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 The White God people's expressions fell as the thirteen pillars of light disappeared, the buffs on their bodies, and the debuffs on the Devil Horn Empire also disappeared. Countless people looked at the Devil Horn army behind them and gave cries of despair as they desperately ran.

Yao Ming looked at the thirteen beautiful women in front of him and coldly harrumphed as he said, "You thirteen sluts, after This Emperor catches you, I'll screw you to death."

The thirteen Goddesses' faces were pale and blood leaked out from their lips. They were unable to defend against Yao Ming at all, and thinking about what would happen if they were captured by Yao Ming, some of them considered ending themselves.


An explosion sounded out and Yao Ming's expression fell as he sensed a massive sword light accompanied by a ferocious sword wind coming at him from behind. He slashed backwards, and a massive saber light flew out, slamming against the incoming saber light.

A figure appeared behind Yao Ming; it was Zhao Fu. Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, Yao Ming looked furious. Every time something was going well for him, Zhao Fu would interfere, such as the woman being stolen from him last time. This caused Yao Ming to roar, and he gripped his sabre with both hands as he rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's expression was calm as he held the Sadistic Killing Sword. A black aura flame appeared around him, and he exploded out with a powerful aura as he went to meet Yao Ming.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The battle between these two experts caused the heavens and earth to fall dim and massive shockwaves spread out, causing enormous gales and making countless people feel afraid.

"Kill!" Elsewhere, the sounds of killing seemed to shake the sky as Great Qin's black-armored soldiers flooded forwards, giving off an aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything as they rushed at the Devil Horn army.

Countless monsters in the sky gave off ear-piercing cries, causing people's hairs to stand on end, and various massive beasts ran on the ground, causing the ground to shake. They seemed completely unstoppable and could destroy anything.

Seeing Great Qin's soldiers charging, the Devil Horn army was greatly shocked and quickly changed their target. They no longer chased down the White God people and instead defended against Great Qin.

This caused the White God people to be incredibly delighted; they had never thought that Great Qin would suddenly act. Now, they were not in danger anymore.

They had two options: The first was to watch on as the Devil Horn Empire and Great Qin fought against each other and reap the benefits, and the other was to help Great Qin and pincer the Devil Horn army.

With the White God people's natures, and for most people, they would definitely choose to escape and suddenly attack when both the Devil Horn Empire and Great Qin had suffered great losses. That way, they would be able to preserve the White God World.

The White God Race did not feel much gratitude towards Great Qin because Great Qin was not a friend and would not help the White God Race for no reason.

Just as most White God people made their decision, they were shocked to see the Devil Horn Empire withdraw, making them feel quite confused. They had never thought that the Devil Horn Empire would withdraw so easily.

Zhao Fu did not give chase, and Great Qin's soldiers stopped fighting and looked to the White God people. This made the White God people feel incredibly anxious, and some people's legs trembled.

Some people wanted to immediately run away, but they were afraid that if they moved, Great Qin would attack them.

The scene was somewhat frozen; under Great Qin's army's massive aura, the White God people did not dare to move, nor did Great Qin attack.

The leaders of the White God people did not dare to come before Zhao Fu, and they instead had the thirteen Goddesses go.

The woman in the lead had a cold expression as she said in a tone as if passing a message, "Thank you for saving our lives, Great Qin's Majesty. The White God Race is willing to gift Your Majesty the Continent that we have conquered in the Half-Beast World. Will Your Majesty allow us to leave?"

Zhao Fu looked at the Goddess and lightly laughed as he said, "Firstly, that Continent in the Half-Beast World was already Great Qin's and is not yours to gift. Secondly, when Great Qin saved you, what did you do?

"If you joined with Great Qin to pincer the Devil Horn Empire, we could have dealt a serious blow to them. However, what did you all do? Great Qin is not here to save you but to conquer you all. Now, either surrender or die!" Zhao Fu's voice was very loud, cold, filled with killing intent, and contained an immense might.

Hearing these words, the countless White God people's expressions fell. They quickly ran, while Great Qin instantly attacked.

Swish, swish, swish...

As the countless White God people ran, arrows containing immense might tore through the sky and descended like rain.

Chi, chi, chi...

As the countless arrows descended, some White God people were instantly killed while others were injured, lay on the ground, and cried out. Some arrows landed on the ground, causing sand to fly up.

Great Qin's Cavalrymen holding spears or sabers riding on the tall, dark horses shot out like arrows, charging towards the White God people.

Spears pierced through their bodies, and their bodies were dragged along as Great Qin's Cavalrymen continued to charge and hunt down other White God people. Massive saber lights flashed from behind, killing White God people.

Some people threw out lassos that fell around White God people's necks, and they were dragged behind them as they desperately struggled. Some people were strangled or dragged to death, their bodies a bloody mess.

Zhao Fu looked at the thirteen Goddesses. Their expressions were all different: Some had cold expressions, some had expressions of sympathy, and some had sad expressions. However, none of them ran.

"Are you not running? Also, Great Qin is killing your people; don't you hate me? Shouldn't you be thinking of ways to kill me?" Zhao Fu asked.

The woman in the lead coldly replied, "Are we a match for you? Also, is there even a chance of us escaping?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "That's true. Also, I see that your White God Race seems to be a God Race with the light attribute. I plan to have the thirteen of you become priestesses for a Light God, which will become your White God Race's Fate God."

If a godly spirit had a Fate God Race, it would be able to obtain large amounts of pure faith energy, allowing it to become much stronger. Also, a Fate God Race having a Fate God would obtain all sorts of buffs, and their bloodlines would also become purer."

Zhao Fu found that the White God Race was very suited to becoming the Light God's Fate God Race, so Zhao Fu planned to have these thirteen women become priestesses.

"How are you so confident that we'll submit to you?" the leader of the women said as she coldly looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not mind and lightly laughed, "Do you have the power to choose? Right now, I'm giving you the best offer; I hope you don't insist on suffering. Also, what's your name?"

The leader of the women looked quite calm and had already accepted her fate. They indeed did not have the power to choose, and she replied, "I'm called Leng Fei'E."

Zhao Fu nodded. Countless White God people had already surrendered, and after having taken over a portion of the White God World, Zhao Fu found out why the Devil Horn Empire had retreated so easily; it was because the Devil Horn Empire had taken over another portion of the White God World from another route.