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 Seeing her, Zhao Fu thought of Yu Qingshui. Even though he had helped her suppress her Six Desires Demonic Qi, her body was still affected by the Six Desires Demonic Qi. It seemed that Ling Feixue was in the same boat and was trying to hold herself back.

Zhao Fu decided to use the Six Desires Demonic Qi less in the future, as it did not seem to be fully within his control.

"Husband, do you want to do our Sect's Madam? She's been wanting for a long time! Come, come."

Seeing Zhao Fu look at Ling Feixue, Lin Yan'Er dragged Zhao Fu over to Ling Feixue. Ling Feixue's face was red and she turned her face away, not daring to look at Zhao Fu. Even though she wanted it badly, she did her best to stop herself.

However, if Zhao Fu really were to do something to her, she would not be able to resist. Regardless, she would never take the initiative.

However, Lin Yan'Er's next words shattered her resolve. "Big sis Feixue, think of the Ancient Sword Sect! Our husband is a good person, but you have to behave well!"

"For the Ancient Sword Sect!" Ling Feixue thought to herself as she looked at Zhao Fu with her hazy eyes before started to serve him, and Lin Yan'Er happily joined in as well.

Following this, Zhao Fu started to go about it on their bodies, enjoying the Ancient Sword Sect's Madam's body while also taking his revenge.

Afterwards, Ling Feixue lay weakly within Zhao Fu's embrace. After suppressing her desires for so long, she had almost gone mad just then.

Zhao Fu told Lin Yan'Er why he had come, and the red-faced Lin Yan'Er happily agreed to help him, as she could finally be alone with him.

"Your Majesty, I don't hope for you to spare everyone from the Ancient Sword Sect, but can you please at least let off some people? I'm yours and I'll serve you well in the future." Ling Feixue's voice was quite weak, but she looked at Zhao Fu with hope in her eyes.

After staying in Great Qin, Ling Feixue had seen the speed at which Great Qin developed and its powerful methods. Even though the Ancient Sword Sect was strong, Great Qin would destroy the Ancient Sword Sect sooner or later; she was sure of this.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and raised Ling Feixue's chin and said teasingly, "Don't worry, I'll let off some people from the Ancient Sword Sect. However, I want to hear you call me husband."

Ling Feixue looked quite embarrassed and felt quite guilty to the Ancient Sword Sect's Sect Master. However, for the Ancient Sword Sect, and for herself, she needed Zhao Fu. After doing it with Zhao Fu, she did not want to have to endure like before, so she cried out shyly, "Husband!"

The Ancient Sword Sect was a faction that had existed for a long time, and its ten worlds had at least 400 billion people. How could Zhao Fu kill all 400 billion people? He would just kill the higher-ups and take in the rest.

Zhao Fu started to ask Lin Yan'Er about the Ancient Sword Sect's forces. Now, the Emperor Killing Sword World could convert people of higher cultivation, so even though Zhao Fu relaxed the requirements in terms of talent, they would make up for it with cultivation.

A Stage 2 soldier could fight against six or seven Stage 1 soldiers, a Stage 3 soldier could fight against 36 Stage 1 soldiers, a Stage 4 soldier could fight against 216 Stage 1 soldiers, and a Stage 5 soldier could fight against 600 Stage 1 soldiers.

With the Emperor Killing Sword World's power, it could now convert people up to Stage 6. Any higher would be problematic, as they could use their cultivation power to resist being converted.

Zhao Fu planned to capture 10,000 Stage 6 swordsmen from the Ancient Sword Sect. With how big the Ancient Sword Sect was, 10,000 Stage 6 swordsmen was not a big deal.

For some massive factions, they had tens of thousands of Stage 8 and Stage 9 people and even more Stage 5 and Stage 6 people. If Zhao Fu could obtain 10,000 Stage 6 swordsmen, they would be able to rival millions of Stage 1 soldiers.

In the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain, Stage 2 and 3 counted as lower-level cultivation, Stage 4 and 5 counted as mid-level cultivation, and Stage 6 and 7 counter as higher-level cultivation. As such, their positions in the Ancient Sword Sect would not be ordinary.

Zhao Fu asked Lin Yan'Er about them, and because he found that people of Stage 6 were usually part of Management, gathering them all would be quite troublesome.

However, Zhao Fu found out that the Ancient Sword Sect had an Enforcement Department. Not only were their sword techniques powerful, their cultivation were all at least Stage 6, and there were 80,000 or so of them. If he could find a way to draw out a team, he would be able to complete his goal.

Zhao Fu soon brought Lin Yan'Er and moved out. He wanted to bring Ling Feixue, as she was the Sect's Madam and most likely knew more. However, she was unwilling to watch Zhao Fu harm the Ancient Sword Sect's people, so she did not come.

In actuality, Zhao Fu thought of a method, which was to capture one of the Elders of the Enforcement Department and take his or her command medallion. That way, he would be able to summon 10,000 members of the Enforcement Department.

The only difficult thing was that the Elders were World Realm experts and could gather power equivalent to that of a world. With Zhao Fu's Saint Realm Cultivation and various other powers, he might be able to put up a fight.

However, Zhao Fu did not plan on relying on his cultivation because he had a Nation Armament. A Nation Armament could gather the power of four worlds, which would allow him to easily defeat an Elder.

After coming to the outside of the Ancient Sword Sect, he found that because of what had happened before, the defenses here were much more powerful and there were many restrictions, making it difficult for Zhao Fu to enter. It was a pity that he did not bring Yu Ling and Mosax.

"Husband! How about we set up a trap to draw out an Elder and kill him? It's said that one of them has a beloved disciple, and if we capture that disciple, that Elder will definitely appear," Lin Yan'Er thought before suggesting.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and asked, "Do you know where that disciple is?"

Lin Yan'Er lightly laughed and said, "Husband, in actuality, my new status has not been revealed. That disciple is called Liu Nan and was once crazy about me, and he said that I'm the only person he'll ever love. He did many stupid things for me, but I did not think that he was good enough. If I send a message to him, he'll definitely run out to see me."

Zhao Fu grinned and said, "Alright, let's go with that then!"

"Then husband, after we're done, you have to properly take care of me," Lin Yan'Er said coquettishly as she hugged Zhao Fu' arm.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded as he took off her clothes.

A while later, a green sword light descended on a plains. It was an ordinary-looking young man wearing robes. He stared at Lin Yan'Er with wide eyes and said in delight, "Yan'Er! I never thought that you were still alive!"

Lin Yan'Er's face was red and she gave off an enticing aura as she lightly replied, "Junior Apprentice Brother, of course I'm still alive. I missed you, so I invited you out."

Liu Nan looked incredibly confused. He had never thought that Lin Yan'Er would ever say that she missed him, and his heart beat wildly. He gave off an expression of wild delight because he loved Lin Yan'Er greatly and had desperately pursued her before."