had risen up on the corpses of other worlds.

The fighting between the two factions was not over, but the Wind God Empire had come over. It was the most terrifying one in the surroundings, and no one knew what would happen in the future.

Because the White God World was not safe, Zhao Fu planned to bring the White God people who had surrendered back to Great Qin. Their gains this time were only mediocre, gaining only 18 billion White God people.

Great Qin had taken in a portion, the Devil Horn Empire had captured a portion, and the remainder had fled to other worlds. That was why they did not gain many people.

Following this, Zhao Fu took the thirteen Goddesses to the Light God Temple. A beautiful woman with white eyes, silver-white hair, and a pure white cloak appeared before everyone.

The thirteen Goddesses were somewhat shocked. Right after this woman appeared, their bloodlines reacted. As part of the God Race, they naturally understood the reason. It was because there was a real godly spirit in front of them.

Great Qin was actually nurturing godly spirits; weren't they afraid of being bitten by the godly spirits? In actuality, there were many people nurturing godly spirits, but it was quite dangerous.

First, godly spirits required faith energy, which required the commoners to worship them. If this was not managed properly, the commoners could devote themselves to the godly spirit instead of the King or Emperor, allowing the godly spirit to seize power.

Moreover, after obtaining enough divine power and faith energy, a godly spirit could enter the Godly Spirit World.

Because the Godly Spirit World was made up of divine power, godly spirits would become more powerful very quickly. The various attributes of the Godly Spirit World were also suited to godly spirits, allowing them to develop God Races and obtain even purer faith energy. Most godly spirits would enter the Godly Spirit World.

The thirteen Goddesses did not know about Great Qin's policies. Faith was only faith, and believers did not have any authority or power, nor did the godly spirits. Only monarchical power was supreme, and even godly spirits had to bow before monarchical power.

The following scene caused the thirteen Goddesses to feel even more shocked.