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 Bang! Bang! Bang...

Tens of thousands of rays of white light shot out incredibly quickly, flashing by in an instant and causing massive explosions. Devil beasts' bodies were blown apart, causing blood to fly everywhere, and terrifying shockwaves blasted out.

These countless rays of white light were incredibly terrifying, and they were able to cut down the devil beasts' ferocious momentum. However, there were too many devil beasts, and after the white light blasted open some space, it would immediately be filled up by other devil beasts, who continued to ferociously leap over.

When the White God Race wanted to use the white crystal pillars again, hundreds of blue eyes giving off terrifying auras appeared. A ray of blue light shot out, tearing through the sky and hitting the white crystal pillars on the defensive walls.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive explosions sounded out as the blue rays of light hit the white crystal pillars, and hundreds of gaps were blasted open on the defensive walls. There were blood and limbs everywhere.

Swish, swish, swish...

The White God Race vigorously retaliated, and soldiers drew their bows and shot out arrows containing enormous power. The arrows shot out like waves of rain, killing many devil beasts.

However, many devil beasts leapt onto the defensive walls and started to slaughter, using their bodies to smash into the White God soldiers or their teeth and claws to rip them apart.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Rays of blue light containing incredibly destructive power shot out, hitting the defensive walls. Blue light shot everywhere as enormous explosions once again sounded out, and countless White God soldiers were blasted to death.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows shot up from below as the Devil Horn soldiers shot at the White God soldiers on the defensive walls. In just a few moments, many soldiers were killed by arrows while others howled in pain.

Some devil beasts rammed at the defensive walls while others climbed up. Countless Devil Horn soldiers also warmed up, and both sides started to clash.

Some White God soldiers used heavy objects to smash at the enemies climbing up, while others used arrows to shoot at the enemies. Others poured down corrosive liquids, causing the enemies' bodies to be corroded, and they howled in pain.

However, the White God Race was still in a disadvantageous position. The defensive walls were in chaos, and devil beasts attacked from various sides as Devil Horn soldiers also rushed up the walls.

A Devil Horn soldier rushed up with a ferocious expression, killing a White God soldier with one blow from his saber. Another Devil Horn soldier ferociously stabbed forwards with his spear, piercing through two White God soldiers. The devil beasts pounced on the White God soldiers, using their sharp teeth to tear their throats out and devour their blood.

The sounds of killing could be heard everywhere and blood flew all over the place. Corpses littered the ground and the battle was incredibly intense. The White God soldiers continuously died and the Devil Horn soldiers ferociously killed, looking like bloodstained demons.

The experts of the two sides started to clash in the sky. However, the White God Race's side was at a great disadvantage, as the Devil Horn Empire's experts outnumbered them by many times.


Yao Ming disdainfully slashed out and a massive purple saber light containing immense power flashed out, cutting a white-clothed middle-aged man in half. His broken corpse, blood and organs fell from the sky.

That white-clothed middle-aged man had been the most powerful expert in the White God World, yet he had not been able to put up a fight at all. He had been easily killed by Yao Ming before he had even taken a few blows. Now, who could stop Yao Ming?

The White God Race was finished; it did not have any hope of stopping the Devil Horn army, and looks of despair appeared on the faces of countless White God people. Some people started to retreat and some planned to surrender.

There was no Heaven Domain Boundary here, so they could escape to other worlds. As such, many people planned to run to another world. Perhaps they would not have to be oppressed and humiliated by the Devil Horn Empire.

After all, the Devil Horn Empire did not treat those who surrendered well. The White God Race had heard of the various brutal things that the Devil Horn Empire had done; in comparison, Great Qin was much better.

Even though Great Qin was incredibly frightening in battles, causing countless people to feel terrified, it treated those who surrendered quite well.

However, how could the Devil Horn Empire allow them to escape? Yao Ming coldly laughed and planned to start a massive massacre. He had not forgotten how the White God people had cursed at him, and only by slaughtering them would he quench his anger.

"Kill!" Yao Ming gave the order and the Devil Horn army charged at the White God people even more ferociously. The sounds they gave off were terrifying and they were simply unstoppable. Facing this kind of attack, the White God Race could not resist at all and started to retreat.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Thirteen white pillars of light shot into the sky, causing the blue sky to be filled with white light. White light shone in all directions as a powerful aura spread out, and a holy power covered the battlefield.

"Hurry and escape!" A touching and attractive voice sounded out in the sky. Everyone looked up and saw thirteen beautiful women with snow-white hair and wearing white robes, giving off gentle white light, appear.

Everyone felt quite touched, because they were the White God Race's Thirteen Goddesses. They were responsible for offering sacrifices and did not have much power themselves, but they could give great blessings.

Under the white light, the White God people's blood quickly flowed. They became more powerful and their bodies became lighter. Everyone felt delighted and quickly ran.

"Goddesses, please hold on for as long as possible so that we can escape, or else you'll be sinners of our race!"

"That's right! Goddesses, you have the duty to protect us. Hurry up and use your techniques to stall them. I don't want to die, and if I die, it'll be your fault."

"You Goddess bitches, why didn't you use this before? If we had these buffs, I would have run long ago."

Surprisingly, no one showed any gratitude and instead many people criticized the Goddesses. There was a reason for others calling the White God Race hypocritical and ungrateful.

The thirteen Goddesses stood within the white pillars of light with cold and calm expressions, ignoring those words. They used their full power to maintain the pillars of light to buff the White God people and weaken the Devil Horn Empire's soldiers. During times of crisis for the White God Race, their mission was to sacrifice themselves.

"You're seeking death!" Yao Ming hacked at the thirteen Goddesses and a massive purple sword light containing enough power to slash through everything flashed out. An enormous explosion sounded out, causing everyone to feel a wave of terror.

Standing in the air, the leader of the thirteen Goddesses' expression became cold because the strongest expert of the White God Race was her father.

Facing this terrifying saber light, the thirteen Goddesses each stretched out a hand and a massive white energy barrier blocked in front of them.


An explosion rocked the sky and because of how terrifying the saber light was, the white energy barrier was instantly split open. The thirteen Goddesses were sent flying backwards and they coughed up a mouthful of blood, and the thirteen pillars of light disappeared.