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 After not seeing Lin Yan'Er for such a long time and hearing her say that she missed him right after meeting again, Liu Nan felt as if he was dreaming. He asked, not daring to believe it, "Is that true? Yan'Er, did you really miss me?"

Lin Yan'Er acted weakly and delicately, saying, "Junior Apprentice Brother, of course I missed you. Don't you trust me?"

"No! I... I do trust you," Liu Nan said hurriedly. He was so anxious that he could not talk properly, afraid that Lin Yan'Er would misunderstand him.

"Then Junior Apprentice Brother, can you help me with a small favor? I want to meet your master; can you call him over? If you help me with this, I'll listen to any request that you have!"

Lin Yan'Er gave a flirtatious look as she looked at Liu Nan with her beautiful eyes.

Liu Nan felt as if his heart was going to leap out, and his blood flowed incredibly quickly. He almost lost the ability to think and directly agreed, saying, "Alright! I'll immediately call master."

While speaking, he took out a sword talisman which shot out.

"Senior Apprentice Sister Yan'Er, now that I've helped you, will you really listen to any request of mine? I want to hug you, and if possible, I would like to kiss you," Liu Nan said as he looked at Lin Yan'Er nervously and expectantly.

However, Lin Yan'Er immediately seemed like a different person, and said condescendingly, "Junior Apprentice Brother, do you really think you'd qualify to touch me? Don't dream! I only belong to my husband."

Liu Nan looked incredibly confused, and looking at Lin Yan'Er, whose attitude had greatly changed, he was unable to come to terms and said, "Yan'Er... when did you have a husband? Is it Senior Apprentice Brother Xiao? That's right, you both disappeared from the Ancient Sword Sect together."

Lin Yan'Er said disdainfully, "He isn't qualified either. If I told you who my husband is, it would give you a big shock. He's the mysterious Emperor the Ancient Stem Domain has been searching for this whole time."

Immediately, Liu Nan felt as if he had fallen into icy water, and a bone-chilling sensation spread through his body. His body instinctively trembled and he felt a wave of terror. The mysterious Emperor was just that terrifying, and he had enmity with the Ancient Sword Sect.

Thinking about what Lin Yan'Er had just asked him to do, Liu Nan did not hesitate and immediately turned to run, wanting to tell his master not to come.


A sword pierced through his chest from behind, and he turned to look at the woman he loved. There was no hatred or anger in his eyes, only sadness.

Lin Yan'Er smiled as she lightly said into his ears, "Junior Apprentice Brother, you have such a good master and yet you're so weak. Look, didn't my cultivation rise quickly? I'm at the Saint Realm now, and it's all because of my husband.

"In actuality, I was slightly touched by what you did before. Even though your status is not bad, your talent is too lacking. You can't compare to Xiao Changfeng, nor can you compare to my husband. Even though I'm just one of his countless women, I will continue to work hard.

"If I complete this matter well, my husband will spoil me later and do me in all sorts of positions. I've already become addicted to that feeling. You should be happy for me, I'm living very well right now. Thank you for your help. I'll definitely remember you!"

Blood continuously flowed out from Liu Nan's mouth, and his aura continuously became weaker as he looked at Lin Yan'Er dumbly, saying, "I... congratulate... you!"

Lin Yan'Er gave a moving smile and lightly nodded as she withdrew the sword from Liu Nan's chest. Liu Nan's body powerlessly fell to the ground and became a corpse.

Lin Yan'Er casually waved her hand, put Liu Nan's corpse away, and hid the traces of blood before smiling and flying towards the sky. She came to Zhao Fu's side and said, "Husband, that Elder still hasn't come? Let me serve you for a bit!"

Zhao Fu refused without even having to think about it. That was a World Realm expert, and he could not afford to be careless.

Lin Yan'Er hugged Zhao Fu's arm and smelled his scent as she understandingly nodded. She looked into the distance and waited for that Elder to come.


A powerful ray of light containing an enormous aura shot over. It was a somewhat ugly-looking middle-aged man.

After arriving, the middle-aged man looked around and could not find Liu Nan. He felt quite confused, but he immediately felt a bad premonition. Just as he was about to react, it was already too late.


A hundred meter tall bronze giant appeared behind him. It raised the bronze sword in its hands, gave off a heaven-toppling killing aura, and slashed out. An incredibly destructive aura exploded out as bronze light flashed, covering everything.

The Elder did not die but coughed up a large mouthful of blood, looking heavily wounded. Despite using his Nation Armament's full power and launching a sneak attack, Zhao Fu was still unable to kill this Elder. It seemed that a World Realm expert was not simple at all.

However, after taking this attack, the Elder was deeply injured. Zhao Fu did not hesitate and continued to summon bronze soldiers, killing this Elder in a few attacks.

Zhao Fu first put the corpse away; this was a World Realm expert's corpse and was a valuable material.

After taking the Elder's command medallion, Zhao Fu directly used it and gave an order for 10,000 members of the Enforcement Department to gather. Because he did not want to draw attention, he did not call for any more than this.

The various members of the Enforcement Department heeded the orders and came. There were both men and women, and most of them were older in age and gave off powerful auras.

Because this was an order from a World Realm Elder, no one dared to question the order. There were only ten or so World Realm experts in the Ancient Sword Sect, and all of them had great authority and prestigious identities.

After 10,000 members of the Enforcement Department gathered, Zhao Fu gave a smile and walked out.

"Who are you?" Looking at this stranger in front of them, everyone felt that something was off. Some people started to back off and planned to escape.

Zhao Fu smiled and did not answer their question; there was no point in talking to a group of dead people. Zhao Fu took out the Emperor Killing Sword and a boundless ferocious and evil aura swept out, causing countless people's bodies to freeze as they felt a terror from deep within their soul.

"Hurry and run!" Everyone now understood that this was a trap.


At that moment, Zhao Fu stabbed the sword into the ground, and a terrifying black energy barrier quickly spread out, covering the 10,000 members of the Enforcement Department.

"Ghost Master!" Zhao Fu lightly cried out as a cold and eerie aura spread out, causing the surroundings to become icy cold. Ghostly figures dressed in white robes with ferocious expressions appeared behind the countless people.

After these ghostly figures appeared, they gave off evil laughs and grabbed the members of the Enforcement Department before disappearing, as if they were dragged into nothingness.

Those people were unable to resist at all because they were unable to hit the ghostly figures at all with their power. They were like illusions and could not be harmed.

Zhao Fu was also quite shocked. It was the first time he had used the Emperor Killing Sword after it had become a King Armament, and its power was quite extraordinary. It was powerful and strange, and there were still various abilities that he had not used.