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 The members of the Enforcement Department who had disappeared were dragged into the Emperor Killing Sword World, and none of them were able to escape. After doing this, Zhao Fu quickly took Lin Yan'Er and left.

Even though Zhao Fu had a Nation Armament and did not fear World Realm experts, if the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Master arrived, Zhao Fu would not be a match for him. As such, it was best to quickly leave; after all, he had already achieved his goal.

Following this, the Ancient Sword Sect found out about this matter. Losing a World Realm Elder and 10,000 Stage 6 members of the Enforcement Department was not a small loss at all.

What angered them even more was that they did not even know who had down this. The biggest suspect was that mysterious Emperor. If it was that mysterious Emperor, things would be troublesome, as he now had the ability to kill World Realm experts. The other Elders could possibly die at his hands as well.

Because of this, the Ancient Sword Sect went into full defensive mode, banning all Elders and disciples from going out without notice. The Ancient Sword Sect did all they could to find Zhao Fu's location, and they wanted to kill him at all costs.

Back then, a World Realm expert would be able to suppress him, but he could now easily kill World Realm experts. If he was allowed to develop, the Ancient Sword Sect really would be in danger.

It was not just the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Master who went out searching for Zhao Fu; many of the Ancient Sword Sect's Corps also prepared to go out and kill Zhao Fu.

The people from the Bear Mountain Kingdom and Nether Yin Kingdom's expressions became serious, and they also took great notice of this matter. They had never thought that the other person would be such a threat, and they started to regret the things that they had done in the past. They had not gained anything from it and had instead offended such a terrifying person.

The other large factions were also quite shocked, but the Dao Cultivation Path was not surprised at all; they had long since expected such a thing.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu fulfilled his promise to Lin Yan'Er and satisfied her and Ling Feixue.

"Husband, there's an important military report." Hearing the sounds from within the room, as well as the cries of the two women, Tina Pendragon's face became red from embarrassment and she called out lightly from outside.

"Mm, come in." Zhao Fu's voice sounded out from inside, but the sounds of lovemaking did not stop. Tina Pendragon's face was red as she gently pushed open the doors and walked in. She had lost count of how many times she had done it with Zhao Fu, and she did not hold back.

Zhao Fu went about it with Tina Pendragon as he asked her what had happened, and Tina Pendragon panted as she replied. The Devil Horn Empire was preparing to attack the White God World, and the alliance had almost fallen apart.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked and he asked Tina Pendragon for the details.

The Devil Horn Empire had changed its plans, and they did not plan to expand to the right for fear of clashing with the Wind God Empire. It instead started to develop to the left.

The White God World was the best next target. The world above it, the Rock Spirit World, had already been conquered by the Devil Horn Empire, and the world below it, the Spirit Light World, had been conquered by Great Qin. The Half-Beast World to its right had fallen, and the Desolate Crow World to its left was split.

Now, the White God World was completely isolated and anyone would want to move against it. It was alone and helpless.

However, the White God World was one of the members of the allied worlds, and anyone who wanted to attack it had to consider the allied worlds. If they attacked, their power would not be weak at all.

However, the Devil Horn Empire had thought of a way to deal with this. They had established friendly relations with some worlds far away and had promised and signed Permanent Contracts that they would not attack their worlds. This caused the alliance, which was not very unified, to fall apart.

They had only allied together to resist the Devil Horn Empire, and now that they were no longer threatened by the Devil Horn Empire, they naturally would not spend effort in being part of the alliance.

There were four worlds that had signed the Contract with the Devil Horn Empire, and because they were worlds that were above, they were not worried about Great Qin below. This freed up the Devil Horn Empire to attack the worlds below.

This was because the worlds above had existed for longer and had stronger foundations, making them more difficult to deal with. The worlds below had not existed for a long time and had weaker foundations, making them easier to deal with.

Now, out of the eight allied worlds, only four remained. Out of them, the White God World was completely isolated and could not escape its fate of being destroyed.

The three remaining worlds understood that they could not defend against the Devil Horn Empire, so they took the initiative to seek peace with the Devil Horn Empire and withdrew from the alliance. Now, the alliance had completely broken down.

The Devil Horn Empire temporarily did not respond, but everyone knew that it would do. Since it would not attack the worlds above, if it did not attack the worlds below, how would it develop?

Zhao Fu understood the sequence of events; the dissolution of the alliance was a good thing for Great Qin, as he no longer had to worry about them.

Looking at the powerless Tina Pendragon below him, she had become a goddess to others, and her beauty resounded within the surrounding worlds. Her battle ability and commanding ability were also quite extraordinary, and she was loved and admired by countless people. Back then, the Charm Devil King had wanted Zhao Fu to gift Tina Pendragon to him.

"Tina, you're becoming more and more beautiful," Zhao Fu said teasingly as he hugged her.

Tina Pendragon's face became red and she lightly hit Zhao Fu as she pouted playfully, saying, "You're becoming badder and badder! Back then, I thought you were a good and righteous person!"

Thinking about how she had been done by him just then while giving a military report, Tina Pendragon felt quite embarrassed.

Zhao Fu laughed and said that he was going to deal with some official matters before leaving.

The White God World's forces had gathered because the Devil Horn Empire was attacking them. However, the Devil Horn Empire was attacking from two routes: one from the Rock Spirit World and one from the Half-Beast World. The first to attack was from the Half-Beast Continent neighboring the White God World.

Facing the ferocious Devil Horn Empire, the White God World could only split into two defensive lines. With the power of a single world, wanting to defend against the Devil Horn Empire, which had three worlds and nine Continents, was incredibly difficult. However, they did not want to surrender, so they could only resist.

They cursed at the other worlds that had been part of the alliance for being shameless and stupid traitors. They would all be destroyed sooner or later and would not have good outcomes. They also cursed at the Devil Horn Empire for being cold-blooded animals, doing anything for power.

They knew that they could not defend, so they could only curse to vent out their anger. They could not do anything else.

"Roarrr!" Massive devil qi swept through the surroundings as the devil beast army charged at the front. Countless flying beasts covered the sky, and the beasts on the ground were like a massive tide. The two of them gave off ferocious auras.

Facing the devil beast army, the White God Race did their best to resist, unleashing their most powerful methods. They threw out massive white crystal pillars that were cone-shaped and contained countless runes.

"White Spirit Light!" The White God Race activated the crystal pillars and massive rays of light containing terrifying power shot out.